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  1. Hope this person got money to compensate. So many cars damaged.
  2. Since he/she is driving a sort of rental car, will this person be liable to compensate all cars involved here?
  3. Daniu82

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    I am only in my Karoq groupchat, not sure if there is an all Skoda car owners groupchat.
  4. Action starting later and later these days
  5. Daniu82

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    I am having the reset to 2015 problem now after updating the app. I tried reformatting the SD card, problem not solved. I tried buying a new SD card, problem also not solved. Cannot be such a coincidence that this problem occurred after updating the app mid of this week and my cam battery inside suddenly no battery. No such problem before updating the app early of this week.
  6. Daniu82

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    Nvr experience that before. How hard is hard? What’s the rpm? Mine is a 3 months old Karoq.
  7. Then it's still her fault what. She nvr see properly before and after parking.
  8. Daniu82


    Only went to Legoland with my wife. Nvr been to Hello Kitty land. Is this place nice for a 18 mths kid? Any place to stay nearby?
  9. Daniu82

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    Anybody encountered needing to press the WiFi registration button in order to connect to the cam using the app? I think I updated the app recently and this happens. My cam is X9.
  10. Daniu82

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    Just ask the moderators.
  11. Daniu82

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    Hope they give you the best price so you fulfill your dream of getting a RS245. And you can join us in the Skoda family!!
  12. If they are good, why scare?
  13. Nope, I only trust myself in driving my car. He also don't have insurance coverage, anything happen who ganna? My wife don't have driving license.
  14. I don't even borrow my new car (3 months) to my own brother.