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  1. Steptronic

    A summary of the Corona Virus Case on Diamond Princess

    Japan was selfish! 😁
  2. Steptronic

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    I am not a lawyer either. My guess is that he wants Taxi to be liable as those companies are known for Prata-ing. This way, this appeared in Social Media also to support P-D legally in case.... If we think all good, in this process, P-driver made T-Unlcle to feel less guilty
  3. Steptronic

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    Actually the taxi uncle should have posted. But P-Driver is so good that he did not want T Uncle to waste time in posting during this bad time.😋
  4. Steptronic

    2020 Fiat Tipo - Will we see this in Singapore?

    Looks like 218. Nothing special though
  5. Steptronic

    Nice / Rare Vehicle Registration Number

    Used to be on X6 about 10 years ago! One of the Sexiest plates
  6. Some of the pictures and videos are from Bangladesh (Ex. India anyway) 😁
  7. No, CPR is valid for 2 years only. So you need to go for refresher after 2!
  8. Ok, I got the answer 1. Recently they changed the rule and as per that no re-registration is required when the residence of the car changes from one province to another 2. VIN can be seen only in the registratration documents. There is no way you can get anywhere apart from that document. To get from Regitration office directly, you need to prove that you are the owner. If you are not buying the top end cars, lower end cars are dead cheap. Need not to worry so much. Hope that these reply your Qs. All the best.
  9. I can ask my Korean office to get more info tomorrow (today is the holiday) What I know is that the number plates include their city/province like US plates. In that case logically when vehicle changing the location should get a new plate (my guess only) Regarding VIN, no idea. Will ask them tomorrow.
  10. Steptronic

    The reason why people think Singaporeans are cheap

    I guess that it is not about rich enough to drive, it is about poor "thinking". I know guys driving big big cars and acting so cheap. May be that they are saving money this way to stay rich!
  11. Steptronic

    Watch Part V

    You can transfer the fund to that card online and get full Credit Limit back right?
  12. Steptronic

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    You took appointment or just walked in? How was the crowd?
  13. Steptronic

    Watch Part V

    Guys, it is one of the "agreed to disagree" situations, so we stop here and move on. This is one of the topics I visit all the time and I want it to continue as ever.
  14. Steptronic

    If Name different between Passport and Air-ticket

    Names swap is not an issue. But they have to be in full as far as Airlines are concerned. If Family name and given names are not entered correctly, cannot claim miles. When a foreign office book my tickets, they always screw up as our passports have Family names first and as per western norm, it is other way around. I could travel with that screw up, but I had always problem in claiming miles.
  15. Steptronic

    Why don't BMW Drivers use indicators?

    Porsche drivers are the bestest. Only thing is that we show MF if ambulance tailgates us 😀