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  1. Datsun366

    Bak Kwas Worth Queuing Up For This CNY (2020)

    BCH boom boom got standard when TT got black hair and small paunch many many years ago. Nowadays, bleah. An illustration of what is bak kwa. Official time stamp. 4 hours and 11 minutes for LCG at Cow car water. Now foot massage I go. Forgot to bring folding chair. Duh.
  2. I do not go at discretionary turns unless i can clearly see no oncoming vehicle. PLUS i see that no rushind pedestrians. Got my fair share of last minute joggers or pmd/cyclists. P/s colleague just passed on. Hope it was not this rider.
  3. Datsun366

    Royal Family Rumble

    M got chip on her shoulder? Tiff with QE? Anyways, walking away may be a good thing for H. Its the timing. Then again, the Handsome king would have a superb hand in the next fifty years to come. The two brothers have excellent relationship. Its their path. Everybody else are passing by.
  4. Unlimited ammo and no crash setting. Hah. 386
  5. https://youtu.be/O4k_jUIZNfw I know that Iranians do seek a return to modernity. They Persians.
  6. You meant societal perception right. If guys with guns were there, outcome would have been different ya? They had obvious disregard to the supposedly parkroyal staff, ergo doorman, security... She wearing snake skin, says something about her personality.
  7. She rook like Anaconda, that snake skin?
  8. Datsun366

    Pneumonia Outbreak in China, Hopefully NOT SARS

    On the front dealing with bloody situation? I got battle star as well. Scary. Lost. Disheartened. Recollect why. Continue. Some people had to quit because their family members threatened suicide if they went to work. Quit on the spot most unwillingly. Btw if a major incident were to happen, the inheritors might be looking at 70 or more percent performance. Bad situations are great for erections. I am just saying...
  9. How many accidents involving what you just mentioned? Doggy drivers tend to be more alert because the dogs are there. Obviously you have never driven with a dog. Try it, you will understand. Cats on the other hand.... P/s ergo broom the brooms.
  10. Here comes the broom, here comes the vroom vroom. Here comes the broom.
  11. Datsun366

    Pneumonia Outbreak in China, Hopefully NOT SARS

    Hell Manpower ready?
  12. Beam me up Scotty.