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  1. Maybe the blue PHV label looks like the handicap blue label, so they think they have privilege too?
  2. Daniu82

    Honda CRV -facelift with 1.5 turbo

    Hi, care to share what brand of TPMS is this, how much is it and is it easy to install? Thanks.
  3. Daniu82

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    Same here. Feels weird to do servicing at the 15,000km or 1 year mark and skip the 1,000 and 5,000km . My previous Korean car is 10,000km or 1 year. Any recommendation for good servicing outside for Skoda cars? Might want to do 1 servicing end of this year before going back to SCS for my 15,000km servicing next June.
  4. If TP were to do this long time ago, we would not have this situation now. Last time too slack, now playing catching up.
  5. Save the environment by not printing physical road tax disc but in the end people don’t pay road tax. Haiz.
  6. Daniu82

    Honda HR-V vs Subaru XV vs Toyota CHR

    Might need to look at long term stuff like FC, road tax, maintenance etc. Don’t just look at the selling price.
  7. Daniu82

    Skoda Kodiaq - Will it reach our shores?

    Just enjoy the ride. I am not bothered too much with FC unless it’s driving like Ferrari or Lambo FC. Btw, I am driving the Karoq.
  8. Daniu82

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    Only fuels of different RON are different. Fuels of the same RON are all the same, only different additives added for different brand. Just see if you are willing to pay or not.
  9. Daniu82

    Is Singapore General Election Round The Corners ?

    Must work until you die cos the retirement age keeps increasing and not enough CPF payout.
  10. Daniu82

    Is Singapore General Election Round The Corners ?

    I always take chicken wings but I always try to don't let them take back chicken farm every election but majority is ok with it so I got no choice. Hope you get what I mean also. 😉
  11. Daniu82

    Is Singapore General Election Round The Corners ?

    I think is this year liao. Give out some chicken wings, after election take back whole chicken farm.
  12. Daniu82

    Audi 9.9 sale

    That’s what I think too. If not the SAs can eat wind liao.
  13. Daniu82

    Audi 9.9 sale

    This type of car sales can lelong meh? It’s 4 circles leh.
  14. Daniu82

    Next Elections Thread 2019/20/21

    I guess Nov too. Oct exams time and Dec holiday time.