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  1. Lurpsexx

    Worth to be a Grab Driver now?

    Retirees and retrenched folks..or no financial burden folks who like to hv freedom..buy med ins will cover some illnesses, daily cough n cold go polyclinic lo
  2. Lurpsexx

    A few good men

    Good intention, bad execution. But law is law..hope his pension not gone...
  3. Lurpsexx

    Buy a huawei at only $54 this weekend

    Perhaps all along HW planned for this over-sized publicity by withholding the info on sets available, to use the folks who didn't get their hp, n made loud hoo haas, to drum up free marketing for HW Y6? But alas, HW underestimated the gian png-ness of the oldies to hurl huge brickbats at HW's expectations management.
  4. If blanga driver wasn't speeding and was paying attention to road, he would've slowed down in time n not ended up as such.. sibei ai wan if Kena banged backside by this kinda everyday reckless blanga lorry driver..
  5. Different scenarios.. this one is tyres botak, that one is never check clear before proceed.. Coincidence same model only..
  6. Hehe, I also want the Hi-Tech rear car cam that can shoot out laser beams too, can shoo off those pesky tailgaters! Lol...
  7. Reflection? From what light source along the expressway?? Expressway traffic light? Lol... Clearly is someone at the back of the van playing with laser pointer n shining playfully? at other cars behind, can see the laser light trace too at beginning of the video..
  8. Hmm.. this survey is looking at the cost side of things, assuming the income stream comes from cpf payouts only.. In reality, if the couple is fit n healthy n financially planned well, the income could be better n their living std can be higher.. Going by current situation, the husband/& or wife, can get a coe car n drive grab together to earn net about 2k+ a mth between them, after all car exps HV been paid. Time frame is assumed to be 10 yrs after 65,so this income add quite a lot. Since the kids have grown up, so can act as personal chauffeur to the Grand kids too.. plus can take drive holidays to Malaysia with friends n family at low cost.. Also, if HV another paid up property, can HV about 2.5k monthly rent income. Add in other investment income like ins policy payouts, stock dividends n appreciation, bond payouts etc, can HV abt Ave ?1k? A mth income.. of course HV tax to pay, but still got substantial mthly income, abt net after tax Abt 4k a mth between them.. Additional cost omitted in this study is the insurance, for h&s (impt!),pa, gp exps etc.. these can cost about 9k a year for both, or 4.5k a pax or 375 a mth a pax.. So total mthly income per pax is 1.4k from cpf, other income 2k per pax, less med ins $375 = Abt $3k a mth a pax to spend on food, utilities, leisure etc. Quite ok based on today's cost of living std.. So is impt to start early to keep fit, physically & financially, to achieve a reasonable retirement std of living from 65.. these assumptions r based on staying in SG after retirement, but if retiring overseas, then std of living will vary depending if you're staying in regional lower cost countries or elsewhere.. 2¢
  9. Lurpsexx

    Car camera recommendation

    Thanks for the tip... But not true 4k. shld be Korea mfr. But not ex. But their spec sheet not detailed enough
  10. This kinda dangerous driving caught on video, can TP take this vid n take action unilaterally? Or need public complaint then TP can act? If so, then really reactive.. need to more proactive in enforcement, esp against the blue square drivers
  11. New shitizen ah, ah tiong bu ??
  12. Lurpsexx

    Lawyer beating staff caught on cctv

    This fella still in biz as lawyer? Why law SOC no callup for disciplinary hearing? Can moonlight as MMA ghey fighter, likes to slap so much.. lol...
  13. Hahaha.. sibei ho chio, esp if this is a phv driver..1) u turn van driver never check clear nor situationally aware 2)phv driver impatient 3)Joo hoo lolly park illegally as usual Perfect storm fit for an accident.. lol..
  14. Looking left, but going right.. he was mesmerized by the big truck in front, n eyes stuck left when he moved right.. still dare to raise hands n point here n there, clear case of he not paying attention in front..
  15. Lurpsexx

    Garmen tackling fake news trolls beware

    What about lies mixed with fact? Fake news? There is no absolute ends of true -lies, but how is is interpreted, esp when getting the facts to prove your news is not easily forthcoming? So do you keep quiet to avoid all the hassles of making a statement? Self censorship?