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  1. Keithchue

    How to solve unwanted noises in your car

    yes, on the back of the pads before installing them,. but then again check the rotors.. it might be resonate that is causing the squeaks
  2. Keithchue

    10th Generation Honda Civic (2016)

    the clicking noise is normal, it is the fuel cut device that is working, I have this also
  3. Keithchue

    Good ENT specialist to recommend ?

    dr andew loy, mt e hospital did my polys with him
  4. Keithchue

    Noob Qns on Pioneer AVH Headunits

    anyone successfully swapped civic HU with an aftermarket unit?
  5. Keithchue

    Don't mess with this lady ! power !

    indian go home!!!!
  6. laksa mai hum.... where is the flavor?
  7. Keithchue

    10th Generation Honda Civic (2016)

    im already slapping myself when I bought the 1.6 over a conti...not to mention 1.5T.. the price I paid, can probably buy the same spec golf. then again, Honda vs golf.. I take the golf anytime
  8. Keithchue

    Music Concerts

    anyone went to genting rene concert last weekend?
  9. Keithchue

    Indian Pilots to fly for Scoot, SIA

    if I fly aeroplane on meeting 35 times, can I be pilot?
  10. Keithchue

    10th Generation Honda Civic (2016)

    50/50 highway.... my old twincharged jetta, easily, 14-16km/l
  11. Keithchue

    10th Generation Honda Civic (2016)

    anyone can share the fuel comsumption of the 1.6 is like, im only getting 12km/l
  12. Keithchue

    SPOILER ALERT: We're in the ENDGAME now

    very eager waiting for this movie to screen. likely will be full house every screening till the end
  13. Keithchue

    Handed a CASE letter to VW today! Blog updates.

    exactly, civic pricing is just worth the money...