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Found 99 results

  1. https://mothership.sg/2020/03/bishan-marina-otters-fight/ Two otter families in Singapore got into an epic gang fight in the portion of the canal that cuts through Braddell near Bishan. The fight on Sunday, March 29 at about noon was between 11 Marina otters on the left and 15 Bishan otters on the right. Both families clashed like the cinematic final battle scene in Avengers: Endgame, except both sides were squeaking uncontrollably, as if they were chanting poem. For the first 6 seconds of the video, you can see the otters approaching, but still holding their horses. Right after that, they squeaked louder and threw themselves headlong into battle: Although it looked cute, with all the incessant squeaking and water-splashing antics, the fight spilled over to the grass patch on the side, and was apparently more vicious than it looked. There were no deaths reported, but some of the otters got injured and were witnessed to be limping after the fight. What happened after clash According to otter watchers, Ottercity, loud squeaks were heard again at about 5pm and both factions fought again, this time in Bishan Park in front of a large crowd of park goers. The second round ended with the Marina otters being separated into two groups, with one group of six caught on video looking nervous and defensive. The Marina otters swam around the pond, always calling, and it soon became clear why. They were calling out for one lost member, who then emerged to join the rest. By the time night fell, only six of the 11 Marina otters congregated. It is not known what happened after that. Background to feud This particular otter feud is a long-running one that has spanned five years since 2015. The bigger Bishan otter family of 15 had started out in Bishan Park with just three pups. In 2015, a big switch happened. The Bishan otters went south to prime territory Marina Bay and displaced the Marina otters. The Marina otters remained on the move, travelling between East Coast and Singapore River before relocating to Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. Essentially, the two families had switched territories. This latest skirmish is considered a homecoming of sorts as the Bishan otters swam up Kallang River and are coming back to Bishan Park after spending time in Marina Bay. As to why they are doing so, it is most likely a fight over territory and access to resources. Fights between both sides have occurred before, such as in 2018. Their fight strategies have been scrutinised previously.
  2. Yellowrx8

    Orchard tower fight!

    Look like the owner of the ferrari got screwed in the ass
  3. A Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe has been caught doing 'Boom Boom Boom' noises in one of the HDB carparks along Hougang Street 61 early in the morning last night. This has not gone well for him as videos of him revving his car that has been tuned to make "pop and crackle" noises has gone viral. s.MP4 According to unnamed sources, it seemed that the green CLA Coupe owner has been approached by home owners staying nearby for the noise pollution and a fight ensued. The police was called in and the CLA owner looked like he has been charged for causing hurt a.k.a Penal Code 323 as we can see from the Whatsapp screenshots. He was intoxicated too but was not charged for drink-driving as his female friend was at the wheel.
  4. StreetFight3r

