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    MAZDA 6

    To further allay your fears, since you are going to town I'm sure you are driving in significant start-stop traffic during your commute. Official economy numbers are mostly estimated or under controlled conditions and in our driving conditions it is extremely rare to get anywhere near them. But it's also not unusual to get better than the official numbers for full on highway cruising. Also consider that if you drive too slowly and accelerate very slowly you may actually be driving less efficiently. Depending on the engine characteristics, you might save more petrol by accelerating quicker with middle rev range and getting into high gear. The vast majority of cars will have their highest fuel efficiency at highway speeds 80~110km/h
  2. 7hm

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    i long time haven't been to WDYMT
  3. 7hm

    7hm's Rain Call Thread

    For anyone who didn't want rain today, I apologize for having a detailing scheduled today
  4. 7hm

    Mobile Phone plan help needed

    I dunno. Don't have the old one on hand to direct compare. The new one is a build-your-own setup so it's also harder to find direct comparisons.
  5. 7hm

    Mobile Phone plan help needed

    I just contract, can meh?
  6. 7hm

    Mobile Phone plan help needed

    I just signed up with M1 contract just days before they announced the new plans dunno how to feel
  7. call me a weirdo but i like the fizz to go away.
  8. 7hm

    Singapore to start 5G roll-out by 2020

    5G infrastructure is different in nature, more likely there will be new towers, indoor transmitters and base points built everywhere. Compared to 4G, 5G encompasses a wider range of technologies and includes millimeter wave transmission which is superfast but easily attenuated. So 5G will likely include not only upgrading of existing towers but a lot of new small base points.
  9. 7hm

    Huawei New P30 & P30 Pro

    I prefer the One UI a lot more too as a whole. Though Huawei gets stuff like the extra notification pulldown button in navigation bar correct. So I think I will go for the S10 especially since I am not thinking about the long haul. The right phone for me hasn't come yet.
  10. 7hm

    Huawei New P30 & P30 Pro

    Now trying to decide between S10 or P30. Or S10e because I want smaller. But I probably don't want to keep the phone for long term. Also headache trying to compare telco offerings... under CIS or recontract may be actually cheaper than $18 with Circles, but contracts suck
  11. 7hm

    One punch man

    Season 1 is by the incredible studio of Madhouse. Season 2 is by J.C. Staff. J.C. Staff has done some great work, but animation quality compared to Madhouse?
  12. 7hm

    One punch man

    as long as saitama doesn't take this form, he should win
  13. 7hm

    Watch Part V

    Aaaand a watch I've been searching for all year... a specimen came up and looked pretty good, but I was asking for more images... Then it got sold in an in-person appointment. @#$%! The limited edition number was auspicious too
  14. 7hm

    Watch Part V

    The movement in the Prometheus is not by Seagull, but by Hangzhou Watch Company. It appears to be part of their 3000 series, but it's not specifically shown on the Hangzhou website. I think most people agreed that ERA does have a unique variant from Hangzhou, but this movement in this image (3360) here is basically the Prometheus' but with gold color. In fact, I just checked the Kickstarter page for the Prometheus and it seems Michael Galarza finally publicly commented 6 months ago that the Prometheus has the "3360A" by Hangzhou. They did customize it with some decoration and hiding their ERA logo in the 24 hour dial, but otherwise they've not broken into any Swiss cartels or Swiss watchmakers. Galarza does insist he is dealing "directly with the watchmakers", which I suppose isn't wrong if you're working directly with Hangzhou. If you read their Kickstarter campaign, it starts with quotations from major watch blogs about how tourbillons are supreme and expensive, and leads to a screenshot of a post regarding how a $16k tourbillon is considered cheap. And they also go on to deride other watches for the whole "cutting out the middleman" fluff that all these watches do and that they are: And here's a picture they use in their campaign marketing: I mean, really, the watch is pretty impressive, but the transparency... wasn't.
  15. 7hm

    Watch Part V

    I've seen this one, I considered getting one for what the watch is, but they are more a marketing success than anything. For one thing, their video talks a lot up about how the "elite watchmakers" are controlled by a "cartel", and they do this voiceover whilst showing footage licensed from the Swiss watchmaking promotion institutes, depicting precision machinery cutting materials and Swiss watchmakers assembling watches, calling tourbillons the supercars of the horological world. Now, the majority of people would thus assume, that by breaking through the cartel to establish relationships with the elite watchmakers, they are talking about these very Swiss watchmakers they are showing. No, they are selling a watch, produced for probably less than $300, by Hangzhou, from China, under these contexts. It's by no means a shoddily crafted watch, and a tourbillon is a tourbillon - it's a genuine tourbillon. However, they repeatedly resisted any requests to publicly announce and clarify the origins of their watch, or to even admit that the movement is Chinese. They'd only do it through private messaging. Calling it a "millionaire watch" is just marketing nonsense. They did not break into the Swiss cartel. What they did is went to Chinese manufacturers that readily sell tourbillon movements. Even better; other crowdfunding campaigns popped soon after selling tourbillon watches for less than $600, much less than the $999 the ERA Prometheus was asking for. True, the Swiss industry relies greatly upon the Far Eastern suppliers, but the Prometheus is not what they want you to think it is.