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  1. At the SPC Telok Blangah service station. do not expect squeaky clean please drop by if u can afford a spare change. http://www.spc.com.sg/csrinspc/minds_wash.asp
  2. Tom_kkh

    CHC Trial Matters Part 2

    don be so serious la. this is lite and EZ section, no? got serious and hard truth section where i can post serious stuff? i doing national activity ma, complaining.. yes i do change underwear on a daily basis means i no chance go after u ar
  3. Tom_kkh

    CHC Trial Matters Part 2

    thank you Mr RadX for transferring my post and putting up my nonsenses. if u are a girl i sure bloody go after you
  4. Tom_kkh

    CHC Trial Matters Part 2

    as above. the case seems to disappear from the planet?
  5. got difference. if old and young lee say something wrong, they cannot blame the minister for saying things not of their view. the gravity of words said by different capacity does weights in. if young lee can condemn a lady for saying $50 wedding dinner, he can comment too on a strike that disrupt the society. both to me are of great impact to our society. the whole universe knows what the MP(s) said are of no value unless endorsed by the lees. If the mp say is a strike but the lees say its a not strike, its a not strike.......... or vice versa...
  6. seems like old and young lee has been hiding, refusing to comment. Afraid to offend China?
  7. Tom_kkh

    Car radiator boiling

    no one repairs at autobacs. the only competitive service they have is oil change.
  8. we paid millions still got monkey wht..........
  9. pay them the same as malaysian workers minus the levy and ask them to settle their own lodging and transport. see who has the last laugh.
  10. i am very sure ten of thousands of china men is willing to q up for the job.
  11. my wife took a cab last night. she said that the cab uncle mentioned to her that while he was having break near a bus interchange, he heard some china drivers say Singapore cant do anything to them other than deporting them back, not to worry.... my Taiwan colleague who was oblivious of the strike told me yesterday afternoon that she notice that the china bus drivers were super rude yesterday... HUAT AR! I sincerely thanks the China drivers for the strikes. about time they give PAP headaches and lets see how well PAP "integrates" with the FW they so dear love.
  12. Tom_kkh

    Anyone watched.. Ah Boys to Men?

    its funnier than the recent productions by jack neo but hilarious? not to me. funny yes, worth? don think so... lucky free tix
  13. Tom_kkh

    Revenge of a truck :)

    ya SUV. hahaha. got part 2? link pls
  14. if they wans to fault you, they have millions of ways and reasons. If they wans to acquit you, they need no reasons.
  15. Tom_kkh

    Revenge of a truck :)