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    Casio MRG 7700BD

    Casio MTG series now includes a GPS sync which is similar to the MRG G1000. But in terms of design and build quality i still prefer the Seiko Astron. Of coz they r 2 different watches in different categories with different prices but both Astron and MTG and MRG G1000 have GPS sync.
  2. NightWind

    Tesla Model S

    Hi guys this article really hits the nail on the head. The Tesla HAS NO EXHAUST, ZERO EMMISSIONS. How can they justify slapping a Carbon Emissions Tax......any way u read on http://theindependent.sg/electric-vehicles-punished-in-singapores-war-on-climate-change/ By: Michael Heng PBM Singapore Electric Vehicles Wrongly Penalised By Fossil Fuel-based Rules Strange, but true. A wholly electric vehicle (EV) with dual electric motors that emits no carbon emission has been penalized with a S$15,000 carbon tax surcharge. Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) has wrongly determined that the all-electric Tesla Model S vehicle “produced 222g/km of CO2, putting it within the S$15,000 surcharge band under Singapore’s Carbon Emission-based Vehicle Scheme”. The truth is the Tesla Model S in motion produces zero carbon emission since it is solely propelled by 2 electric motors and has no additional combustion engine or fuel cell on board. As a pure battery electric vehicle, its electric motors are the sole propulsion source; hence, there is no fuel consumption and zero CO2 exhaust emissions (see far right picture below). Obsolete Regulations & Mindsets Obstruct Singapore’s War on Climate Change According to LTA’s own Guidelines, the Tesla Model S vehicle should actually be entitled to the S$30,000 carbon rebates like the Peugeot Ion or the BMW i3 electric hatchback. Ironically, even the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid, which actually emits CO2 on the road managed to qualify for LTA’s S$30,000 carbon rebate, while the zero emission Tesla Model S is penalized. The LTA further clarifies that it was not the Tesla vehicle that emits CO2 but rather it is the source-generator of its electric power amounting to 444 watt-hour/km produced and charged by the Singapore Grid’s gas-operated power stations. These fossil-fuel based gas-operated power stations are contracted by the Singapore Government to supply electricity exclusively throughout the country. No other source of electric power beyond 10MW can be legally generated without a power generation license from the Government. The LTA had strangely factored in the carbon emissions by the fossil-fuel based gas-operated power station when generating the electricity used for charging the Tesla vehicle, and penalized the Tesla vehicle (as well as other electric vehicle) owner for the carbon emissions produced by the fossil-fuel gas–operated power stations. By extending and attributing its carbon tax surcharge to the source electricity generators, the LTA departed from its own guidelines to wrongfully penalized the Tesla S Model and other all-electric vehicles. The LTA’s own Guidelines refer to the applicable taxable carbon emissions as ”the release of carbon dioxide from the use of a vehicle”. They further added that “the g CO2 /km is a measure that quantifies the weight of carbon dioxide (CO2) released for every kilometre that the vehicle is driven i.e. the vehicle’s fuel efficiency”. The LTA Guidelines refer ONLY to CO2 produced by the vehicle in motion. Nowhere in its CEVS Guidelines or Press Release on the subject did the LTA, or the Government, ever affirm that the fossil-fuel based gas-operated power stations could or would be the incidental source for its carbon tax surcharge. It is more baffling and even disingenuous when the LTA explained that it was following the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) R101 standards. Nowhere in any of the tests under the UNECE R101 standards did they mandate the measurement of carbon emission of an all-electric vehicle like the Tesla Model S from a remote power station source. COP21 The Paris Agreement Forgotten? It is barely 3 months after COP21 UN Climate Summit Conference in Paris in Decembr 2015, and where the Paris Agreement (which was also signed by Singapore) essentially defines the key criteria by which to judge sustainability efforts. Sustainability from hereforth shall mean low or zero carbon emission. It mandates that fossil energy is excluded from all sustainability considerations. The Paris Agreement “also recognises that sustainable lifestyles and sustainable patterns of consumption and production, with developed country Parties taking the lead, play an important role in addressing climate change”. The emphasis on renewables-based sustainability is unmistakable. The global movement to make fossil fuel history involves the promotion of all-electric vehicles that are truly sustainable. A new mindset is needed to replace obsolete policies and practices that favour fossil-fuel vehicles. New policies, infrastructures and practices are needed to roll out the new imperative of a sustainable electric mobility consisting of transportation powered by renewable energy. A Singapore future reality story demonstrates how one country could enhance her energy security by reducing her fossil fuel dependency by 16%-20% with a 100% electric vehicle population. This is achieved by a nation-wide effort to harness the the creative energy of a resourceful people to use solar and urban wind energy to produce carbon-neutral electricity for EV charging as well as daily and commercial living. The Tesla Model S case is an unfortunate incident of taking many steps back from COP21 and withdrawn into comfortable policies and practices. Obsolete regulations and mindsets will obstruct Singapore’s War on Climate Change, and make it harder to fulfill Singapore’s carbon reduction and climate change promises to the world made in Paris last December. — Republished from MIKOspace.
  3. NightWind

