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  1. Steptronic

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    You took appointment or just walked in? How was the crowd?
  2. Steptronic

    Watch Part V

    Guys, it is one of the "agreed to disagree" situations, so we stop here and move on. This is one of the topics I visit all the time and I want it to continue as ever.
  3. Steptronic

    If Name different between Passport and Air-ticket

    Names swap is not an issue. But they have to be in full as far as Airlines are concerned. If Family name and given names are not entered correctly, cannot claim miles. When a foreign office book my tickets, they always screw up as our passports have Family names first and as per western norm, it is other way around. I could travel with that screw up, but I had always problem in claiming miles.
  4. Steptronic

    Why don't BMW Drivers use indicators?

    Porsche drivers are the bestest. Only thing is that we show MF if ambulance tailgates us 😀
  5. Steptronic

    Nice / Rare Vehicle Registration Number

    NZ: Vehicles of New Zealand diplomats and Installations Auxiliary Police Force (ANZUK).
  6. Steptronic

    Nice / Rare Vehicle Registration Number

    NZ diplomats!
  7. Steptronic

    Parking Idiot / Parking Fail / Anyhow Park...

    I do not understand the rationale behind this type of behaviour. At wrong side, still able to threaten people as same as that Porsche Lady, at wrong side, but shamelessly show middle finger. I do not know where we are heading with this type of people around. 😱
  8. Steptronic

    2017 G30 BMW 5 Series

    I thought you already sold 😀
  9. Steptronic

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    Speed at this stretch is below 30 kmph in the day light. Such a serious accident?!
  10. Steptronic

    Mercedes GLC

    1000 kms in 66 litres = 15kmpl, wow impressive
  11. Steptronic

    My huat ah mileage....

    I meant to ask the new car will be LCI?
  12. Steptronic

    My huat ah mileage....

  13. Ok, for you, the holiday homework is different. Please post pictures of the cars you owned with a tag saying "I promise that I owned this" If you post 5 cars - 10 marks!
  14. Here we go, school holidays started!
  15. Steptronic


    Ok ok, this is off my list now!