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  1. Beehive3783

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    Well, the cam car is also quite the retard. Following so closely despite knowing there is something wrong with the people in the Verna. The price to pay to get a video to post online. LOL
  2. Beehive3783

    New CEPAS Compliant IU.... Started?

    Please try and let us know
  3. How to help foreign workers settle down? Give them PR lor!
  4. Beehive3783

    Plants scream when under stress

    Well, they might have to eat shit then.
  5. If there is any injury suffered by NSFs in the course of their service, MINDEF will give them a medical card which covers cost of treatment and any subsequent follow up treatment for life. 1. Only for that specific injury. 2. If I remember correctly, for polyclinics and restructured hospitals only. Don't ask me how I know.
  6. The two number plates you mentioned are not in LTA's records. Probably already deregistered and yours still in existence, so he changed to your number plate instead.
  7. Pretty crappy inter-department coordination even within the police department.
  8. Beehive3783

    11 Reasons Why Diesel Trumps Gasoline

    On a side note, the FL Prius just launched recently is even uglier than its predecessor. Toyota are good at making ugly things even uglier. LOL
  9. Beehive3783

    11 Reasons Why Diesel Trumps Gasoline

    Not only that. They know something that we don't, and probably have latest first hand information from the garment about upcoming motoring tax revisions.
  10. Beehive3783

    11 Reasons Why Diesel Trumps Gasoline

    In SG, diesel only makes sense if your mileage driven can overcome: 1. Price difference of diesel car compared to petrol equivalent 2. Special diesel car road tax 3. Servicing cost? Not too sure about this part. Other than that, diesel cars will never make sense to those marginal owners who hardly drive.
  11. Beehive3783

    Acceleration -- CVT vs auto

    Well then I think you should consider keeping your Sylphy if the gearbox is healthy. Other than that, I'm pretty sure Sylphy is better than the Accent in all aspects. Do note that you won't get such spacious rear legroom with the Accent, if that is what your family values.
  12. Beehive3783

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    Nah... he was looking at phone la.. probably looking at directions to his location.
  13. Beehive3783

    Acceleration -- CVT vs auto

    Hyundai still selling Accent meh?
  14. Beehive3783

    To renew COE for RX350

    My BIL used to, or maybe he still has it, a Skyline 250 sedan. 2.5L V6. i drove it for a few days. Wow it was an eye opening experience, having driven only IL-4s before that. BUT... there is really not much road to really open it up... before the max shiokness comes, I have to stop at the lights already or already reached the speed limit