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  1. 7hm

    New 2018 BMW X3

    How do you find the non-adaptive M Sport suspension? Is it a bit too firm for comfort, or still OK?
  2. 7hm

    2019 7th Generation BMW 3 Series (G20)

    Anyone with the 330i on M Adaptive Suspension? How does that feel? Also it seems like 330i M Sport models have some sort of active exhaust enhancement, because if you put them into Sport+ mode they'll go cracklepop...
  3. 7hm

    Most honest used car ad ever?

    And here I thought Toyota cars were supposed to be of superlative quality and reliability.
  4. 7hm

    New 2018 VW AhTiong (Arteon)

    The interior is almost identical to the Passat visually, which is indeed a negative, but to begin with for most the Passat interior was quite classy and well made, if perhaps ... understated, to be euphemistic. Anyway, Arteon right now is going at a practically fire sale price from VCS.
  5. 7hm

    Audi A5 Sportback

    They had trained one-time models (assuming you mean those in black dresses) at the Motorshow last year, spoke to one of them for a while back then. They're hired just to be there for the motorshow, perhaps you can call them 'ambassadors'. In fact actually they're probably a little bit happier if you want to sit in the car and look things over for a while; gives them a chance to sit too. I wouldn't say it's a huge contributor to "customer experience" though. It's just a way of attracting you. When you want to actually buy the car you're handed over to one of the permanent staff who are sales executives and out to get your money.
  6. 7hm

    All BMW owner thread

    I was told at the motorshow that M models including M Sport, and as such the X4 xD30i MSport, are on indent basis. Has anyone else been told the same thing?
  7. 7hm

    All BMW owner thread

    Good to know it's still sporty. With the adaptive suspension I take it's able to soak up bumps really comfortably too?
  8. 7hm

    All BMW owner thread

    Anyone here familiar with the X4 30i? I'm looking to consider that
  9. 7hm

    Audi A5 Sportback

    The Mk V has a very sporty roofline and silhouette, but in terms of height it is still relatively normal. It still looks very sleek, in my opinion better than a CLA, it's akin to the Arteon. The Mk IV, if that was the one you drove, is a little bit more ungainly, but still has a sleek roofline. Of course, the big difference is that it is not marketed as a coupe. The foreign ads paint it as a highly stylish car (and I wholeheartedly agree), but it has never been officially referred to as a coupe. So it is not as low as those that are.
  10. 7hm

    Audi A5 Sportback

    I have a Mondeo, so I can tell you that coupe-like styling does not have to be that compromised. Yes, the lowered firmer sport suspension is a bit too firm for my taste. But it cushions impacts reasonably well, similar to the S3 I drove a few months ago. You will feel things, but without being painful.
  11. 7hm

    Audi A5 Sportback

    Basic cost of the A5SB TFSI 40 looks around $130k. So if they're willing to drop their margin to $35k, that's already "good" for a car from PA. Compared to the C180, remember that the A5 is a hatchback and has more power. And PI cars have iffier aftersupport. Anyhow, after driving and looking at the A5 in the showroom, I personally think I won't go for it. Although the ~$160k price range makes it a decent deal, it feels too compromised for me. It's not as comfortable compared to what I'm used to and I have no doubt my passengers will complain about the low roof. It's fine when you're sitting inside but getting in and out of it is a bit of a chore, plus I find the front window and mirrors too small, among other things.
  12. 7hm

    Why plastic straw bans aren’t the answer.

    To increase the efficacy of no-straw policies it'd be better if they stopped automatically putting covers on cups in dine-in. Because then it gets removed or encourages the diner to use a straw anyway.
  13. 7hm

    Audi A5 Sportback

    The current promo. The pricelist still shows it at around 200k. In the newspaper it's $169k as a motorshow special. I gave it a try yesterday, but didn't have enough time to get a good feel of it. A little firm, so you feel bumps but it cushions it out decently. Engine is definitely a gutsy performer but doesn't make much of an enjoyable sound. I was told you can pay $5,000 for warranted MTM tuning to uprate the power to match the Sport TFSI 45 model, which doesn't seem too bad compared to the extra $70k for the Sport model. At $270k you are only getting the extra stock power, quattro, multicolor ambient lighting and the heads up display as extra, which is outrageous.
  14. 20 years ago i was definitely doodling cars that would not make sense to adult me.
  15. 7hm

    Where are you now...

    Just browsing SGCM, logged in and saw I was pinged. (WAH BRO YOU REMEMBER ME! 😂) Well... stuff looks different around here. Man, I've been forgetting to check in on MCF for so long and even missed a few events. Whoah.