    Lawyer beating staff caught on cctv

    https://www.facebook.com/sureboh.sg/videos/1024705381251949/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MofTxw5tsYo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MWeS9sAf2E Lawyer Samuel Seow beating staff caught on tape. Endgame for this lawyer?
  5. TL;DR – Two men argue at a multi-storey carpark because one of them allegedly parked his Mitsubishi Lancer (with a modded exhaust) and revved unnecessarily at five in the morning. Here’s something interesting that SG Road Vigilante just uploaded - Two men arguing over a Mitsubishi Lancer’s modified exhaust. Here’s the video: Boom Boom Boom From the conversation between the two men, we can safely assume there was an exchange of words before the start of the video. The guy taking the video is unhappy with the Lancer driver’s disregard for the neighbours. “Ask you very simple. Be considerate. You come inside here, Boom Boom Boom. You parking here, not moving also you whack whack whack like that. Eh, every morning 5 o’clock you in the morning you do like that you know brother.” Lancer driver The Lancer driver does not address the guy’s concerns. Instead, he focuses on other things “Wah, now video, talk nicely ah? Just now want to play gangster, call police, say I no lan jiao. But now ah, video ah, he talk nicely because he scared I post” Before I continue, let me just put it out there = I did not expect the Lancer driver’s voice to sound like…. that. Not an isolated incident According to the guy taking the video, the Lancer driver has been doing this for a while now. The Lancer driver’s defence? “Because I need to work, I work midnight.” I’m so confused right now. Say what? Don’t forget his voice. His kkj? Ouch, that’s a first, second and third-degree burn all in.
  6. If you don't like road cyclists, your blood confirm boil after this. According to SG Road Vigilante, these young cyclists caused a big hoo-hah in the middle of cross street road. From their body language, seems like they were buaysong (read: unhappy) with the Comfort Delgro Taxi. This took place on 14th January 8:21PM. While we don't know what happened, these cyclists had the audacity to gang up and trash it out on the roads. Some people really never die before, literally. 😑 Naturally, many Facebook users were enraged with the cyclists' behaviour: What's worse than YPs? YPs on bicycles picking fights on roads, obviously.
  7. Not looking forward to having the bars, pubs and clubs back in full force cos people who cant control their alcohol intake dun deserve nice things Im assuming this chaos is cos of alcohol since this looks like Clarke Quay? Such a situation police can only wait for backup since outnumbered Feel for our police risking their lives to protect us in times of covid N pple still want to fight Waiting for more info
  8. For full news:https://www.cnet.com/how-to/disney-disneyplus-streaming-service-name-release-date-shows-movies-to-expect/ Disney is betting big on its 2019 streaming service called Disney+. With Disney CEO Bob Iger calling the streaming service the company's "biggest priority" for 2019, the company is ending its streaming deal with Netflix so it can launch its own service as the exclusive streaming home for Disney movies, TV shows and other original programming. Most of the programming planned for Disney+ leans into the company's franchises like Marvel and Star Wars. Captain Marvel, the Brie Larson superhero flick coming to theaters in March, will be the first of its films to stream on Disney+ rather than Netflix. If you're feeling monthly fee fatigue, sorry, but that's the direction the entertainment business is headed. Netflix trots out original shows and movies on a near daily basis. CBS is pumping its CBS All Access service full of Star Trek shows and other original programs. (Editors' note: CBS is CNET's parent company.) NBCUniversal, HBO-owner WarnerMedia and Apple are all building their own streaming services. Even DC Entertainment now has its DC Universe streaming service full of shows, movies and comics. And then there's Hulu, which will be controlled by Disney after its acquisition of 21st Century Fox. Once Disney+ launches, you'll need to remember to subscribe to Hulu too if you want Disney's edgier material, like four planned Marvel cartoons aimed at adults. Disney+ is where all the company's family-friendly content will live. So is the 2019 Disney+ streaming service something worth paying for? The details that we know so far are below, but basically: If you love Star Wars or Marvel movies, you may find yourself considering yet another subscription before the year is out. On Nov. 8, Disney announced a Star Wars prequel series based on Rogue One and starring Diego Luna, who played Cassian Andor in the original movie. Disney also confirmed the service is developing a live-action Marvel series focused on Loki, a character from the Avengers, which will star Tom Hiddleston reprising the role. Also, the Marvel Defenders shows Netflix has cancelled -- like Daredevil and Luke Cage -- could be revived for Disney+. What's the Disney streaming service? Disney+ streaming service will be a competitor to video streaming services like Netflix. Customers will be able to subscribe with a still-unannounced monthly fee to get access to TV shows, movies and other content from the world of Disney. Disney's other streaming services -- Hulu and sports-focused ESPN+--will run on the same tech platform so you can subscribe to them with the same password and credit card info. But Disney plans for all three to be individual subscriptions. ESPN+ will, clearly, focus on sports. Hulu is expected to continue to stream content from three of the broadcast networks and its own original series, like The Handmaid's Tale and Castle Rock. Hulu will also be where Disney streams its more adult-oriented fare. It's where a new Marvel collection of grown-up animated series will stream, and it's like where Deadpool-like content will live once Disney takes over Fox. Disney+ is supposed to include all of Disney's family-friendly fare. It'll have content from Disney proper, Marvel, Lucasfilm (so: Star Wars), Pixar and National Geographic. When's the release date? You'll be waiting even longer than Avengers 4 for this. Disney says it's shooting for a release in late 2019. The company is expected to reveal many of the specifics about Disney+ on April 11, when it'll hold an investor meeting to detail all its streaming plans, including a "first look" at Disney+ and some of the programming it's producing for it. How much will it cost? Disney hasn't yet announced pricing for its streaming service, but expect it to cost less than Netflix. Iger said in November 2017 that his company's service price will reflect the "fact that it will have substantially less volume" but plans to make up for it with high-quality programming from across its entertainment empire. More than a year later, however, Iger said the company still hadn't decided what it'll charge. We do know the service will include shows and movies such as: Star Wars: The Clone Wars new season (exclusive to this service). Marvel movies, starting with 2019's Captain Marvel. Star Wars films, starting with 2019's Episode 9. Pixar films, starting with 2019's Toy Story 4. A live-action, big-budget Star Wars TV series called The Mandalorian, being developed by Jon Favreau. A Star Wars Rogue One prequel TV series, starring Diego Luna. A live-action Marvel series focused on Avengers character Loki, starring Tom Hiddleston. Possible Marvel series that could star Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), according to Variety. Possible Marvel series that would team up Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and Sam Wilson, aka Falcon (Anthony Mackie), according to Slashfilm. An animated series based on Pixar's Monsters Inc. A 10-episode series, Diary of a Female President, about a 12-year-old Cuban-American girl. A documentary about Walt Disney Imagineering. A Timmy Failure film directed by Spotlight's Tom McCarthy. A live-action Lady and the Tramp remake. A Sword in the Stone remake. Noelle, a movie starring Anna Kendrick. Togo, a sled dog movie starring Willem Dafoe. A Three Men and a Baby remake. The Paper Magician film. A Stargirl film. A High School Musical series. A possible Muppets series.
  9. VteckiCk

