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  1. Rickster

    Cars@Expo Oct 2019

    If they price the Volvo's more cheaply, I believe many will take the plunge...including me! 😅
  2. Rickster

    Cars@Expo Oct 2019

    I agree with your point on made in China quality. They are fully capable of producing high quality stuffs. As this is the luxury market that we are talking about. Where prestige and emotions are king, driving a luxury car made in China will not ring well for most. Perhaps 10 years later, it may be more acceptable. Just imagine Rolex starts to make their watches in Mexico instead of Switzerland....
  3. Rickster

    Share Your Car Fuel Consumption

    Driving a 116D, I reset my fuel and distance meter after each full tank. 40% city driving. According to car meter per tank: Average FC: 16-16.5km/L Average speed for the tank: 32-34km/hr For comparison sake, previously driving a Citroen DS4, same driving pattern, style and mileage, I'm averaging 10-11km/L.
  4. Rickster

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    I strongly urge you to request for a test drive on the highway. I'm sure this can be done if they deem you a serious buyer. For the typical start stop traffic test drive, it's totally not a good representation of the drive. Don't just listen to other people's comment for a 6 figure sum you'll be spending. Different people have different idea of "underpower". I've test driven the Mazda 3 and I feel it's totally underpowered and if the previous Mazda 3's 0-100 km/h is any accurate, this one won't fare much better.
  5. Rickster

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    Agree. Mazda 2 is an underrated car when it comes to fuel consumption. My previous version Mazda 2 (4 AT only) can do 13+km/l when it was new, I'm doing mostly 50/50 city driving. Towards the 8th year till scrap, I can only do 12, can't hit 13 no matter what.
  6. Rickster

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    Seems like most of the AD servicing charges are similar for the same class of cars. Don't think Mazda will be charging head n shoulders above others. Can always check with the SE the maintenance cost at various mileage to confirm. Due to our Coe, we often have the smallest/most underpowered engined option for most of our cars.
  7. Rickster

    Eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf spotted without camoflauge

    Being a trained programmer myself, 10 million lines of codes does not inspire confidence where bugs and loopholes are concerned.
  8. Rickster

    Worth to be a Grab Driver now?

    Ya, FC is a big concern if average mileage a day is say: 350Km x 26 working days per month = 9100km per month. Old altis FC from what I know from colleagues and friends who drove that model can average 12km/L. That means a full time PHV driver can easily spend around 1.2k per month on petrol.
  9. Rickster

    Downpay ferrari at just 30k?

    Bro...the 3 year is just an example pluck from sky to illustrate a scenario only
  10. Rickster

    Downpay ferrari at just 30k?

    Funny how come these type of take loan to buy luxury car or normal car always generate so much negative sentiments from people who pay full cash or those who take 100% loan. Guess one has to understand not everybody is as rich to pay full cash. Everybody also have different background when taking loan or pay full cash. Can a regular office worker who paid full cash for his brand new Mazda 3 be more wise than a multi-millionaire who took a 3 year loan for his brand new Merc? We can all debate till the cows come home and still not get anywhere as there are simply too many factors to consider ok both side of the fences. Chill everyone and enjoy the forum!
  11. This reminds me of what happened to CNG a few years back. I was contemplating getting an i3 and was calculating the cost of ownership as I clock close to 2500 km per month. In the end I settled for a diesel car due to mainly fear of policy u turn and long term maintenance of an electric car with my high mileage.
  12. Rickster

    Electric cars

    I think it will be the day that the govt: 1) Sort out how to recover the "lost" petrol tax of 60¢ (or more now...)per liter 2) Find the budget to install more charging stations at HDB and URA car parks. Unless the above 2 can be managed, we won't see many electric cars on our roads.
  13. This is a more viable option for someone who die die want to own a car yet can't afford or don't want to make a down payment for the car. I don't see why renting a car is cheaper than buying a slightly used car still under warranty, especially for B&B cars. Maybe I'm missing out something, but can enlighten me on this?
  14. Rickster

    Fiat Ownership - Good and bad?

    Being a manual transmission is a plus for reliability. The fanciful auto transmission of fiats are known to be the major bank breakers of local fiat owners. My colleague has experienced it.. different parts of the transmission can fail at different times.
  15. Thread OT till become why buy car