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  1. I've been here in hokkaido for almost a week now. What an experience for first timer like myself. It snowed quite a bit, when we were not driving, luckily. On thur, Google said it was minus 11 deg, but we were already at this Rusutsu resort, where we stayed for 3 nights. Only experienced but snowing when driving so it wasn't too difficult. What was tough, and unexpected, was that there windscreen kept misting n fogging up when we were driving. Needed to use tissue paper to wipe the windscreen n windows like every 3-4 min 😓 Traffic was ok and I was going mostly at 40 to 60 on the first day, which became pitch dark quickly. On tbe way to lake toya n hakodate, people were going at 100 plus so I also went faster at about 80-90.... Today we're returning the van, and taking the train from hakodate to sapporo... Oh, I'll talk more on the van later. That's frankly a disappointment...
  2. OK. Centre of the 2-direction road got no physical road divider hor? Else cannot do this...
  3. Thanks lots for these additional info - very informative 👍 On the language... i wonder whether i should look for some translation apps to see if they will be useful.
  4. Ha ha... we'll arrive Hokkaido some time on Monday! You must be using only 2 rows of seats with 5 pax, so can take so many luggages. We chickened out and decided to go for a Hiace instead. Car can stay in middle of the road - means there's no physical road divider between the two sides of the road? Then not so bad. Did you drive after 4 pm, i.e. at night?
  5. Too bad we have 7 pax plus luggages... Else indeed Forester might be good... One of my colleagues is going to Finland, and is renting a Forester.
  6. Atrecord

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    Same one? Actually i mountain tortoise, and was not aware of this car leh. 2-3 wk ago at Vivo got BMW road show, didn't see this one too...
  7. Atrecord

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    Solly... cos i was running late liao 😅
  8. Now it's getting more and more difficult to understand and follow the rules surrounding PMDs/e-scooters. So food delivery still can use these on the pedestrian paths/walkways, albeit with theory test/insurance? Or is that only for cycling paths, and if so, where are these? And pedestrian paths is can or cannot? I still see quite a few people riding the PMDs everyday. Just last night when going to airport at night, just saw 4 kids riding - on top of all the grab riders... Enforcement is still only an afterthought or a 'by the way', or 'let it be' thingy leh...
  9. wah... thanks for sharing this... I'm going on my trip in less than a week... let's see how it is. What car are you driving there? Is it an Alphard/Noah? In the clip you showed, for the road, is it one-way or two-way huh? you're driving in the middle of the road? Is it necessary to keep to the left?
  10. Did the MCF team do something to rectify it. Now seems can load fast liao, the homepage...
  11. I also got it a few times, when trying to to to the home page... maybe 3 times over the last week.
  12. Atrecord

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    Hummer H3 Sorry not v clear, cos cropped from my car cam...
  13. what happened was: i have chrome, safari, firefox on my mac. I always used firefox and sometimes safari to access MCF. Never used Chrome. So FF and SF got auto logged in, while chrome is as 'guest'. so when i first tried, FF and SF slow, Chrome was fast... cos chrome was the only one didn't log in. Then later i purposely logged in at Chrome, also slow... and then i purposely logged out in Safari, became fast... and yes, only applied to home page... dunno home page tracking our log-ins izzit...
  14. @kobayashiGT Maybe i found the problem. For the homepage, If never signed in, load si bey fast. once signed in, load si bey slow. when signed out, fast fast... then signed in again, slow again. tried on my Mac, for Chrome and Safari... If this is the problem, got prize reward or not?
  15. Above was from experience of last week+ until just now. An update: Now after lunch tried again, Chrome on my Mac and Samsung Note 9, both quite fast liao, back to normal speed. But on my Mac, Safari and Firefox (which i use as default) are still slow. On my Note 9, Internet browser also still slow. Dunno why now it's same machine, some app fast, some app slow...