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  1. Karoon

    Weird thing happened to me-Need feedback

    Dunno but he did nothing wrong. No law prevents him from taking pics of cars in public
  2. Karoon

    Singaporeans lose jobs to FTs

    Drive past mbfc, Alexandra distripark, fusionopolis etc at lunchtime... All follow cbp pattern
  3. It's a country with an impoverished population, high unemployment, low per capita GDP. And yet a football league with quality players could thrive there.
  4. Karoon

    Soh Rui Yong is not selected for SEA Games

    You forgot renci guy, should find a common denominator in ri that made them turn out this way... Probably a bully who picked on all these kids back then or something... Lol Anyway, soh and saa lawyers are all [/IMG] Just make sure the lawyers are not from ACS
  5. They missed a great opportunity. Should say they are passionate about cars but the causeway jams getting worse and worse and waste so much of their precious young men time, so had to stick to sg, pick deserted spot with lookouts to ensure safety. Blame ICA
  6. Its usually one kind who rise to the top quickly
  7. How on earth does Palestine have their own football league?? Also, I think I'm quite sick of seeing mideast teams in the WC. Always no fight one. Much prefer Japs and Koreans, and throw in a Vietnam or Thailand. More fighting spirit.
  8. Karoon

    My date with Traffic Court, Court 21

    This thread is a good reminder but it's actually a pretty light reminder. I was involved in an accident on the expressway where the other party who was speeding claimed trial and the court setting and proceedings were familiar . Luckily minor injuries for all but was still quite intense. I imagine the worst one is where there is a fatality/permanent injury of a close and dear one and having to relive it in court. That's the heaviest reminder I wish for none of us here.
  9. I saw stats of yemen game. Sg surprisingly can dominate a mid-east team. Hopefully it's a new level of confidence.
  10. The Chinese are buying up during en masse from asean to build up local appetite, and at the same time assessing which ones have highest demand among their own folks so they can grow the most profitable kind. Maybe in 5 years we can have our own durians back, but by then the world would have gone crazy for Chinese ones.
  11. Karoon

    Malaysian commando shot dead in live-firing demo

    Think we can't equate our level of risk assessment with theirs. There are soldiers, commandos, then there is the elite level above picked from top of the range humans. Delta force, sas, and russian elite forces do hostage rescue training with live ammo, and I'm sure many other highly respected forces do. Not right to say there is little reward. It could prolong their lives on a battlefield, ironically.
  12. Karoon

    Malaysian commando shot dead in live-firing demo

    Bolehland commando like that one. Take training to the next level. Was told these kind of live bullet trainings are staple fare for their commandos usually behind closed doors.
  13. I'm going but not sure which day is going to be new record day... Thurs? Fri? Sat? Sun? Wish there was some motoring poll so we could all decide
  14. Karoon

    Brexit ? No-deal on 31st October

    Let them enjoy their choice. My only concern is the english clubs i support travelling for european games get turned away as the English players did not have proper visas. Lol...