    Mahathir to form new malay-based party

    From Minister of Home Affairs and Law K Shanmugam fb page. [Dr M’s new party] Dr Mahathir introduced the name of his new party by reference to a poem. Party’s name is “Pejuang” meaning fighter/warrior. (https://www.facebook.com/TunDrMahathir/posts/10157624675483652) Two lines in the poem are interesting: “Lihat Melayu negara jiran. Melayu lagikah negara mereka?” Meaning: “Look at the Malays of the neighbouring country. Is their country still Malay?” Wonder which country Dr Mahathir is referring to.
  10. As everyone should know, today, 9th of July 2020 is the cooling off day for GE2020 and it so happened that the weather is pretty cool after the morning downpour. That said, things were not so cool for these two Private Hire drivers yesterday. As seen on Sg Road Vigilante, a video of two PHV drivers turning the heat up (for the wrong reasons) has been spotted. No one knows what they they were fighting for but we can almost safely assume it is due to one of them not giving way to the other or something similar like that at this NEX taxi stand in Serangoon. It then seemed like a causally-dressed (weird) taxi driver tried to stop them. Kudos for him. What really amused us was the replies in the comments section. Check them out!
  11. Ysc3

    Senseless Fighting

    Guy throws older man onto ground, kicks him repeatedly at Golden Mile Complex The police are currently looking into a case where a man had allegedly assaulted another person at Golden Mile Complex at about 2.45am on Saturday (Nov 9) A Stomper was celebrating his friend's birthday at the shopping complex when he was alerted to the incident. He contributed photos and videos of what he saw at the scene and told Stomp: "My friends and I were at level one when we heard some commotion from the third floor. "When we rushed up to take a look, we found a man, who was in a grey t-shirt, assaulting an older man. "The older man had collapsed onto the ground due to the assault."
  12. Fighting broke out between riot police and firefighters who were trying to break down security screens during anti-government protests in Paris today. Videos of the astonishing violence were posted online during demonstrations close to the centre of the capital. Firefighter unions called for an increase in risk pay from 19 per cent to 28 per cent of the basic salary, as well as guarantees that their current pension plans remain in place. “We are the last link in emergency services in France, and we are overwhelmed by calls and interventions,” Frédéric Perrin, president of the SPASDIS-CFTC union, told the news agency Agence France-Presse. “We need more manpower and the means to respond to it, but also the guarantee that we focus mainly on our missions, the emergency, and not serve as supplements to absent health services.”
  13. The AMDK walking past must be laughing in his ♥ https://www.asiaone.com/singapore/fight-breaks-out-jewel-changi-airport-2-men-arrested?utm_source=editorialteam&utm_medium=notification The woman with the red bag got powers !?
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOW5xR5O_tY The man seem to be "an employee in this place need to service the chinese". if the chinese is disgusting just ignore them let them wait (service lasped) since they say "they dun want to be service by him, act smart plant the camera purposely provoke the 2 women hopping to capture "good stuff" against the china women... in the end own ego bruise sad case. scratch head...... why??? you judge and share your opinion no right or wrong more like how will you handle this situation. EQ factor
  15. StreetFight3r

    The one rule in fight club

    dont talk about it! new rule in this era is, dont take video and post online lah. though is wrong to engage in fighting in school but good sportsmanship between the two boys lah. after fight still handshake and hug. just playing around for fun https://mothership.sg/2019/05/tampines-sparring-secondary-school-students/
  16. Teckmeister

