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  1. Veryfree

    Nail in the coffin for Skoda?

    Well, thi is my view, Luxury branded cars are like mistresses, they're expensive, reliablility isn't a concern. Japanese cars are like maids, they work well when contract is new, towards the end of term, they give problems. Skoda, well, is a good faithful wife. Looks dull but faithful.
  2. Veryfree

    Used Car dealers Feeling The Heat Liao!

    There were some dealers making good fortune, drawing bees to honey. When they make millions, they kept absoultely silent. It is amazing to see these the government is so slow to react to this speculative market/
  3. Veryfree

    Used Car dealers Feeling The Heat Liao!

    Car dealers are still trying to con during this cool off period. They are trying to sell cvars based on depreciation of average $10-12k per year for generic family cars, even with super low COE around $2.00 to $19k for cars in Y2009. They will not cry until their death beds are obvious.
  4. Veryfree

    More MRT Lines Announced

    Lol. If sea level rises, we will have a lot of swimming pools.
  5. Veryfree

    Germany Wants Its Gold Back

    That's a good one, LOL.
  6. Veryfree

    New property cooling measure!

    7 millions people in Singapore? I guess Government needs to reduce our income tax & GST.
  7. Veryfree

    New property cooling measure!

    Yes, i heard shouts "HUAT AH!!!!!!!" from Bankers and Lawyers and Government. The others, "SI LIAO AH !!!!"
  8. Veryfree

    Looking for long term car rental

    i have one, no petrol needed. just hay.
  9. Veryfree

    2013 Lexus GS caught undisguised

    Lexus emblem under disguised.
  10. Veryfree

    Civic is the car of the year 2012?

    Come on it's SGcarmart award, not Top Gear.
  11. Veryfree

    Civic is the car of the year 2012?

    It really tells Singapore has a high aging population/
  12. Veryfree

    Polo 1.2 TSI VS Polo 1.4

    all i know is Polo 1.4 depreciates $10-11K p.a., and $12k or more for TSi. It's way too expensive for a supermini.
  13. Veryfree

    New property cooling measure!

    Yeah, good thinking bro.
  14. Veryfree

    Skoda Octavia III

    Not quite sure about OMV of these cars. VW certainly has an upper hand since they have direct sales , and Skoda is still working with local agent. The ambition of VW cannot be underestimate, they grow more than 30% in US market,. Strong marketing and aggressive pricing at the right timing......
  15. Veryfree

    VW Golf Coupe

    I agree with you totally. Just like the silly Mini SUV.