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  1. Limpeh23

    Apple Vs Android Vs Samsung PAY services

    Just to share, for those who are using Apple watch, you can set up Apple Pay on your watch. During payment, just double-click the side button and tap it on the reader while your phone stays in your pocket. Found it really convenient so far.
  2. Limpeh23

    Push start button and keyless entry alrams

    Go back to the shop that installed for you and ask them to remove the easycar system
  3. Limpeh23

    All new Altis 2014

    Relax la guys, this is just a car forum mainly for discussion and sharing of information and knowledge, why get so uptight over somebody else's opinions just because you disagree with what he/she said. You can state your own opinion(in a civilised manner) and at the end of the day, if the other party doesn't agree, then just move on la. There is no need to go to war over it like it's a life and death matter. Not siding any party here, but just hope to see the thread continue in a peaceful and constructive manner as it has for the majority.
  4. Limpeh23

    German cars: do you prefer BMW or Mercedes?

    Alpina is actually recognised as an independent automobile manufacturer that makes cars based on BMW models, but they work very closely with BMW itself during the manufacturing process and their cars can be sold via BMW dealerships as well. That said, they manufacture cars in limited quantities, making them quite exclusive. I think Munich Automobiles only clinched the distributorship for Alpina not too long ago, and with the limited advertising, that is why you tend to hardly see any of them on the road.
  5. Limpeh23

    Saw Lexus RC F On Our Road

    RC F is certainly a sleek looking car and will probably live up to Lexus/Toyota's renowned reliability. The Mustang, on the other hand will be a real novelty on our roads when it arrives and will be an attention grabber everywhere it goes. That said, I wouldn't mind having either one. With their 5L engines though, the road tax is gonna be a killer for both, not counting the 2.3L turbo variant for the mustang.
  6. Limpeh23

    Saw Lexus RC F On Our Road

    Apparently, there has already been at least one unit registered locally - see bottom of article http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/events_features.php?AID=3060&PN=2
  7. Limpeh23

    KIA K3 Owners check-in!

    Unfortunately, don't think you can turn it off once the car is started.
  8. We need top class defenders, otherwise even with top notch attack we will still surely drop points here and there. Right now, none of our defenders is able to fully replace vidic and ferdinand, although hopefully one or two of them eventually progress to become top defenders. But as long as this continues, we will leak goals, unless LVG manages to bring in proper reinforcements in January.
  9. Limpeh23

    2014 Honda Jazz / Fit (GK Series)

    Basically, test drive is just going down to the showroom and test-driving the car for a short while to get a feel of how it is like on the road. You won't be able to tell everything from that short drive, but at least you will get an idea of how the car performs and at the same time, you can get a detailed look at the interior and the features. Of course, you can also ask the sales exec any questions you might have about the car. Actually, both Mazda 2 and Jazz should fulfill your criteria of a compact, low maintenance and easy to drive/park car, so you should test both and see which gives you a better feel or experience and perhaps proceed from there.
  10. Limpeh23

    Toyota Regains No. 1 in Singapore

    Not too sure about the facelifted elantra, but the current K3 SX variant is definitely more well equipped than the altis, and by quite a fair bit as well.
  11. Limpeh23

    Jaguar XE

    Some pics for those who are interested:
  12. Bro, he mentioned he hasn't used MAZ Nitro before, he is talking about Liqui Moly product.
  13. Look what arrived in the mail yesterday: Hope Turboflat4 you got yours too. Thanks MCF!
  14. Limpeh23

    Interesting Cars in sgCarMart

    Haha the description alone for this car is a winner: http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=421803
  15. januzaj also can play as a no 10, although he was mainly utilised as a winger last season, but am not sure whether lvg is referring to him.