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  1. Vtim

    Diff between Honda Stepwgn G & Spada

    Many thanks
  2. As per topic, anyone knows? Just like to know are the specs missing in G.
  3. next time I ride E-Scooter liao
  4. next time I ride E-Scooter liao
  5. Vtim

    Open Pod

    Steady lah, well done
  6. Vtim

    Comparing Singapore Solar Film Companies

    I done my Peugeot 5008 at TintStation, paid $400 for Front, Rear, All Sides and also Panoramic Roof.
  7. Vtim

    Why is MCF so quiet these days?

    Kum Sia Kum Sia
  8. Vtim

    Why is MCF so quiet these days?

    thanks Adrianli, me MIA many many many moons liao Oh yeah
  9. Vtim

    Why is MCF so quiet these days?

    Alamak, why my nick mention here, you call?
  10. Vtim

    Citroen C4 Picasso

    found a Oct 2013 Peugeot 5008 1.6 Turbo Luxury, hope to drive it by Friday
  11. Vtim

    Citroen C4 Picasso

    yes, latest Ford S-Max 2L Petrol Ecoboost 240BHP is using full auto tranny (Torque Convertor)
  12. Vtim

    Citroen C4 Picasso

    I used to bring family up north for short holidays, so basically torque is more important to me for overtaking rather than all out top speed. Max done on my 2L Trajet with 4 adults (Mum + Maid) + 4 kids is only around 180kmh on speedo (170kmh on GPS) but that was about 9 or 10yrs back. actually, the gear box response in shifting for my Stream is slightly faster than stock after the ECU hacking, I often drop to D3 and D2 during corners in my daily drive and I can feel the difference. The stock shifting timing do have a lag which I wasn't comfortable with. Ford S-max 2L Ecoboost was actually my top choice but the price is not within my reach, there was one that was sold about 1 mth back, '13 model selling $104k IIRC. With RaceChip Ultimate, it can go up to 302BHP & 435NM. Only think that hold me back is the DCT box, not sure how is the condition and oversea forums have complaints about the failure of the DCT box before it is due for maintenance schedule. For local, it will cost around $8k to $12k to replace the GETRAG 6DCT450 box. In another 2 years I can withdraw part of my CPF liao so I do not want to spend too much $$$ on car, I need one is because of my job that require me to drive around. I may be retrench any time 2 years from now so I prefer to get a used car, if kanna retrench than I just scrap the car without having to pay very high penalty for outstanding amount owed to the bank. All my previous car are all NA, so I was thinking of trying out a T/C 7 seater for a change before I get much older..hahaha...
  13. Vtim

    Citroen C4 Picasso

    I see, thanks for the info. Yes, I realised the newer version is much lighter, maybe will try to get the 2015 version.