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  1. Wildfaye29

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    anyone booked, but missed appt. rebook and got it done successfully? any issues with rebooking multiple times?
  2. Wildfaye29

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Only 3 timing daily?
  3. Wildfaye29

    Who like cats?

    eh? i duno y the FB video kena embedded - i was using phone. but the video and the molly hitch thing make it funnie together! lol
  4. Wildfaye29

    Who like cats?

  5. Wildfaye29

    Stupid pedestrians cross roads without looking

    Pedestrian finger driver. Shiok.
  6. Wildfaye29

    Blackvue users - please come in AGAIN 2

    Tried the use the 550 w the 750 cables. worked ok. The holder is as you mentioned. somehow the front cam doesnt really attached and click properly.
  7. Wildfaye29

    COE Bidding – 2nd Round of September 2019

    Fall in! Up up down down up up down!
  8. Wildfaye29

    Blackvue users - please come in AGAIN 2

    Ok another 2 questions is the wiring of the old 550 and the newer 750 same (power cable and rear cam cable)? is the front cam holder same for the 550 and 750 (except for colour difference? if the above is same - means i can interchange the 550 and 750 between 2 cars?
  9. Wildfaye29

    Road Trip to Cherating.......

    Will be going to Club Med Cherating in Oct and plan to take route 3 all the way. Plan to start at 7am get to Kiang Kee BKT for BF and leave by 10am for the rest of the journey. Are there any interesting stops along the way to take a breather or 2?
  10. Wildfaye29

    Blackvue users - please come in AGAIN 2

    oh ok its just a battery pack no charger ok back to the drawing board
  11. Wildfaye29

    Blackvue users - please come in AGAIN 2

    Care to share the technicalities? Noob on electrical stuff. The batt I posted is supposed to be a 12V batt. Thought can wire to car fuse for charging and connect the batt to car cam for continuous recording. SG$ 139.06 6%OFF | 12V 25AH LifePO4 battery pack Super Power Car Jump Starter Power Bank 100A Portable with 4A charger gift EC5 car start line https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/MpTYTsVi
  12. Wildfaye29

    StarHub's new S$50 SIM-only plan with 30GB data

    So means if chg another provider no get rebate. No penalty too? Just forfeit the remaining rebates?