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  1. Kurty

    Thinmargin - online money changer

    yeah, if you took their services like data or insurance, the rate will be even better and free delivery. otherwise, there's a $3 delivery fee
  2. hello, wanna share this lobang http:// https://www.thinmargin.com/ the rates look not bad and best of all, deliver to you. Licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) i'm not sure if you ever encounter this. you saw the rate online but when you visit the money changer, its another rate.. time, effort, carpark, gone waste for that few saving.. PS: my code is 079810, please support 😁
  3. Kurty

    Monster Jam [truck] on 7th Dec 2019

    i was told by a colleague, for such show. better not to sit in front, dusty and preferably to be the rear seating, so can have an overview. too near, can't feel the 'jam' 😆
  4. Kurty

    Monster Jam [truck] on 7th Dec 2019

    what do you mean by 'redneck'? most of the good seats are already taken.
  5. Kurty

    Monster Jam [truck] on 7th Dec 2019

    here you go, 1 is the monster jam, the other - causeway jam 😁
  6. anyone going for the monster jam on the coming 7th of Dec? looks good, 2.5hrs. thinking of bringing my nephew, first time ever in Singapore?
  7. Kurty

    11.11 and Black Friday Loot 2019

    for those who love oversized watch, 40% off for black friday https://www.sforcewatches.com/ S-force or formally known as SWOT
  8. Kurty

    YF Sonata (i45)

    i can't use it in SG.. purely for msia usage only, as a replacement for the old car
  9. Kurty

    YF Sonata (i45)

    yeah.. thinking.. backside itchy 😁
  10. Kurty

    YF Sonata (i45)

    i see.. thanks, the LF model is around RM70k.. and it really look like elantra... I prefer the YF model, 2.0 or 2.4 below RM40k
  11. Kurty

    YF Sonata (i45)

    nope, lingxiang is the Fifth generation (NF; 2004–2009) i45 or YF, is the Sixth generation (YF; 2009–2014)
  12. Kurty

    YF Sonata (i45)

    i think its call 北京现代 第八代索纳塔
  13. Kurty

    YF Sonata (i45)

    yeah but its my daily workhorse. thought of getting something simple and good for malaysia usage
  14. Kurty

    YF Sonata (i45)

    thinking.. saw the price for sonata yf and santa fe 2.2 diesel in malaysia had dropped to below RM40k.. for around 7 years old car
  15. Kurty

    YF Sonata (i45)

    hello, may i ask what is the chinese name for a sonata YF? any pro and cons for this car?