    Which version of 倚天

    Well, those of you who can recognize the title of the show will know that 倚天屠龙记 has been re-produced by multiple TV stations over many years. The earliest versions were made during the 70s in Hong Kong and the latest one was produced by a TV station in China this year. Because the art of fight choreography and the science of TV special effects have been getting better and better since the 70s, it should mean that the more recent productions of 倚天屠龙记 will always have better fight scenes that the earlier versions. But that's not always the case. For example, in 1993, a Hong Kong director(王晶) made a movie version of 倚天屠龙记 which had vastly superior fighting scenes compared to a couple of TV productions made after 2000. Those post-2000 versions were so badly made that the fight scenes consisted mainly of just the characters striking poses with cheap special effects taking place in the back ground. So anyway, back to the title of this discussion thread. Which version of 倚天屠龙记 has the best fighting scenes? Share your choices here and feel free to explain why one is better than the other.
  17. wah !! now boon lay happening man !! Four men suspected to be involved in a fight at Boon Lay Drive have been arrested, police said on Friday (March 18). The four men, aged 17 to 21, are believed to be have used weapons to hurt two others. Police received a report about the fight at Block 191 Booon Lay Drive on Wednesday (March 16) night at 12.24am. Police officers found two men, aged 23 and 34, injured at the scene. They had been involved in a fight with four men whom they did not know, police said. Following investigations, the four suspects were arrested on the same day along Boon Lay Drive. Two knives believed to have been used in the incident were seized by the police. If found guilty of the charge of voluntarily causing hurt with dangerous weapon, the suspects can be jailed up to seven years. They may also be fined and/or caned.
  18. Scion

    Geylang Fight

    surprised no one post this, the kopitiam talk of the weekend the tua bui damn hiong, beat up women and kicked the guy's head like a football identity kena CSI'ed by netizens, and i think police nabbed him already https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiZ0pyMvvgY another angle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfSNmZiSZtM
  19. Nowadays Singaporeans too stressed up. Everything also fight boxing style. Can anyone help to attach the video here. https://stomp.straitstimes.com/singapore-seen/mma-showdown-at-dhoby-ghaut-mrt-station#xtor=CS1-10
  20. Sgnick

