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Lawyer beating staff caught on cctv

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Oh dear, it may be an old news but the behavior is definitely a NO. No matter what transpired,  maybe you would only do that in self defence against an arm robbery. 

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Hire this MMA lawyer can intimidate other party to concede defeat in any court case!


His biz must be very good.


Lawyers in Dallas Buyers Club action face punishment


In June last year, Internet Society (Singapore) complained to LawSoc that Mr Robert Raj Joseph and Mr Lee Heng Eam, who were both still with Samuel Seow Law Corporation then, had issued letters threatening criminal proceedings to advance civil claims against the film’s pirates. These demand letters to 77 M1 subscribers asking for a written offer of damages and costs had spelt out a maximum fine of S$50,000 or imprisonment not exceeding three years for a conviction under Section 136(3) of the Copyright Act, and a maximum S$20,000 fine and six months’ jail term under Section 136(3A) of the Act.



At that time, Mr Samuel Seow, the firm’s managing director, had said a new batch of letters that were worded differently were sent to StarHub and Singtel subscribers who allegedly downloaded the movie illegally. He had also said Mr Raj, who was the director of the litigation and dispute resolution practice group in the firm, was leaving the firm, but the departure was not linked to his handling of the case.

The Law Society’s Practice Directions and Rulings Guide 2013 states that it is improper for a solicitor to “communicate in writing or otherwise a threat of criminal proceedings in order to achieve a stated objective in any circumstance, for example, to compel a witness to attend at the solicitor’s office to give a statement or to sign a written statement despatched to him”.


Law firm was in the news some years back over Voltage Pictures Dallas Buyers Club case.


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In her letter addressed to the Law Society on Friday, the former employee wrote that she has resolved her issues with Mr Seow directly and wishes to withdraw "unreservedly any allegations against him".


That girl is no angel herself. Go read the article.

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