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  1. Eyke

    Renault Alpine A110

    A rally-tune version already cost €150,000 for only 300+ horses wor... Alpine Is Getting Back to Its Roots With This A110 Rally Car
  2. Should put this num on a 😂
  3. 😲 sky price siah...
  4. Eyke


    Can recommend an insurer for Boxster? Would like to change from current insurer who x2 my premium w/o claims made...
  5. come on, she wasn't on the clock (ie. working) in the video mah; off hours is free to do whatever, so maybe she too stressed up, needed to destress by GTA'ing IRL
  6. Eyke

    2019 MCF Revamp!

    previously, it was the last section on the main page on mobile
  7. Eyke

    2019 MCF Revamp!

    Can have the "All Participated Posts" section back?
  8. Eyke

    Camless Engine is coming!

    MLMLWML, whiny (electric) cars hold no appeal for me
  9. sounds like the problem is the warranty, as someone mentioned: if they can't get factory to agree to the necessary repairs they won't do it unless they willing to pay out of pocket to keep your goodwill. if you offer to pay them to fix, you see how fast they say "no problem, just change all these parts..."
  10. Eyke

    Omg road rage!

    don't start a fight u can't finish
  11. Eyke

    2018 / 2019 Ford Focus

    New ones no come with Powershift wor
  12. Eyke

    Review on Bridgestone Techno Sport

    speed itself not the problem, unless go higher then the max speed the tyre is rated for. it's whether you will lose grip when cornering/taking evasive action & braking distance too long when you e-brake (to avoid hitting something) & aquaplane, at the speed you are going. so use cheap tyre is fine, just go at turtle speed when cornering, in the wet, keep far far away from vehicles infront, drive super-defensively, to be safe.