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  1. Atrecord

    Sharing of Good Lobang Sale

    Actually was 2 times. The 2nd time problem was not resolved, although they said it was... And the place is quite near my office. About/less than 5 min away if traffic lights are in my favour, so i didn't mind going. If those far far away, then i will likely not go liao...
  2. Atrecord

    Sharing of Good Lobang Sale

    Wah, the Phllips engineers top notch. If i open manufacturing firm, sure hire them... reminds me of my Acer laptop 20+ yr ago. 1 mth after 3 yr warranty up, got overheating issue... Brought to service centre, just described only, the guy knew what's wrong liao... apparently very common. Needed to pay maybe $100+ to sort it out... lucky can claim. This type engineers help the company makes $$... until customers stop buying their products again... 😂
  3. Atrecord

    Sharing of Good Lobang Sale

    I bought an Iona water boiler/dispenser. Within one year, got problem. Sent repair, FOC. By 3 yr+, same problem. Sent there, need to pay I think $30-40 to replace the same part... Told me ok already, brought home, problem persisted... Next day went there again, then the lady paiseh... just took one box from the inventory and asked me to take it...
  4. Atrecord

    Sharing of Good Lobang Sale

    What about those shops like Goh Ah Bee? They are known to quote lowest prices. But you must know exact model no. when calling them, then they will quote you price. They dun keep stock, but just arrange supplier direct delivery, i think. survive on thin thin margin, but large quantity orders.
  5. Might help, but won't prevent all cases. My fren - i posted 2 days ago about his unfortunate accident - was waiting at a controlled traffic light to turn right. When green arrow appeared, he moved off to turn right. The opposite direction coming straight, got one vios didn't stop (the light was obviously red already for him), and didn't even brake... just slammed head-on 😓 This type how to prevent?? 😥
  6. Wah... this bold part, seems to apply to many things leh... PMD issue is the first that come to mind...
  7. Atrecord

    Unusual or rare cars

    Guess so lor... but strange that got people dare to buy old fiat hor? 😅
  8. Atrecord

    Unusual or rare cars

    ha ha... ok ok. I don't see many fiats at all. Old car also never seen this before 😅
  9. Liverpool have named a 20-man travelling squad for Tuesday's Champions League meeting with Napoli at Stadio San Paolo. The European champions depart John Lennon Airport on Monday afternoon bound for Italy, where they will get the defence of their trophy under way against Carlo Ancelotti's team. Travelling squad: Fabinho, Van Dijk, Wijnaldum, Lovren, Milner, Firmino, Mane, Salah, Gomez, Adrian, Henderson, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lallana, Lonergan, Shaqiri, Brewster, Robertson, Matip, Kelleher, Alexander-Arnold.
  10. ha ha... at least not yet go PHV leh this... still ok...
  11. Atrecord

    Unusual or rare cars

    Now still got sell Fiat meh? FIAT / 500 LOUNGE 1.4 SMT ABS D/AB SR 2WD 3DR
  12. No lah. It's at IMM carpark ramp. He's moving, and I just managed to snap a pic before he turned.
  13. True also. How i wish we could go back to 2 (or was it 3) seasons ago, when Pool had the best records in a mini league of the top 6 teams... But chelsea was horrible lah, they took a point off us (could have been 3 if not cos of Sturridge's wonder strike late on), but was steamrolled by City for 6 and totally lost the plot against Spurs... Must avoid drawing and just keep on winning to get as many points as possible, while hoping that City will have a bad season.
  14. How old is SS plate?
  15. No lah, we were max 7 points ahead. Had we beaten City away, it would have been 10, and according to Pep, it would be a gap too far to bridge. Alas, we lost and the gap was down to 4... that's why these 6-pointers are impt...