    Tesla Model S

    They simply delete the original tread and burry it here.
  4. NightWind

    Tesla Model S

    sorry sorry how to delete the others i did not mean to spam ADMIN i am sorry can u please help me delete the other treads. I AM VERY SORRY :(
  5. NightWind

    Tesla Model S

    This is so disgusting
  6. NightWind

    Tesla Model S

    Hi folks read this and weep. This is political greed and bureaucracy at its very worst. Well Done PAP!!!! ADMIN I AM SORRY please help me delete the previous treads. I did not mean to spam. I am sorry http://www.stuff.tv/sg/features/be-prepared-these-roadblocks-if-you-want-drive-tesla-in-singapore by Rahil Bhagat Few cars in memory have generated the kind of buzz that Tesla's electric cars have made. Since bursting onto the scene in 2008 with the Tesla Roadster electric sports-car, the California-based car maker has become a byword for showcasing the potential of electric cars in an internal combustion engine dominated world. Tesla's follow up to the Roadster, the Model S sedan is considered by many to be one of the best four-door cars in the world right now. With its killer looks, great ride, futuristic tech and an electric motor that produces basically zero emissions, you would expect the Model S to be selling like hotcakes in a country like Singapore. So why aren't they? Well, the answer is quite complicated. In 2011, Tesla did indeed open an office here. But less than six months later, it departed our shores without selling a single car. The logic for Tesla would be that, like in countries such as Japan and Malaysia, the Tesla's electric nature would entitle it to receive rebates from the government due to the vehicle being non-polluting. In fact, our government does have such a system, which offers subsidises of S$15,000 if you drive a green vehicle. However, for some reason, Tesla was not granted this subsidy, seriously hurting efforts to sell the cars here. According to the government, Tesla's cars did not meet certain "technical requirements" for the rebate. Since then, owning a Tesla in Singapore has been just a pipe dream. That is, until a few weeks ago when IT-professional Joe Nguyen managed to get his own Tesla Model S licenced for the Singapore roads. We sat down and spoke to Nguyen about the nearly year-long battle against a quagmire of red tape and bureaucracy that he had to go through to drive his beloved Model S, which his son nicknamed, Tessie. Powered by electricity Tessie's journey began not in Singapore, but in Hong Kong, where Nguyen purchased the 2014 model S. "It's the future of cars. It's green, quick and the perfect car for Singapore," he said. Until a few years ago, in a country where cars rely on fossil fuel and engines have gotten better and more efficient, electric cars were just not viable. The core physics, that of a mixture of ignited air and fuel driving pistons and a drivetrain to create motion, has not. Electric cars are a different beast entirely. Instead of using fossil fuels to drive an engine, they use electricity, stored in large battery banks in the chassis of the car to power electric motors. Cars like the Tesla Model S often only have one moving part, the driveshaft. Since there are no fossil fuels, there is no combustion, which translates to the absence of harmful gas. The downside here is one that owners of smartphones are familiar with - recharging the battery. An electric car is no different. But just like a smartphone, a single charge can go a long way. "You don't drive very far in Singapore. The range on a Tesla is 380 kilometres which, on a full charge, is more than enough for Singapore. You go home after work and just plug it in. The next morning you wake up, it's fully charged," Nguyen says. Tessie, come home Getting the car into Singapore, Nguyen reveals, was the easy part. "You take the car, put it onto a ship and then bring it down. When it arrives, you pay the customs duties on it and that's that. I thought that would be the end of it but in fact, that's when the whole process starts." The real challenge came when he had to liaise with the Land Transport Authority (LTA). "The first few weeks, the car just sat in a warehouse gathering dust while the LTA asked me for lots of paperwork," Nguyen said as he recounts the first roadblock in many to come. As far as Nguyen was concerned, the simple truth was that the powers that be had not dealt with a Tesla before. Instead of adapting their processes to fit this new kind of car, they would rather turn a blind eye. "They kept asking for more and more paperwork," Nguyen reveals," They wanted the specs, they wanted a number of different metrics, everything from emissions to the certificate of conformity, which is related to petrol cars and Tesla doesn't have it." So, what now? Read more at http://www.stuff.tv/sg/features/be-prepared-these-roadblocks-if-you-want-drive-tesla-in-singapore#GEfj3B3MZezzfx0C.99
  7. NightWind

