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  1. Suhaimiebrahim

    Strange sound from engine

    Hi guys, Thank s for all your advise. It's the rear wheel bearing that having trouble. Replacement done and all is back to normal.
  2. Suhaimiebrahim

    Strange sound from engine

    Thanks Mits_jc, If indeed the wheel bearing is the problem, what is the replacement cost? Thinking to visit the work shop soon.
  3. Suhaimiebrahim

    Strange sound from engine

    Hi bro, Sound not audible with engine running with car in stationary condition. Turning right or left seems no effect only when cruising above 50 kph.
  4. Suhaimiebrahim

    Strange sound from engine

  5. Suhaimiebrahim

    Strange sound from engine

    Hi bro, Driving at above 50k/hr, low note humming sound can be heard from the engine. This happen recently. Car is Camry about 10 yrs. Any one ever experience this issue. Thanks.
  6. Suhaimiebrahim

    Squeezing sound after suspension replacement

    Hi,Blueray, Car is 10 yrs old and milage 155k km.
  7. Just replace all four suspension recently and re use back the old coil spring. While driving over road hump, can hear some sort of squeezing sound coming from the suspension. Any one could advise the problem? Car is Camry and replacement suspension using KYB. Thanks
  8. Suhaimiebrahim

    Remote key issue

    Hi all bros, Recently face problem to open car door in the morning after overnight parking. Need about 3 to 4 mins repeated pressing on the remote to activate the door. Only happen in the morning and after that no issue. Is this sign of weak car battery? Last replace was September 2013. Did replace remote battery but not effective. Do advice
  9. Suhaimiebrahim

    Mildew smell from the Aircon

    Agree with your anology and thinking if these guys try to con me with the repair at that point. They did not charge me for the short diagnosis.....maybe it's a trap to convince to come again..... Will get second opinion on this matter...
  10. Suhaimiebrahim

    Mildew smell from the Aircon

    Thanks Adrianli, Did the first part of your advise recently, but little improvement. Shall try the second part to change the filter. Cheers!!
  11. Suhaimiebrahim

    Mildew smell from the Aircon

    Hi all bros, Recently when switching on the aircond, there is stale like mildew smell coming from the vent. This will be over after about 5 mins. Sent the car to a workshop and the technician mention that the cooling coil might be leaking and proceed to check the pressure by using some kind of pressure gauge. While doing that another older guy take a look and mention that the compressor is weak. At this point I'm a little confuse to which is the real problem. It was mention that replacement cost about $600+ to rectify the problem. Any bros here encounter such problem and who should I listen too? Car is 2006 Camry.Cheers.
  12. Suhaimiebrahim

    Car Body spray

    Hi Bro, Intend to do part or full body spray to my ride. Hope anyone could recommend good work shop for the job. Cheers.
  13. Suhaimiebrahim

    Amaron Battery

    Hi Bro, I thought Amaron is one of the good brand battery? Install in my Camry since September 2013. So far so good. Bought from AA.
  14. Suhaimiebrahim

    Car seat color

    Black will absorb heat definitely. Beige or light brown will be better in our whether.
  15. Suhaimiebrahim

    General speed limit

    I think those road without speed limit sign was revise to standard 60km/hr.