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  1. Eyke


    there are local stockists and a lot of overseas ones, even some scrapyard parts sites
  2. Eyke


    Porsche Centre Singapore 29 Leng Kee Road got sell accessories at non-cut-throat price?
  3. Eyke

    LTA Vehicle Inspection

    he say: i don't know (care) about previous inspections, i only care about what i see now
  4. Eyke

    LTA Vehicle Inspection

    change to LED may be ok, mine is entire taillight is obviously not-stock
  5. Eyke

    LTA Vehicle Inspection

    dunno, didn't touch exhaust since i bought it used
  6. Eyke

    LTA Vehicle Inspection

    heard LTA cracked down, caught some inspectors for corruption. so now inspection sibeh anal: just failed inspection for LED taillights and exhaust, which had no problem passing in 2 previous inspections ..
  7. Eyke


    Aviva also offering to insure Boxster, will try them next renewal.
  8. if u get brake fade driving on public roads, it's not a "braking efficiency" issue
  9. maybe TP will ask camcar driver why must follow so close, never keep safety distance...
  10. just to add: BBK doesn't stop you faster; it only helps to delay brake fade when you are doing repeated hard braking (like when on track).
  11. to encourage you to get rid of your "old" car based on rationale that newer cars are less pollutive, safer, etc
  12. Eyke

    Harrier 2017

    got drive until empty/siphon out all fuel remaining in tank (may be difficult if bottom of tank is not flat)? got fill until overflow? 😅
  13. Eyke

    A new tire size calculator

    i think not, for ur ref: https://www.amtyre.com/shop/?swoof=1&tiresize=17-50-215
  14. Eyke

    VW Golf Owners

    unless buy used, else there's no more new Ford Focus (from distributor)
  15. Eyke

    A new tire size calculator

    there's no 215/50R17 for F1A5, Goodyear only have EfficientGrip for this size...