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  1. DrGlass

    Poorly aligned HIDs or what?

    If you are diying hid setup, do note to place the ballast in a position whereby no water will come contact with it. Many ballast spoilt because of contact with water. And if you are drilling a hole on the rear light cover for the round wire rubber, just drill it to the right size till the round rubber can squeeze in. Do not over drill it if not you might risk having vapor attack on your light. Lol
  2. DrGlass

    Poorly aligned HIDs or what?

    Few friends just tio tp stop. Pole light led = $100 HID = $100 Reverse Light led = $100 Write in all useless and suck thump paid up fine..... Beware bros
  3. DrGlass

    HID bulb burst. Anyone know why?

    Hid is not plug and play type compared to halogen lamps It needs a ballast to work with and you will have to mod it yourself or get a shop to install it for you. But if yours is halogen and working well, won't suggest to change to hid. 1) spoil the internal lens and making it whitish 2) glare others like some brothers mentioned 3) lta buay pass 😁 Vincent
  4. DrGlass

    HID bulb burst. Anyone know why?

    Just to share..... Sometimes it is really a must to make sure our oil stain from our fingers DO NOT touch any of the HID bulb. HID bulbs are very fragile and emits out high light output thus resulting very hot. So it's important not to touch it even a bit of it. Last time our workshop guy touched a Camry hid bulb while replacing and the foremen said "hoseh liao you will know what will happen in 1 week" so 1-2 weeks time the driver really came back ........😣 Vincent
  5. DrGlass

    Newly installed headlights misting up! Normal?

    Headlight misting can never be normal especially when its "new". From my experience, only certain model of really "new" headlight has water evaporate issue and that is honda accord. I'm comparing original lights and not oem or taiwan make. vincent