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  1. teomingern

    Kia Cerato GT Line Owners Check In

    You keep stock, the rubber will deteriorate also... better to buy fresh stock.
  2. teomingern

    2017 Hyundai i30

    They drain the oil for servicing without removing the cover. Might be oil being spilled rather than engine oil leak? Your trip computer will flash an alarm message if your engine oil level is too low. You can check using the dipstick.
  3. teomingern

    Kia Stonic

    Don't just release the brakes. When you do so, you feel the car creeping forward. Step on the accelerator, you'll feel a slight jerk which signals the full engagement of the clutch. Needs a bit of practice and being conscious of it. I agree it's not fun... my Dad's Fluence doesn't have this meter but maybe an electronic warning message. Never seen it. He's been jammed over 4 hours before.
  4. teomingern

    New Kia Niro Hybrid

    You've got to find something that fits the housing lor... not easy to find though...
  5. teomingern

    Hyundai Avante 1.6A Maintenance Cost

    Nice bro... thanks for sharing the DIY replacement...
  6. teomingern

    2017 Hyundai i30

    You post photo cos you changed the headlamps to proper LED ones? Damage?
  7. teomingern

    Hyundai Avante 1.6A Maintenance Cost

    Buy online, cut to size yourself.
  8. teomingern

    2016 Hyundai Elantra / Avante

    The system isn't connected to a speaker so there's no sound output... my previous system was like that, so I connected to my car horn lor... but I regretted it cos it was too loud... you probably can get it wired up outside for about $100... this is provided the system actually provides an audio signal when you press the buttons on your key fob...
  9. teomingern

    2016 Hyundai Elantra / Avante

    What is the experience that led you to consult the shock absorbers? Noise when you go over the hump?
  10. teomingern

    2017 Hyundai i30

    Still nothing... depends on your power curve and how you drive...
  11. teomingern

    2018 Kia Cerato K3 / Forte (BD Series)

    That would be really quite unprofessional if it was just the display car that had it but the cars sold didn't carry that function...
  12. teomingern

    2018 Kia Cerato K3 / Forte (BD Series)

    Oh my... how does such a large vessel capsize?
  13. teomingern

    2018 Kia Cerato K3 / Forte (BD Series)

    Or choose a different make with better value... we can vote with our wallets...
  14. teomingern

    About the new Hyundai Accent 1.4 litre

    That's pretty poor for a 1.4 L NA engine... I suppose you're driving short distances or in heavy traffic almost all the time?
  15. teomingern

    2019 Hyundai Avante (Elantra Facelift)

    Today's papers advertised $91,999... price went up or that's the Cat B stock?