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    Military talk thread

    Not exactly. Both are labelled as quick reaction force, there is where all the similarities end. The MEU is able to spearhead, land and fight alone as part of Uncle tom’s power projection in hostile environment. ADF is keyed more towards being part of a bigger operation such as UN peace keeping ops. They allow SAF to deploy an active combat unit on the ground instead of a more reserved security/ support that we had been doing prior.
  2. The_Bear

    Military talk thread

    IIRC, ADT was formed after our participation in Timor Leste. SAF did not have an entire unit deployable for combat operations into Timor. For Timor, a battalion (?) sized unit was hastily formed using mostly regulars all the way down to rifleman. Then, all infantry, guards and even commandos units were a mix of regulars and NSFs or NSmen. While it is technically possible to deploy, it would be a PR disaster if the casualty count stacks up. It was then SAF realized that we need an organic combat unit.
  3. The_Bear

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    Perhaps it’s time to go on diet
  4. The_Bear

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    It’s just a car. Don’t waste too much $$
  5. The_Bear

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    That upside down problem
  6. The_Bear

    Octavia RS245

    So where do we start? I have owned a Proton. A Z4. Crossroad, Corolla. 3 series, Lexus and even a Ford Capri. And there was the Skoda Octavia Mk 2 VRS. Let’s start with that Skoda experience. The last VRS I had was a joy. Harvest Motor gave me a warranty that outlasted them. Now that VAG took over the mantle, I doubt the warranty will outlast them this time. The new Superb is superb. Except for the 7 speed dry clutch DSG. Then it’s not so superb. I have to blame MCF for this paranoia. All the horror stories in the VW 1.4TSI Threads. Luckily, the Octavia Mk3 RS245 has too much power for that gearbox. They have to make it wet. I like it that way,
  7. The_Bear

    Octavia RS245

    Prologue Relentless pursuit of excellence. According to many reviews, Lexus is the final word in motoring. Hold. My. Beer. There is nothing wrong with a V6, 310 horses of Japanese finest. The fault lies with the user. The car is motoring perfection but the driver wasn’t looking for perfection. The driver is looking for soul. A car that makes you look forward to walking down to the car park and go somewhere even when you don’t have to. The GS350 time is up. After 6 excellent years or so. I need a new car.
  8. The_Bear

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    Space grey RS hatch My second RS ✌
  9. The_Bear

    SKODA Octavia vRS Combi Mk II

    Epilogue The Mk2 VRS was replaced by Lexus GS350. The VRS was sold on my own rather easily. Drove the GS350 for a few years. It is nearly the prefect car but I wasn’t looking for perfection. Hello Mk3 RS245
  10. The_Bear

    Audi A3 Sedan/Sportsback Owners - Check In

    Audi makes pretty good car comparable to BMW and Benz. Efficient yet simple design cues. Great engines too. I bought a Skoda.
  11. The_Bear

    10 days self drive in Hokkaido

    Yes. Pretty much default snow tyres by December. AWD are pretty much standard too. Hokkaido is huge so check the local weather and road condition constantly. Early December weather can change faster than my Grandmother (according to my BMT sergeant). https://www.jma.go.jp/en/yoho/ - Japan weather dudes http://northern-road.jp/navi/eng/ - Hokkaido road info Don’t try to be too ambitious with the driving distance. Snow and ice can seriously slow u down. Also the food and stuffs along the way. Road closure are common in winter, have a Plan B. Stick to the major roads, they are usually open.
  12. The_Bear

    Tok Kok Sing Song Part 30 - To infinity & beyond

  13. The_Bear

    Reckless Cyclist

    I would avoid too. There are usually safer ways to bypass. Getting on and off the viaducts can be risky during heavy traffic.
  14. The_Bear

    Reckless Cyclist

    How many single lane road in Singapore where cyclist regularly cycle in the middle of the road? Did you meet one today? What can the car do if that is the case?