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  1. Living with stage 4 cancer: a father and daughter’s story Just received this today, and was very touched and inspired by this true story. Above is the excerpt. If you have 20 min to spare, it's a very inspiring and touching read of how a younge man's world (almost) collapsed on him during his prime, but battled back to overcome the illness, and live his live - differently from what he originally intended but still a journey that he cherished. Now recovered and successful, he's living a full life now. Click the link above to read the whole article. Thought this worth sharing with all here. In particular, those who are fighting similar illness, or if you know anyone in that situation, can take inspiration from this. @Lala81
  2. Atrecord

    Do NOT Call Registry

    i also kanna this... Just ignore and blocked his no....
  3. Aiyah, then they should have bought Rafael da Silva instead mah... Hint: striker from _uHan Zall FC
  4. one of the games is city vs pool. if pool draws, then city can't be winning all remaining games, so still Pool wins
  5. Atrecord

    EPL- 2019/2020

    It's possible that some of these countries did not learn or experience much from the SARS episode, so are less prepared and ready for this - thinking that it's nothing too serious and/or it will not reach/affect them. This could be not merely referring to the ringfencing to prevent/avoid any import, but also the care that must be given quickly to the infected patients. Can only hope that they do not have a situation like that of SKorea, when things can go downhill v quickly just because of one misstep... And this might have far-reaching effect too, once Italy is affected. The immediate question is then what about the UCL/UEL, where there are still Italian teams competing in. Then if any of the English teams were to play the Italians, will there be a chain reaction? 😓
  6. Atrecord

    Fuel Pump

    Not that we know of... but my wife is the normal driver of the car, and my father was going to drive it that morning when it didn't start...
  7. Atrecord

    Fuel Pump

    Last time my Wish at about 12 yr old mileage maybe 120-130K, fuel pump conked off. couldn't start engine at all... Had to tow to workshop to replace...
  8. Atrecord

    How many of u r changing holiday plans?

    I was hesitating whether to suggest it, in fact... but fully expected you to spot the opportunity anyway 😆
  9. Atrecord

    How many of u r changing holiday plans?

    But but but... BKK lately many shooting cases. Men, women, child, all tio gunned down... No die from virus, but might die from bullets 😥
  10. Atrecord

    How many of u r changing holiday plans?

    Last year wife tio lucky draw of $1000 travel voucher. was thinking of finding somewhere to go this June... Now confirm no need go... My father had booked air tickets few months ago, to go to Guangzhou with a few of my cousins in mid Mar. Now all cancelled and asks for refunds. Those like my father who booked through agency, need to pay admin fees... 😥
  11. If FA penalises City and deduct points for last few seasons, there might also be additional bonus... then will BR come and boast how good he was??
  12. He always does that - to good effect usually. It started with Villareal in the Europa Cup. I remember we also lost first leg, and he said the same thing. We beat them at Anfield and went to the finals.
  13. Atrecord

    EPL- 2019/2020

    If Roman didn't come in, it would by right be just Pool, Utd and Arsenal. Spurs never had the same pedigree as the rest, even though they had won a few FA Cups. If it wasn't because of Pochettino, who despite not having tons of money to spend, still managed to put Spurs in the UCL bracket for a few years continuously, Spurs will at best be in the same group as Everton... I think with City's high standards over the last decade or so (esp since Pep came), we all wanted to see City dethroned. But now if they are really going to have the punishments upheld, it's really going to be a big fall for City... which will be a big pity...
  14. Atrecord

    EPL- 2019/2020

    Quite true this. What this rule does is using the guise of preventing any club from buying instant success, to prevent the "Already There's" from close and more competition. Only hope is for small clubs - like Leicester - to be able to spot unknown good players/managers on low fees/wages, and have them produce good and unexpected performances, to win something in place of the big boys. Not only that, this must be repeated consistently, as the new stars will then likely be bought by richer clubs who will dangle higher salaries (that these small clubs can't afford to match - think FFP). So the supply chain of cheap and good players must not stop, and then hopefully the success will be repeated, and the club will slowly gain more following, win more titles, attract more sponsors, be able to sell more expensive tickets, etc. etc. Wah... easier said than done 😓
  15. Atrecord

    EPL- 2019/2020

    He certainly didn't look like he has a fractured arm during the game. Makes Asians proud. And according to Mourinho, he could be out for the whole season, rather than just a few weeks... what a loss for Spurs in particular, and EPL/UCL in general, and for Asia as a whole.