    PS4 or XBox One

    Haha how r u bro. Indeed Xbox One needs fixing. But so too does PS4. This is an old tread but u picked a good time to revive it as we can see how these two consoles have lagged behind latest devlopment. The tread was started in 2014, and between now and 2014, things have changed (and its only 1-2 yrs). One big change is that 4k TVs are now main-stream and the prices are now very affordable. Last yr i bought a 4k Oled 55" and am pairing this with the Minix Neo 8hPlus so the content is upscaled to 4k 2160P. This is one critical area that both PS4 and Xbox One has not addressed, 4k viewing. And its not just for game play but also for viewing videos and youtube and netflix etc. neither consoles are currently 4k capable and that a big drag n thumbs down imho. I am not technical enough to comment if both consoles can be upgraded via firmware updates to be 4k capable riding on their existing hardware constraints. I suspect not otherwise Sony and Microsoft would have done so already? Or maybe they just want to hold back and create a market segment for the "PS5" or next "X Box 2" which will play 4k stuff. Today there is an existing game console (excluding PC steam rigs) that is 4k ready and its the Nvidia Shield on Android TV platform. This outputs games to 4k 2160p at 60fps via HDMI2. At the moment i dont even know if PS4 or XBox 1 supports HDMI 2 to get 4k @ 60fps. All i can say is that while the 1st and 2nd generation consoles (X Box, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3) stayed ahead of the game for at least 5years, the latest Ps4 and Xbox 1 are already lagging behind barely 2-3 years from launch. And these were supposed to be cutting edge consoles duh? Fer me i will hold back on buying either Xbox 1 or Ps4 untill they roll-out the 4k updates. In the mean time there is always the Nvidia Shield for 4k gaming at 60fps. Yes the game library is limited atm but this is expected to increase and improve. Pls share your thoughts and tks for revitilizing a old tread.
  8. NightWind


    It will b heavily censored la. Thats y many still use VPN n climb oe use Android Box.
  9. NightWind

    2017 Mercedes e interior leaked

    Really look like Unker Kar. Sorry, one look and its a major thumbs down. But hey its an E class so maybe it is the right fit. Yah my sentiments too. Really suite Unker lau ah pek But remember this is the target segment of Mercedes la.
  10. NightWind


    Hi Ender i used to Climb a lot before I got the Minix. Once i got the Minix i seldom climb. It gives me most of what i need. My only problem is that its tough to find 4k Movies on torrent due to HDCP controls. I do find lots of 4k documentaries and videos and nature stuff , and porn. But i really want the 4k Movies which, as i said, seem only to be available on Netflix. Any way i also took a look at the Netflix 4k Movie list and many (if not all) the movies are NOT SHOT IN NATIVE 4K FORMAT. Most are just digitally re-mastered from older 1080p format to 2160P. Of coz this is still much better than the upscaling of SD content the 4k setoff box and TV does. But its not the real deal. Unless u can point me to some good 4k Movies in Native format, i think i am pretty much up against an brick wall in my search haha. Oh btw Mustank i went to Netflix website and it now reads that "Netflix will be available in Singapore soon" so its not YET available n u still need the VPN. Just get the Android 4k Settop box la. Trust me it will safe u much climbing.
  11. NightWind


    Lol tks bro in that case I will climb with u bro haha
  12. NightWind


    Bro if u already have a Netflix account, just try accessing it without the VPN You can share the same Netflix login with afew devices. Try the login on a PC with no VPN. Or just disable the VPN on your current PC and try to login If the silly sign "Netflix is not available in your region" flashes on, then your question is answered. U still need the VPN. er, what is climb hill?
  13. NightWind


    Netflix will be available here in sinkieland soon. So its a matter of time before locals here get direct access without a VPN. Many new TVs also come with a Netflix app. However i do not know if it is CURRENTLY available now without VPN. The other issue is, even if there is direct access available, the content for the Sg approved version of Netflix will probably be very different from those in the US and UK. For eg i really doubt they will screen Spartacus or 50 shades uncut here. For this reason many users of Netflix who prefer uncensored content, may prefer to retain their VPN access. Can anyone here confirm when exactly Netlix will be available here?
  14. NightWind


    Nvm i climb with u, we climb together bro. Er, what is climb hill? And is the hill worth climbing lol
  15. NightWind


    Er bro in that case more or less confirm you cant get the 4k stream. Routing through a VPN will seriously degrade your bandwith. And u need very high bandwith for 4k streaming. The other issue is how is your PC transferring the show to your 4k TV? Via HDMI 2 cable? Or via Airpin Pro if u r on imac? If u do such method, i seriously doubt the final resolution will be at 2160p / 4k. FYI even using a settop box, they recommend using a HDMI 2 cable to get the full 4k @ 60fps. And of coz u also need a 4k Netflix plan Arrow is very good. Just use showbox on Android box. At 720p the 4k TV will upscale and it will look very nice. Or u can torrent and dl the whole season to Hdd and watch direct via usb on your 4k TV.