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  1. No confusing signal la bro cos when I cut him I never even signal 😹 Ok I go repent nao hahahahha
  2. That's my area! Seen this car a couple of times, always drive like that one. I always overtake and cut him (safely) to show my displeasure 😈😈😈
  3. It went Out but didn't come Back The poor driver, must have been seeing more than 6 stars 🤣
  4. SiLangKia

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    Happy Birthday Bro!
  5. SiLangKia

    2019 MCF Revamp!

    Feeling a bit lost hahah, still trying to get used to this, will give it some more effort. If still unfamiliar then goodbye 🙂 But thanks for the efforts MCF team, appreciate the constant drive towards innovation and " the relentless pursuit of perfection " Eh wait that is Lexus xD
  6. SiLangKia

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    Lunch with colleague at Bangkok Jam today, no confusing signals this time, both of us were clear that we wanted Tom Yam ahahahahaha
  7. Waaaaa so reckless Oh i'm in page ONE yayyyyy
  8. SiLangKia

    Do You Mod Your car?

    hahah left 2 years COE don't do first la, unless you plan to extend COE then wu hua if not wasted! My civic i only zhng after COE renewal, and my Subaru now, though I can think of alot of mods I wanna do I just tong first until I decide whether to renew ahahaha That being said, for Elantra, a nice set of aftermarket rims can really enhance the looks. Also, can look at In car entertainment mods to enjoy better audio in the car etc
  9. SiLangKia

    Feeling a little bit emo...

    The Xiao Long Bao WOW hahahahaha Trying to stay positive thank for the life advice hahaha, maybe I'll get some clarity wrt life and direction after a few drinks hahaha I think it's kinda human nature to tend to forget the good things when we go thru difficult times? and only when we catch ourselves and remind ourselves then we realise? I do believe that trials are there to refine and mould us and I guess we will always have trials all the way till we kick the bucket / meet RadX I mean easier said than done wrt getting thru trials cs sometimes just feel damn shitty haha but it's a process for me la
  10. SiLangKia

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    Hahhaa that chopsticks gives confusing signals one
  11. SiLangKia

    Feeling a little bit emo...

    I will update here hahahaha
  12. SiLangKia

    Feeling a little bit emo...

    Must have been really stressful and tough man, happy that you overcame that stage! I guess counting your blessings makes you more appreciative of life and that's smth I often overlook haha. i think once I manage to do that, things won't look so terrible afterall and I'd be in a better frame of mind to face my stresses Will do! Oh haha heard of that actress, I think I rmb her from one of the Jurassic Park movies or smth! Hahah Bangcock, no la i scared, will find other ways to enjoy hahahahaha Thanks will let you know if I nedd HAAHAHAHAH Mid 20s Worth 10 cents nia no need intro la hahahah I peasant Thanks bro! I believe there is and I do look forward to it hahahaha Glad that you're taking a radical new path and enjoying what life has to offer:)
  13. SiLangKia

    Feeling a little bit emo...

    I shall go watch it hahaha! I guess there will always be What Ifs in life, but if you keep thinking of what you could have and lose focus on what you have right now, you may end up not enjoying what you have! Idk if it makes sense haha Glad you realised and didn't try to hang on and persist!
  14. SiLangKia

    Feeling a little bit emo...

    Hahahaha no money leh ... next time la.. but true haha will be too tired to contemplate True. but must move on eventually if not it will be a vicious cycle of pain