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    Harrier 2017

    body kit and accessories brochure from toyota website below... http://toyota.jp/catalog/harrier_acc/book/
  2. SKX

    Harrier 2017

    I found the Japanese brochure for Harrier... many nice photos... see link below... http://toyota.jp/catalog/harrier_main/book/ cant seem to find that elusive 0-100 timing... :)
  3. SKX

    Harrier 2017

    i went to test drive on sat, sharing my views below Likes - exterior design - size of car, notable presence on the road - sound proofing - boot size is huge - space for rear seat passengers is huge - front sequential turn signals looks cool; would really loveit if they used sequential for back and side signals as well - sunroof Dislikes - touchscreen on dashboard is pathetically small. those in japan seem much bigger ( )- from the boot, there is no lever/button for making the rear seats lie flat - no safety options: blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic monitoring, tyre deflation monitoring - they removed the panoramic view monitor, which i think is available in the japanese brochures - lag before turbo engine kicks in Some excellent reviews here from Richard too: http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2705478-harrier-2017/page-7?do=findComment&comment=6159941