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    Beautiful Music

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    Who like dogs?

    112 Katong pawfest2019-activities.pdf
  3. Datsun366

    Mr Tan Kin Lian why dont you answer questions leh

    Mai lah. He is safeguarding sgp future. Not pandering to individual ego regarding political party. The oppos are using resentment and hate rather than using loving their candidates by the people. Therefore political parties motivated/powered by hate and anger...angry teochew man versus Make America Great Again love for country... Its pretty obvious the hobbits cannot really generate love, especially that Samwise gamgee..wah lau ey. Too much hate, not enough love or humour. Negative, other people like. Collect anot Radiation X?
  4. Sentosa brake until gek sim. Note very fast on sentosa roads. Second gear niah. Only RR and bentley can go third gear. In apc also can be hurt, after action report by SIB jin jialat.
  5. Datsun366

    2018 Nissan Serena e-POWER

    E power note sexy. E power Serena lagi aunty sexy. The concern is the battery. Unknown possible health impact. Radiation field whatnot. Id stick with gas for at least ten years.
  6. Datsun366

    Nice English Songs/Video to share

    For France, Nice. The OG version
  7. They lucky Sgp police dun practise mag dump. Mr Judge sir we thought they terrorist trying to ram Amah center/Tengah so we soot and soot and soot , 2 second reload and soot somemore. Sure no racing after.
  8. Datsun366

    Is Singapore General Election Round The Corners ?

    Lets go for the simple things. A clean environment that the on the ground MP can do something about. Obviously, its akin to the PMD issue, dont bother about the peons. Vastly different party from days of yore father and mother. Its pretty obvious when you take the elevator and you see dirty stuff hanging between floors for the five years before the election. The volunteers/3 legs .... The foreign worker quarters are a third world hovel...those town council cleaning workers. WHO would serve warrant of arrest for neglect. Dirty carparks for so many years that suddenly get washed five times in as many months this year. I tell you. The least of us is the weakest link and party standard. Its not about accepting donations from dodgy businessmen but to show face via posters. Rather than old school guy who still walked around on 'four' legs. I still remember him fondly. The teochew guy is no standard next to him man. I like the guy with the camera.
  9. Or the hkgers got a 'an lushan' ccp general in their pocket? 老共算死你。
  10. James, being thinking about 人人有企屋 idea you espoused. And those silly people flying the red white and blue. A person with autism or asperger's would never appreciate their mother. To them their mother is akin to a drawer where candy is kept, when these people want it, they activate it. This apparent lack of human respect seem to be AI, cold and inhuman. Unless the protesters plan to change China PRC into a pseudo Russian democratic system, they will not get what they want. Meaning a security guard as the face of the Presidency with a commitee behind it to ensure the safety of Mother Russia. CCP is not even ready to entertain the KMT to recruit party members in China. If the 中国国民党 does not have China members then it does not live up to its name... There are many ways to solve the hong kong problem, how do you calm an autistic tantrum? Back to the property thing, why should ccp assist or even allow hkg have a good residwntial program when they (the autistic hkgers) are everready to leave. Moral of the story, when you take back your children after being fostered, they are no longer yours. What ccp can do humanely is to promote the emptying of hong kong behind the scenes and redevelop after quietly and efficiently. 鬼叫你自闭, 没人帮, 还用你去害你老老母。
  11. Datsun366

    Merc lady driver driving against traffic

    Most probably rounding for business. Old style Towkays with company should be on her list, times must be hard. Realize up boat, spiked drink, drink too much into danger zone, trying to escape before being molested....very sad that it came to this... want to die because got no dog. Hope the towkay(s) got good defence ready. Penalty for plying somebody with drug is? Compassion people, hab any?
  12. These unskilled lane splitters are causing so many accidents. I had a hit and run by a biker recently, that malaysian biker had body vest and everything else, gloves, cool sunglasses and cowardice Hit my wing mirror because lack of skill in handling his bmw and go run road after the hit. Then TP waved a stack of files in front of me and suggested/led me to the conclusion of withdrawing my complaint without actually saying the words. Its my respect for the police and not because of the stack of files. Police officers ought to be careful with their inheritance....