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  1. MadDog70

    Used Car Have New Registration Plate

    Existing car with new plate from number plate company also $321 transfer fee only right?
  2. MadDog70

    Toyota Estima

    Anyone knows if the 2016 version's front windows are tinted too?
  3. MadDog70

    Just booked my car - what type of PPS to recommend?

    Need advice how to maintain a new black car if I don’t do any coating.
  4. MadDog70

    Handed a CASE letter to VW today! Blog updates.

    What's the outcome of this case?
  5. MadDog70

    Batch Vehicle Approval

    Fingers Crossed bro. I reckon the paperwork was done, the dealer told me the car is in Vicom (or rather LTA) standby now, it should not take more than a week to go through right?
  6. MadDog70

    Batch Vehicle Approval

    6 weeks process? That's crazy. You are right!
  7. Recently booked a new ride, it took several times (2 months) before the Euro 6 emission test passes. Now the next step is "Batch Vehicle Approval" test. Anyone can advise what is this? Cheers!
  8. MadDog70

    MAZDA 6

    I've heard that Mazda service department is lousy a few years back. How is it now?
  9. MadDog70

    Duragloss Application tips/method

    Yo bro, looks like you are doing well in your new business. Recently, booked a new Black Estima, likely to collect next week. I have a few questions for you:- 1) what's your schedule like for the DIY Opti-coating? 2) how to wash and dry a Black car to avoid swirl mark after your coating? Gong Xi Fa Cai ! Cheers!
  10. MadDog70

    Estima Aeras vs Premium

    Can anyone share with me what's the difference between Aeras and Premium variants? Thanks!
  11. MadDog70

    Harrier 2017

    Harrier topic becomes Mazda discussion?
  12. MadDog70

    Toyota Estima

    Guys, am interested in Estima too. Can share FC please in terms of below titles? %Highway / %City / FC (km/L) ------------------------------------
  13. MadDog70

    2014 Honda Odyssey

    The difference between a Hybrid and Petrol is $16k (160k - 144k), it works out to be extra $133 per month. Think it's worth while if you travel a lot, right?
  14. MadDog70

    Nissan Murano 2017

    Wonder why Tan Chong not bringing this in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLxG_ykZWLc