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  1. Freeder

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    Skali Ownself bomb Ownself...
  2. Freeder

    Sharing of Good Lobang Sale

    Never support those Ah Beng shops.. Black heart business ethics... always looking to mess up people’s life..
  3. Freeder

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    Yes.. coffee shop located at the corner.. got Chargrill stall .. the roast meat stall (Ah Siong) not bad..
  4. Freeder

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    Wah..I think still better than most of the BN stalls out there.. Still missing my Hwa Heng BN (Opp. the Old Odeon cinema) from yesteryears... Simply the BEST..
  5. Freeder

    YouTrip Mobile wallet

    Thanks for your advice. So will Let it be ...
  6. Freeder

    YouTrip Mobile wallet

    Noted with thanks..
  7. Freeder

    YouTrip Mobile wallet

    Pls advise if I should change the money to foreign currency before leaving Sgp or just let it be? TIA
  8. Nice VRN no.. SQ2E Pic a bit blur due to the haze😛 But driver’ Driving attitude not so nice🙃
  9. Freeder

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    One of the better beef noodles I’ve tried in recent memory.. Stall located at Kovan Bus Interchange area.. The soup really very rich and delicious.. Hock Lam can siam one side..
  10. Freeder

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    Looks potent... Go slow Bro..
  11. Yah.. u also should open up ... dun be so NerBous here...
  12. How to greet?? When open mouth, sure NBCCB... Chronic smelly mouth.. but i dun mind..
  13. Why u so uptight ? Nb...
  14. Freeder

    2019 3rd Generation BMW 1 Series (F40)

    U SMLJ again ?
  15. Frankly speaking, I dun mind lei... I like her sassy attitude...