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  1. Atrecord

    Australia: Car Rental in Melbourne

    You got promo code, apart from the discount code? but 593 should be not bad liao.
  2. Atrecord

    <Bloomberg News Leak> SPH Retrenchment Coming

    He doesn't have a good reputation. Just talk NOL... those with SPH stocks, better hope SPH fares better than NOL under his charge...
  3. Atrecord

    Australia: Car Rental in Melbourne

    So what vehicle did you book? From which company and how much huh?
  4. Wah this lecturer must be super not happy. After seeing the students get away with light light slap on the wrist, must be thinking he also got chance... then skali kanna jail...
  5. Atrecord

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    Indeed rare. Don't even remember seeing this before. And owner must be really sayang the car, until parked in a way that for sure any car on the side won't have chance to open door and dent it 😅
  6. But I'm not TP leh...
  7. Yup, i've been saying the stupid TPs all sitting in front of PC surf net only. Never seen them on the roads enforcing...
  8. then it's not superman. it's minced meat man, or bak chor man... shit, it was very near my place actually... i better tell my family be careful on the road...
  9. Atrecord

    疑情海翻波 青年坠楼重伤

    I understand that the schools even got sexuality education hor. Just add in a bit more lor...
  10. I think the tipper actually was hoping to chiong, but last min saw the bike stopped liao, so tipper had to jam brake... Then either tyre botak so vehicle skidded to right, or he intentionally steered right a bit in a bid to avoid knocking onto the bike (out of good intention), deciding that the van can take any impact better than the bike -- but still ended up knocking the bike, albeit not very impactful, luckily...
  11. Atrecord

    疑情海翻波 青年坠楼重伤

    No wonder lah, i was wondering how come google can know TTSH name, when it brought the carpark to Marseille so it was cos you already value-added to it... 👍 i think the schools better include lessons teaching kids on how to handle failures, esp in relationships...
  12. Atrecord

    疑情海翻波 青年坠楼重伤

    Wah, this google translate is very Tok Gong 😅 On a serious note, it's very sad to hear such news, somemore 2nd one in 2 days, after the Dawson girl yesterday... what's wrong with all these young people nowadays. Can drive merc, so must be from good family, which is probably better than maybe 90% of people on the planet... yet can see no open until like this.
  13. Not good to wish anyone injured, but hope that since DDG already injured, then he shouldn't play on Sun, and then Pool can win by a couple of goals. So far Pool players all managed to stay healthy and fit during the international exertions? Hope won't be too tired after all the travelling...
  14. wa ha ha... surely will make until 鸡犬不宁 😂