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  1. Steptronic

    2017 G30 BMW 5 Series

    I thought you already sold 😀
  2. Steptronic

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    Speed at this stretch is below 30 kmph in the day light. Such a serious accident?!
  3. Steptronic

    Mercedes GLC

    1000 kms in 66 litres = 15kmpl, wow impressive
  4. Steptronic

    My huat ah mileage....

    I meant to ask the new car will be LCI?
  5. Steptronic

    My huat ah mileage....

  6. Ok, for you, the holiday homework is different. Please post pictures of the cars you owned with a tag saying "I promise that I owned this" If you post 5 cars - 10 marks!
  7. Here we go, school holidays started!
  8. Steptronic


    Ok ok, this is off my list now!
  9. Steptronic

    2019/2020! Recession coming

    Some predictions were for 2017/2018. Did that happen?
  10. Steptronic


    992 all the way - Simply superb!
  11. Steptronic

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Starhub is the worstest. 1GB for 3 days, 5$
  12. Steptronic

    New Funan IT Mall

    Especially Vietnamese tourists
  13. Steptronic

    Get a new car plate number for used car

    Only 2 options: 1. Bid a number for 1000$ min and spend 300 more to put it on you old car 2. Buy a number from market and put it. Plate market cost + 1300$
  14. Steptronic

    Unusual or Rare Cars

    Do not spoil his imagination!