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  1. Karoon

    Rabbit meat, yes or no?

    yes for me. another one for the cute and delicious category.
  2. i gave new top gear a chance but now even if its on not sure i'd watch it. Maybe because reaching half century age.. car specs not important, relationships are, and watching those 3 stooges is funny and heartwarming. Their last adventure in mongolia was truly epic fun.
  3. Karoon

    Singapore National Anthem 2019

    lol... my same thoughts . at least 2 commas
  4. Karoon

    Senoko Energy in Trouble?

    the new citizens will not just come and stay home and watch tv. They are supposed to expand existing and new industries.
  5. Karoon

    Senoko Energy in Trouble?

    i did a project in this market once. When govt sold the plants, every buyer overbidded thinking electricity demand will go up and up especially with 10m population. Now govt dont own the plants, they do promote renewables that screw up the owners more. I know many plants are bleeding even if they shutdown and dont run due to penalties from gas suppliers, so might as well run.
  6. https://skift.com/2019/03/18/the-dirty-business-targeting-airasia-indonesia-just-got-dirtier/
  7. why not? Basic requirement is safe. That is compulsory and factored into basic pricing. Above that comes various levels of comfort and $.
  8. the solution for energy storage sits on top of our hdb blocks. Water tanks.
  9. they will recoup from the fines come 1 jan. only need to find 3,500 stubborn pavement riders.
  10. great! where are these 3k++/mth jobs these lowly qualified, possibly ex-cons, and likely unhealthy folks can apply to? List a few please, and if possible help arrange to skip the interviews and recruit directly 😄
  11. so are these people. majority of them no different from us. Have family to feed, also have dreams, want to give the best to their kids, and these need money. Use pmd for delivery is the solution for many of them. Can earn more than 3k/mth if they work hard, and this job also not as easy as we see. What other jobs are available for them out there offering that?
  12. u sound like a minister in ivory tower
  13. its not the same. You work at mcd, you flip 10 burgers or 100 burgers, you get $7/hour. Not enough for anyone except students. With food delivery or taxi driving, want more money? work harder.
  14. if they cause accident or hurt anyone, license removed. i'm always partial towards these last chance saloon jobs... food delivery, grab, taxi drivers etc people do it not by choice, but because no more choice