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  1. Kar_lover

    Autobacs got 🔪 kah you?

    Sounds like me lol....
  2. Zero attempts by Lec at HT was the main highlight for me.
  3. Never expected it to be this easy. Minamino watching this probably can't wait to get in!
  4. Kar_lover

    2020 Kia Seltos any news?

    Expect to see it during the annual Jan car show...maybe they launch it then....
  5. Ya we really can't tell cos of parallax. But how can armpit be offside if the hand is not?
  6. Customary heart attack time has started...
  7. I mean we are really not playing very well. I think we look vulnerable. Still a long way to go. We need a 3rd...
  8. Sorry i am late to the party but any idea why didn't we play Adrian?