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  1. Scion

    chandipur live firing range in india

    are they going to open further floodgates to the proud high caste Indians because of this?
  2. Scion

    Borneo motor cut sales staff comm

    imo nowadays Korean cars are as good, if not better than Japanese cars...
  3. Wah kelong man... cat A stays the same as previous result Edited: oh it actually went up...
  4. Even with only one hour to bidding result, this thread is really cold, like the weather outside
  5. Cat A down another 2k this time?
  6. 2nd round for Nov is this Wed wor... looks like Carbon is away or bo eng
  7. very good PR stunt by China no uniforms, no weapons, just quietly and efficiently clean up the mess... definitely a good impression for HK's silent majority
  8. Scion

    11.11 and Black Friday Loot 2019

    is it me or is this year's offers and discounts not very fantastic? i only surf Qoo10 and Lazada....
  9. Scion

    1.5m condo owner scold security guard

    CCS attacking fake news and defending CECA deal HSK attacking AHTC saga and diverting attention
  10. Scion

    Gf assaulted by doctor bf

    https://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/serial-road-rage-offender-jailed-2-years how about locking these 2 men together in one cell and let them have the boxing match of their life? they can punch each other non stop
  11. walau... if cycling culture can work, then our buses won't be upgraded to aircon liao... those 80s open windows ones still could be running on our roads the hot and humid weather is the killer lah
  12. to me, worse "signal" habits are: 1. those who want to turn right on a straight-turn right lane, but din signal... suddenly slow down in front of you 2. those who want to filter lanes on a crowded road, but refuse to signal
  13. Scion

    Cristiano Ronaldo Tested To The Limit

    Josef Bican 805 (1931-1955) RomarioB 772 (1985-2007) Pele 767 (1957-1977) Ferenc Puskas 746 (1943-1966) Gerd Muller 735 (1962-1981) Cristiano Ronaldo 700 (2002-present) i thought he will want to have a shot at the all time record? moreover, his eternity rival, the younger Messi with 668 goals will surely overtake him
  14. i'm old school... still think ref's human mistakes are parts and parcels of the game, that's what makes it fun to watch this VAR wastes time and is often not helpful
  15. Scion

    11.11 and Black Friday Loot 2019

    looking at the responses in this thread, seem like this year might be a poor year for 11.11 and Black Friday? (drawing reference from the COE bidding thread)