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  1. Brass

    2016 / 2017 Subaru Impreza

    That $450+ difference in road tax might put of prospective buyers though...
  2. Brass

    Most Improved Car Brands

    In defence of Suzuki, even though i dont quite like their cars, their Ertiga is quite decent if priced sub 70k.It is a pity that they did not bring it in...for what i remembered, even the bland older model was quite spacious even in the third row...it was better than the Kia Carens,iirc.
  3. Brass

    Most Improved Car Brands

    I would agree,epecially the Chery Arrizo 5, which looks splendid for a Chinese car, considering the crap they were building just up to 8 years ago. With interested dealers and supportive manafacturer, especially with a low price, it might take away sales of established sellers,for those at low end of the market,where there's little market loyalty. Given that its predcessor the J3 has an omv of $6900, this car should estimate to have an omv of $8000 Basic cost: (8000)+(8000×1.27)+220+32000(COE)+7500(margins) It should come out to about 60k for a car with 6 airbags,touchscreen,leatherseats as standard. Their Tiggo 3x(1.5NA) should sell at 55k as entry model (omv :5k) Similarly, their 7 seater Tiggo 8 (1.6T) should sell at 80 to 85k, while the Arrizo Gx should sell at 70k. The above two are cat A vehicles while the bottom two are cat B vehicles Might eat some of the Mitsubishi Attrage's lunch though.
  4. No cannot...must boost Singapore reputation The car that should be built must at least be c segment and above to justify our margins and our value chain. A car to suggest is the Hyundai Grandeur. This is feasible as their assembly plant in Indonesia and India are not likely to asseble such vehicles, given the low market for them in SEA.However, there is some untapped potential in Oceania and maybe other rhd countries. We can use it as a taxi too.
  5. Brass

    advice for a 'new' car buyer?

    At slightly lesser than 5k depreciation, you could find some 1.6L cars that are relatively more spacious, like the Hyundai Avante.If those cars were to be considered, i think a fair price would be 4k depre thereabouts, given that their parf value is less than 5k (more like 4k). You could opt to buy used cars though (to TS), with a 1 year life span, prefebably with low omv, and renew the car in a few months to one year time. In my opinion, that might be the cheapest. Speaking of reliable cars, this might be old, but it works well...though you need to research further. https://m.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=845466 However, if possible, slash about 1k off the price (hopefully 31 to 30k) and its high paper value makes it a relatively ok purchase.
  6. Brass

    Thank you very much

    Hello to everyone in MCF! Hopping on to the bandwagon, other than wishing a very late NDP greeting, i do also wish to thank all of you for tolerating me and my nonsense, and willing to mingle with one another on the forum. Anyway, i wish to apologise for any wrong ( i must have pisses people off ) i did in the past 2 years (at least) and reflect on them, while cherishing the right and splendid moments. Moreover, i do also wish to have fun with all of you! May all of you have a prosperous year filled with health, love and abundance of wealth!
  7. Brass

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    Base spec for malaysia Mz3 is a 1.5L engine, priced at about RM140k...!(From Paultan) In your list, i regret to tell you that you have forgotten sylphy and impreza, at least. Moreover, the toledo is one segment smaller than all cars mentioned here...but its boot is one class above in terms of size!
  8. Reading the first sentence, it seems to suggest that you could still request for the card if you wish once you have gotten your licence, which i believe many would.(Ill see if they will start charging for that...)
  9. I think you mean Johor Bahru...maybe about 50km away.Not many would travel that far to buy from an unnamed stall. Anyway, ive got this for $10 (2 durians, approx 3+kg) at the City Harvest Church (beside Nanyang CC). The durians were good, to the extent that the seller actually said that he placed them in the wrong pile on the floor and wanted to charge more for them, and refused to accept $10.(After much struggle, i just paid $10 in total..and he was disgruntled) All non branded varieties...but bitter and quite full of meat.(The ones in the box are what that remained when we ate about half of the durians.) Seems like the photos make the durians not as nice as it seems...time to upgrade my handphone. I feel it looks like the meat of D13...given that he said that they were smallish durians.Black Thorn should be about 2-3kg, and they are pumpkin shaped,as i have seen online. Moreover, the shell has a greyish hue to it. Where were you at (I mean which kampung)? Maybe will see when i go in next time.
  10. Brass

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    To be honest, Singaporean buyers of a humble B&B sedan will ferry passengers at the back seats. If the legroom is still as cramped...i think not it will not be extremely popular, even if the mid spec is about the price of the Elegance trim of the Altis. How is the headroom of the sedan though? And if the road tax of $1082+/yr is really true...its a wet blanket.
  11. Forget the Vios...especially if you have Malaysian relatives. Their vios is like packed with everything under the sun, from blindspot monitoring to auto aircon (E Spec ~ RM 82k) If you buy the Vios, you will actually feel like a sucker...bacause their vios is so full with features (neglect j spec) while our E spec is even worse off than malaysian J spec (no auto aircon) in some instances. Can the Avante/Accent do? Anyone knows the current price structure ...are they selling at name your coe price style?
  12. Your suggestion is seriously conidered, but for someone that is previously driving a 1.5/1.6L NA, i believe that 1.5T is an upgrade, to a smaller extent. I am still stuck with the 1.6L sedan (above) for now, and most likely wont change until 2027 (hopefully no accident in the way)
  13. I would definitely love a sport car, but my back cmi...so here it is (I am not paid for advertisment
  14. To moderators,@radx and @babyblade, please merge this thread as there are two exact threads being started at the same time. Thank you.
  15. Hmm...not quite the case here. Resale value is non existent anywhere, including Singapore. If you sell your car, be it a car that is used for a few years or one that is due for expiry, you are certain to get only paper value +few hundreds to thousands depending on its age. Hence, if you buy the car with high margin, you would pretty lose tons of money. Other than that, some dealers seem to sell their cars at high margin, but when you reach the showroom, that does not seem to be the case. Maybe one example would be Hyundai, in which the Avante is priced more expensively than the Kia Cerato, but because of their $8888 rebate for CNY, it ends up being cheaper (for higher spec) Otherwise, Opel might be an example. Others would be able to fill in for this void.(I never considered an Opel before... maybe other than the insignia...but I might need a sugar mommy for that