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    7-speed S tronic.

    Actually Audi uses several different transmissions for their models. 8-speed ZF automatic transmission 8-speed multitronic Continuously Variable Transmission 7-speed S tronic transmission 6-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission 6-speed Manual transmission 6-speed R tronic automatic/manual transmission
  2. Elviskoh

    Audi Vs BMW Vs Merc

    U can't deny the fact Audi is very popular right now, see below Mercedes Benz, Audi and BMW global sales report for April 2013. http://www.businessweek.com/news/2013-05-1...or-compact-cars
  3. Elviskoh

    Audi Vs BMW Vs Merc

    It should be standard on every Audi even the pathetic A1.
  4. Elviskoh

    Iron Man 3 coming!

    I really like the Iron Man and his ride; R8 e-tron
  5. Elviskoh

    Car Sales of 2013

    I think they want to taken away from its 'affordable' image and one closer to a brand chosen for quality and style, but sometimes too much change could be a bad thing.
  6. My A4 already hit 120,000km and my dad A6 already over 160,000 still going strong. May be we
  7. Elviskoh

    Honda bringing the S2000 back ?

  8. Elviskoh

    Powerful Audi S3

    Stock S3 already quick enough.
  9. Elviskoh

    VW Golf Coupe

  10. Elviskoh

    Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz global car sales 2012

    results indicated that rich people are more around the world.
  11. Elviskoh

    Audi A5 or Merc C Coupe?

    R8 is based on the Gallardo platform. A new Porsche model, set to battle the likes of the Ferrari 458 Italia in the markeplace, will be based on the next-generation Audi R8 architecture. Bugatti will develop a new luxury sedan for 2014, based on the Audi A8. We wouldn
  12. Elviskoh

    Audi A5 or Merc C Coupe?

    don't give something own prejudiced if you never own any 2 brands here.
  13. Elviskoh

    2013 Audi A3 Sport Back

    New A3 and Q3 will help Audi continuing strong growth in the worldwide, despite the difficult market conditions in Europe. While other carmakers start to slash production, but production for the A3 and Q3 are expanding their lineups in order to meet the sales order.
  14. Elviskoh

    BMW 5 or Audi A6?

    u can try the Audi forum http://www.vagsg.com/