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  1. Beehive3783

    Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2019

    Well, they get corporate tax breaks by organizing such events. So....
  2. Beehive3783

    Budget 2020

    Whatever that goes up will never come down. PAP style.
  3. Beehive3783

    Cross Island Line to take direct route across sgp

    Hmm? Don't have time to listen.. working now. lol
  4. Beehive3783

    Cross Island Line to take direct route across sgp

    It may not be cheaper, if the contractor has to deploy 2 units of TBM to start drilling from opposites of the catchment area. As the report states, they do not plan to have any site access within the catchment area. Have to compare the cost of cut and fill which is the usual method of tunneling in SG.
  5. Beehive3783

    Budget 2020

    Same old shit every year la.... Increase some taxes, then give some rebates to offset the increase, but net net they still win. Give you chicken wing, later take back whole chicken. What's new?
  6. Beehive3783

    over 40s... if you were retrenched tomorrow...

    But some pubor in PAP said HDB value will depreciate to zero over time. So how?
  7. 70% of Sillyporeans have poor memory... they only remember the carrots dangled in front of their noses.
  8. Kum lan LTA and PAP. Yesterday afternoon I was walking around in my neighbourhood, there are still dozens of e-scooters riding around on the pavements. Without visible number plates on the e-scooters, how to enforce anything? Really farking stupid TTM.
  9. Beehive3783

    Grab Cash Advances service

    Farking strawberries. Grab is smart too, playing with grey area...
  10. Beehive3783

    chandipur live firing range in india

    Nothing is for free.
  11. Beehive3783

    chandipur live firing range in india

    Don't worry, Indian can turn into Malay
  12. Beehive3783

    chandipur live firing range in india

    Under the same agreement, are we going to see drunk Indian soldiers fooling around in SG soon?
  13. Beehive3783

    Big tree fell at orchard during todays rain

    Luckily the car was on lane 1. Consequences would be unthinkable if the car was on any other lane where the big trunk landed.
  14. they give you homework to do, so they don't need to do theirs. sounds familiar?
  15. Write to MP? Got use or not? Or will your email be filtered by the MP's dog first? lol