    The fight against loansharks

    http://www.asiaone.com/News/The%2BNew%2BPa...215-263644.html They now live like this By Koh Hui Theng kohht@sph.com.sg FED up with loan sharks splashing paint at her Serangoon flat repeatedly, counsellor Sheena Jebal came up with a novel way to ward them off. She and her next-door neighbour installed a metal gate in the common corridor near their units. They rent the space from HDB. It's the first time residents are renting the common area because of loan shark harassment, HDB told The New Paper. Ms Jebal, 37, and her neighbours, the Roslis, have been paying HDB about $22 yearly for the space since last December. She said she forked out $1,500 to install the metal gate along the 11 sqm common area too. The Roslis live in a corner unit on the second storey. They said they have been harassed by loan sharks since they moved in last year; Ms Jebal in May and the Roslis in August. Both claim they have not borrowed from loan sharks. So has the gate been effective in keeping out the Ah Longs? Yes, so far. Ms Jebal and the Roslis said they haven't had paint splashed outside their flats since they installed the gate in December last year. But Ms Jebal added that the loan sharks have got to her in another way. Last month, they sent her a letter demanding payment, saying it was their last warning. "If you have money to buy the flat, you have money to pay the debt," the loan shark allegedly told Ms Jebal when she first called the man. Note in Chinese That was last April, when her flat was being renovated. A note written in Chinese characters had been left at her door then and Ms Jebal had dialled the mobile number, thinking it belonged to a contractor. The loan shark claimed a previous tenant owed $25,000. Ms Jebal had paid $308,000 for the four-room A model flat at the end of 2009. She had heard from her agent that the market rate was about $350,000 then. When this reporter tried calling one of the loan sharks, this is what he said: "Sister, there's three things you can do. One, track down this guy who owes money. Two, call the police. Three, I come and paint your place." He then hung up. But Ms Jebal was determined not to give into the intimidation. She said: "I didn't borrow the money, so why should I pay?" Between May and July last year, she said paint had been splashed at her flat four times. She has called the police "many times" and also asked her Member of Parliament, Mr Wee Siew Kim, for advice. A police spokesman confirmed that they have received calls about loan shark harassment. Investigations are ongoing. Ms Jebal said there were increased police patrols around the neighbourhood. The authorities also installed four CCTV cameras along the corridor. Still, the ongoing harassment is mental torture, even though there have not been any paint attacks or letters since August. "It's a horrible feeling looking over your shoulder all the time and feeling that someone is monitoring your movement," Ms Jebal said. After receiving the threatening letter, she is thinking of putting up a badminton netting over the corridor to prevent the loan sharks from throwing in any objects from outside. Her neighbour, Mrs Sarimah Rosli, 39, added: "Whenever we come home, we're always wondering if the loan sharks will creep up behind us and do something." Her husband, technical officer Rosli Basri, 44, said: "I'm most worried about the safety of my two youngest boys in kindergarten. What happens if the loan sharks end up hurting them?" When contacted, an Ang Mo Kio-Yio Chu Kang Town Council spokesman said they had advised Ms Jebal to make a police report. She added that loan shark harassment cases are rare in the town council's area. MP Wee said in an e-mail reply to The New Paper: "Although the (corridor space-renting) solution may not be applicable to all, the gated solution works well." Since May 1993, HDB has rented corridor space out, mainly to related families living next to each other's units. Flat lessees pay a nominal sum of $2 per square metre per year. They have to ensure their neighbours can access common facilities like the staircase and lift lobby, while firemen can reach the dry risers, a spokesman said. As of last month, HDB had 130 cases of residents jointly renting the common area.
  21. or blueberry cheesecake
  22. Stay tuned... Jaguar lines up J-Pace SUV to take fight to Porsche Cayenne https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/jaguar-j-pace-to-fight-porsche-cayenne. J-Pace to use Range Rover running gear and powertrains, due 2021; electric-only new XJ on sale in 2019 Jaguar is working at top speed on an all-new £80,000-plus J-Pace SUV for 2021, designed to beat the Porsche Cayenne at its own game. The model will have a brand-new shape inspired by Jaguar design director Ian Callum and an obvious on-road bias, but it will draw on theRange Rover for much of its running gear. It will be the brand’s fourth eye-grabbing entry into the gigantic global SUV market in just five years. Jaguar stands on the edge of a highly profitable, much higher-volume future, based on rapidly rising sales of an SUV family that started with the F-Pace just two years ago and will probably account for two-thirds of its total sales in the early 2020s. Also prominent in this progress will be a quick increase in the number of electrified Jaguars – both hybrids and full EVs – some of which will draw on the hardware, software and design influences of the revolutionary I-Pace, just launched. The company, which promises at least one electrified version of every model by 2020, will keep its mix of performance-oriented saloons, SUVs and sports cars while accepting that burgeoning world demandfor soft-roaders is its real passport to higher sales and big profits. Nine new Jaguars to expect in the coming years The success of the 2016 F-Pace and the embryo success of the smaller, more affordable E-Pace are the main reasons for current improvements. However, company bosses are well aware that they need to continue producing upper- end models like the J-Pace to reinforce Jaguar’s image as the home of substantial, luxurious performance cars. Key models of the near to medium future are next year’s all-electric XJ limousine – which is being launched at that time to mark the 50th anniversary of Sir William Lyons’ seminal XJ original – and the bigger, super-luxury J-Pace. Jaguar’s volumes, decimated in the financial crash of 2008-2009, have been rebuilt rather laboriously to around 150,000-160,000 cars a year, while bullish Land Rover and Range Rover sales have lifted total Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) volume