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  1. Blackseal

    That CD Shop Downsizing ?

    Yes I also bumbed into the ex-boss of DaDa myself....He's a nice chap if u know him long enuff....So sad so many of those good old days players in the music scene just bade us all " Adios Amigos "
  2. Blackseal

    That CD Shop Downsizing ?

    Recently walked past the That CD shop at MBS and it used to have two units there...one a restaurant cum bistro....and the other unit selling cd's.....seems like they are downsizing, as the papers recently mentioned they've closed the branches at Tanglin Mall and Paragon....Seems like most cd shops are so out of fashion these days...
  3. The biggest loser will be the VW group, as their small cc vehicles with turbos will sure be badly affected by this new ruling...
  4. Blackseal

    Anybody knows what happened to " The Orchard Store " ?

    You mean " The Orchard Store " ?
  5. It's a toy and hobby store located at Orchard since the 1950's...
  6. Blackseal

    Lexus Bicycle From LFA Factory

  7. http://www.worldcarfans.com/113071560196/2...-the-first-time
  8. Blackseal

    Two dead bodies found in Kovan

    Latest news ! The 34 yr old suspect is a police officer from Bedok police division !
  9. Blackseal

    All new 2014 Mazda3 ( Video )

  10. Blackseal

    Jaguar XF 2.2 diesel

    Your frens are heavy clocker.....try driving short distances daily and u will encounter that all the time...
  11. Blackseal

    Jaguar XF 2.2 diesel

    I will not consider this car for one simple reason....the damn diesel particulate filter light always lights up like a x'mas tree.....the service guy cant do anything about it except to tell u to drive around more and clock more km's....very irritating.....the 3.0 supercharged petrol version is a way better car...
  12. Blackseal

    Are you blackmailing us, Agung?

    Actually no need to be underground....Should tell them " You mess with the best...you die like the rest "
  13. Blackseal

    Are you blackmailing us, Agung?

    The leopards are just decoys....we have Abrams a long time ago....That will really frighten those goondoos...
  14. Blackseal

    Jaguar XF 2.2 diesel

    He's spidey showing his underwear to British blokes like Mr Bean....heehee just kidding : )