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  1. Goldenvodka

    Swift Owners

    May I ask if SSS suspension can be replaced with SS stock suspension?
  2. Goldenvodka

    Swift Owners

    Any ideas to make a SSS ZC31s more comfortable 1) already on stock suspension 2) changed to high profile tyre. from 50 to 65 3) RIMs already downgraded to 15".... I dont think can even lower Fantastic car to drive but comfort level is really 1/10
  3. Goldenvodka

    AC Issues

    Can it be engine heat is too strong causing air conditioning is not performing normally?
  4. Goldenvodka

    AC Issues

    Did not feel any difference in air flow.I Guess for the time being just live with it. No point changing the compressor at this moment Did a small test in the carpark. When vehicle is idling. Ac works fine with compressor engaged and fan spinning normally
  5. Goldenvodka

    AC Issues

    But the C And H needle did not move at all. Is it normal? All the way at half way point
  6. Goldenvodka

    AC Issues

    I have a weird AC Issue. It doesn’t occur in Singapore as drive max is only 1 hour+ Last Long weekend I went to Malaysia and drove my vehicle for 5 6 hours non stop. At around 120 to 150km/h Ac seems to not work after 3 4 hours of driving and was blowing out not so cold air. Front driver seat was fine but passenger is suffering. Upon reaching Singapore. Speed was reduced to 90 100km/h. AC start to blow out freezing cold air again. Temp gauge was half way point which is normal. Coolant EO all in its reasonable limit At the point of time. NSHW outside temperature is about 38 to 40c range
  7. And you save on ERP cost. That carpark is located just before ERP gantries in the city. And Bugis MRT has both downtown line and EW line. Few stops and you will be at the doorstep of your office
  8. Last time I used to park my vehicle at the open space carpark beside Bugis MRT and take a train into town. Avoid paying any ERP and parking is $12 per day
  9. Goldenvodka

    Taobao Headunits

    Nothing much basically just plug in your phone and the necessary car apps like google map, spotify will be on your HU.
  10. Good idea. Guess I will do that. TIA
  11. OT abit here. My vehicle handbook recommended w40 oils for extreme usage. However I have a free tin of w50 oil. Both is fully syn. My millage is about 130k. I am wondering if I will do any harm to the engine using oil which is thicker?
  12. Goldenvodka

    Taobao Headunits

    https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r. Another interesting budget HU with color screen and bluetooth. Dekitted from Nissan again. Cost less $70 all in for Jap/Korean vehicles
  13. Remember to buy some extensions as well. Some screws are hidden deep inside. and please get hold of a copy of workshop manual for your vehicle
  14. Yes. Make sure the spec sheet states that it meets the requirement of JWS3324. I don’t think you can save much money if you are going to find a 3rd party to do it. They buy their oil in bulk.
  15. Goldenvodka

    Is SPC fuel quality#%&@?

    Really did not see any difference in all the petrol station fuel in SG. The only difference saw was the offerings in their mart