beyond 600,000. Although that total is impressive in some ways, Tata-JLR bosses at one time planned to reach 800,000 sales by now and still have their eyes on an annual group total exceeding one million. Jaguar’s SUV charge: In a sense, the F-Pace of 2016 was the beginning of the rest of Jaguar’s life. It has become the marque’s most successful model for decades, selling more than 70,000 copies last year, after a similar performance the previous year. There are strong indications that we’ll see a plug-in hybrid concept this year, drawing on know-how from the recent Range Rover and Range Rover Sport hybrids. A mid-life refresh is due next year, too, (perhaps the two will coincide) and a full replacement is already timed for late 2022, because this is one model Jaguar wouldn’t want to get wrong. Hopes are even higher for the recently launched, smaller E-Pace, whose BMW rival, the X1, posted sales of around 120,000 last year. In the UK alone, sales of all compact SUVs exceeded 170,000 last year, more than doubling in three years. Jaguar is rightly bullish about further expansion of the class. The one awkward point is that a generous slice of this volume was earned by the Range Rover Evoque, now six years old and still a major force in the market. The E-Pace’s success is certain to cause some sales cannibalisation. The I-Pace – Jaguar’s first electric car and launched at the Geneva motor show last week – has already won big plaudits for looks, proportions and the boldness of its concept. It is being made in Graz, Austria,by Magna Steyr at greater cost than in one of Jaguar’s own plants, but the company regards it as proof of its credentials as a leading user of new technology and is happy to invest. The best guidance on I-Pace volumes is that it will be “somewhere either side of F-Type”, which sounds like 10,000-15,000 cars a year, although company insiders are honestly unsure how it will go. Given the combined expense of the model’s new, stand-alone electric architecture and Magna’s manufacturing, this looks like being Jaguar’s least profitable model, although JLR CEO Ralf Speth insists it’ll be a money-maker “at the anticipated volumes”. Some say it could eventually be made in China, where manufacturing electric cars has recently become easier. The fourth SUV in Jaguar’s frame, the J-Pace, will be a sleek and luxurious all- aluminium model for the early 2020s. It’s likely to use a developed version of the Range Rover aluminium architecture, although it will be longer, lower, probably more spacious in the rear and much more on-road biased. It will employ Range Rover running gear and powertrains, and plug into a rising demand for super-luxury SUVs. Jaguar bosses will expect it to sell especially well in China, where well-heeled owners are chauffeur-driven. JAG’S SALOON CHALLENGE Jaguar needs saloons. They’ve been a backbone since the heyday of company founder Lyons but not enough people are buying them now. Last year, the compact XE, launched in 2015 to fight the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4, made barely 19,000 sales in Europe (around 25,000 in the previous year) against 170,000 for the leading Mercedes C-Class. The mid-sized XF, recently refreshed and with theSportbrake (estate) to help, does little better. Replacements are nonetheless planned for both cars in the early 2020s, mostly because special long-wheelbase versions of both have recently gone on sale in China and Jaguar is prepared to bet the resultant volume will make them viable. Big Jaguar saloon news is an electric XJ (as scooped by Autocar earlier this year), due to be shown this year and on sale in 2019. The car is believed to be a second application for the twin-electric-motor architecture introduced with the I-Pace, with all the benefits in smoothness and cabin space we’ve already seen. Jaguar wants the new XJ to be seen as revolutionary – as several of its predecessors were in their time – in a category diminished by the rising success of luxurious SUVs. JAG’S SPORTS CAR DECISION Jaguar faces potentially agonising decisions over sports cars. Should it drop them or give them more prominence? There are strong arguments for both courses, and Jaguar bosses are trying to decide the correct direction. Even before Tata bought JLR in 2008, it was clear there was going to be a brand-new Jaguar sports car. Ratan Tata, with fond memories of XK120s, was in favour from the beginning. The result was the 2013 F-Type convertible, which looked terrific although industry pundits have since criticised its price structure, the time it took JLR to add coupé (2014) and the lack of a small-engined version until 2017. Sales run at currently about 10,000 a year. The argument in favour of sports cars goes thus: Jaguar needs its image builder, just as Porsche (which still calls itself a sports car company) uses its minority 911 and 718 models to create an image for its SUVs and saloons. The F-Type should be raced, replaced and enhanced to add lustre to the brand. These arguments work in favour of a Jaguar XK coupé, another candidate for electric I-Pace and XJ architecture that could be priced just under the Bentley Continental GT. The anti-sports-car argument is that the F-Type is a modest earner, as all sporty cars now are. Its structure is expensive because it shares little with other production models. It doesn’t sell well in China, and even US sales run at about only 4000 units a year. The good news is that Jaguar now seems to have its model building blocks in place for the next few years, and they are starting to be effective. Since the F-Pace, Jaguar has started earning solid profits, with more and better in prospect from the E-Pace. The company’s managers can now give more concentration to image enhancers (like the I-Pace, XJ, J-Pace and possibly XK) it has always needed to maintain a special place in the world.
  23. Not sure this was posted before as the video was posted in youtube in Jan'13. One young man was watching porn on his laptop in the train, one auntie not happy scold him 'siao' then the young man responded, the husband of the auntie then scolded the man and the man ti key talk back to the uncle. Next was hammering happen as shown in the video. The man called the police...
  24. The company cannot tahan people comment/review and took away the review feature on their FB Retailer can fight back but they are not always the winner. https://www.facebook.com/fantasydesserts.co/
  25. StefanK

    LTA officer fight

    Not for the faint hearted or the impulsive ones. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10156223515815247