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    Sales! Car Camera, Headunits, Speakers, Accessories, Aircon

    Toyota Noah Sound System Upgrade Installation with following items done:
  2. Is your car acting sluggish? It might be carbon build up with your injection engine. Loss of power which can be unnoticed because it’s a gradual loss over time. Engine Misfire. Sluggishness, extended starting times, extended cranking. Why Walnut Blasting? It is cheap and efficient! Walnut shell granules are soft enough not to damage the metal of the intake tract and the valves. Speedy (only a few seconds per intake tract are necessary) and effective. Which Model of car suitable for Walnut Blasting? All vehicles with direct injection engine. Strongly Recommended for: BMW Volkswagen Audi Mercedes Benz How do I sign up? Motor Tech Automobile 8 Kaki Bukit Ave 4, #03-31, Premier Kaki Bukit, S(415875) Tel: 8669 7156 / 8159 4884 Get a QUOTE! Tell us the problem you face for your vehicle and get a QUOTE!
  3. To provide our customer with the best air-con maintenance and repair. KGC Workshop has brought in the best Air-Con Machine by Kooltec to diagnose and service your air con system KGC recommend all our customers to do a regular air-con servicing with us every 40,000km or once every 2 years. TELL US ABOUT YOUR AIR-CON PROBLEM AND GET A QUOTE FROM US!
  4. Our Full Service Lease Takes Care of Your Fleet Regular replacements of tyres and batteries Full vehicle maintenance and mechanical repair Replacement vehicle Comprehensive vehicle insurance Complementary personal accident insurance 24/7 Customer Care Drive to Malaysia whenever you feel like it GET A QUOTE! Send us your enquiries and we are glad to assist you.
  5. Here are five signs of transmission problems you should not ignore: 1. Transmission Slipping If you're experiencing automatic transmission slipping, it can feel like you're driving in a certain gear and then it changes for no apparent reason. 2. Rough Shifts The transmission feels like it’s refusing to change gears as it normally does. 3. Delayed Engagement You experience a delay before the car starts moving forward after you engage into Drive mode. 4. Fluid Leak Notice leakage of red or brown colour fluid below your vehicle. 5. "Check Engine" Lights Up Your "Check Engine" warning light comes on in conjunction with any of the above symptoms. Let us help you with your transmission diagnostics and repairs. Fill the Form Below for any enquiries! We'll be glad to be able to assist you.
  6. Da_editor

    [Post Event] MCF HangOut with Hyundai All-New IONIQ!

    Hi Bro, A very well written review! Thank you so much for such an in-depth review. Can I kindly request you to help me "copy" your review over at our New Car Consumer Review page too? - http://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_reviews.php?CarCode=11735 Your contribution to our review page is deeply appreciated~! thanks!
  7. Da_editor

    Punching Bag suitable for HDB

    Hahha. True that. Woah. then that's makes @vratenza wife happy. She will have one less chore to work on. haha.
  8. Da_editor

    Mycarforum Faq For Newbies

    Hi IzmailIgnazio, I have PMed you on the details. Do check your inbox Regards, Admin
  9. Da_editor

    Unprofessional policing by the Traffic Police

    wahahaha.....if the TP in sg is like tis, i swear to be an extremely GOOD driver at all time!
  10. Da_editor

    Question for Car Servicing

    Think you can still wait for 2-3 months more. Cos' for my side, I dun really servicing at 6 mths if I dun hit the mileage. Mostly about 8-9 months or so. But if you feel something not right when driving along the months, then send in for servicing and also inspection..
  11. Ya. I do agree. Some times when the dotted -line lane is crowded, quite a few bus drivers filter to centre lane.. Especially when they filtering to the centre lane, it may cause unnecessary jam as a result....
  12. Da_editor

    Infratint Automotive Film

    Hi Sherman Finally you are here. Good to see you being our sponsor. Do share with us more news and promotion of Infratint Solar Film. Cheers!
  13. Da_editor

    Hello Kitty queue longer or n95 longer?

    Masks are supposed to have been stocked up at this moment now right?