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  1. This Sienta is really a MUTHAFARKER ! FYI, he turned on a "GOING STRAIGHT" lane. In this case, nothing LTA could have done
  2. Othello

    Cracking sound from wheels when turning

    what did your preferred workshop say, after doing an undercarriage check ?
  3. Othello

    Want to buy medical insurance but ....

    can .... but pointless. can only claim what was charged.
  4. Othello

    Want to buy medical insurance but ....

    When was last increase? Is this increase due to age band change?
  5. Othello

    YouTrip Mobile wallet

    I did not receive this email
  6. Othello

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    no gimmicks right ? Some zichar stall got *, when I asked - total bill must be above a certain amount. I like this stall's fried rice. And the PRC assistants also quite friendly and not pushy
  7. Othello

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    for this money, plenty of choices. Last on the list will be this LEAF. Wrong ! Won't even be on my list
  8. Othello

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    looks like Chai Chee its ridiculous that a "green" car do not have any tax breaks..... It has ZERO emissions FFS !
  9. anyway, there is also an App for hotel buffets https://www.treatsure.co/about.html
  10. Any suggestions to curb them ? Fine them jia lat jia lat ? Food waste is burned, and the NEA charges for it. It's not free. You can't just suka suka drive up to Halus or Semakau and dump your waste. Does your family waste food ?
  11. What has the govt got to do with this issue? Govt pay their salary?
  12. Othello

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    wah a unicorn ! At 150K, this car will only appeal to well heeled or hardcore eco warriors. But damn... 320NM !
  13. I somewhat agree. Most of these buffet food are cooked hours before. And there'll surely be those who dabao-ed to eat later. Many times my parents dabao-ed back from buffet, I will throw them away
  14. Othello

    Disc brakes vs Drum brakes

    for 99% of folks out there, rear drums are adequate. Any reason you wanna upgrade ?