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Found 187 results

  1. Genie47

    My favorite movie scene

    It was 1980. Posters of the carrier USS Nimitz were everywhere. Lightning flashes around. It was the Final Countdown. I bought tickets and went to watch it. Was at good old Odeon cinema. Then this scene came. The dogfight. F14A Tomcat vs A6M2 Type 0 "Zeke". All I remember was being awed by the scene. Then when the Sidewinder fired and the Zero was splashed. The whole cinema erupted into cheers and applause! Girlfriends and wives will not understand. Thank you Hollywood.
  2. Freeder

    RIP Sean Connery 007......

    RIP Sean Connery 🙏🏻🙇‍♀️
  3. For full news:https://www.cnet.com/how-to/disney-disneyplus-streaming-service-name-release-date-shows-movies-to-expect/ Disney is betting big on its 2019 streaming service called Disney+. With Disney CEO Bob Iger calling the streaming service the company's "biggest priority" for 2019, the company is ending its streaming deal with Netflix so it can launch its own service as the exclusive streaming home for Disney movies, TV shows and other original programming. Most of the programming planned for Disney+ leans into the company's franchises like Marvel and Star Wars. Captain Marvel, the Brie Larson superhero flick coming to theaters in March, will be the first of its films to stream on Disney+ rather than Netflix. If you're feeling monthly fee fatigue, sorry, but that's the direction the entertainment business is headed. Netflix trots out original shows and movies on a near daily basis. CBS is pumping its CBS All Access service full of Star Trek shows and other original programs. (Editors' note: CBS is CNET's parent company.) NBCUniversal, HBO-owner WarnerMedia and Apple are all building their own streaming services. Even DC Entertainment now has its DC Universe streaming service full of shows, movies and comics. And then there's Hulu, which will be controlled by Disney after its acquisition of 21st Century Fox. Once Disney+ launches, you'll need to remember to subscribe to Hulu too if you want Disney's edgier material, like four planned Marvel cartoons aimed at adults. Disney+ is where all the company's family-friendly content will live. So is the 2019 Disney+ streaming service something worth paying for? The details that we know so far are below, but basically: If you love Star Wars or Marvel movies, you may find yourself considering yet another subscription before the year is out. On Nov. 8, Disney announced a Star Wars prequel series based on Rogue One and starring Diego Luna, who played Cassian Andor in the original movie. Disney also confirmed the service is developing a live-action Marvel series focused on Loki, a character from the Avengers, which will star Tom Hiddleston reprising the role. Also, the Marvel Defenders shows Netflix has cancelled -- like Daredevil and Luke Cage -- could be revived for Disney+. What's the Disney streaming service? Disney+ streaming service will be a competitor to video streaming services like Netflix. Customers will be able to subscribe with a still-unannounced monthly fee to get access to TV shows, movies and other content from the world of Disney. Disney's other streaming services -- Hulu and sports-focused ESPN+--will run on the same tech platform so you can subscribe to them with the same password and credit card info. But Disney plans for all three to be individual subscriptions. ESPN+ will, clearly, focus on sports. Hulu is expected to continue to stream content from three of the broadcast networks and its own original series, like The Handmaid's Tale and Castle Rock. Hulu will also be where Disney streams its more adult-oriented fare. It's where a new Marvel collection of grown-up animated series will stream, and it's like where Deadpool-like content will live once Disney takes over Fox. Disney+ is supposed to include all of Disney's family-friendly fare. It'll have content from Disney proper, Marvel, Lucasfilm (so: Star Wars), Pixar and National Geographic. When's the release date? You'll be waiting even longer than Avengers 4 for this. Disney says it's shooting for a release in late 2019. The company is expected to reveal many of the specifics about Disney+ on April 11, when it'll hold an investor meeting to detail all its streaming plans, including a "first look" at Disney+ and some of the programming it's producing for it. How much will it cost? Disney hasn't yet announced pricing for its streaming service, but expect it to cost less than Netflix. Iger said in November 2017 that his company's service price will reflect the "fact that it will have substantially less volume" but plans to make up for it with high-quality programming from across its entertainment empire. More than a year later, however, Iger said the company still hadn't decided what it'll charge. We do know the service will include shows and movies such as: Star Wars: The Clone Wars new season (exclusive to this service). Marvel movies, starting with 2019's Captain Marvel. Star Wars films, starting with 2019's Episode 9. Pixar films, starting with 2019's Toy Story 4. A live-action, big-budget Star Wars TV series called The Mandalorian, being developed by Jon Favreau. A Star Wars Rogue One prequel TV series, starring Diego Luna. A live-action Marvel series focused on Avengers character Loki, starring Tom Hiddleston. Possible Marvel series that could star Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), according to Variety. Possible Marvel series that would team up Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and Sam Wilson, aka Falcon (Anthony Mackie), according to Slashfilm. An animated series based on Pixar's Monsters Inc. A 10-episode series, Diary of a Female President, about a 12-year-old Cuban-American girl. A documentary about Walt Disney Imagineering. A Timmy Failure film directed by Spotlight's Tom McCarthy. A live-action Lady and the Tramp remake. A Sword in the Stone remake. Noelle, a movie starring Anna Kendrick. Togo, a sled dog movie starring Willem Dafoe. A Three Men and a Baby remake. The Paper Magician film. A Stargirl film. A High School Musical series. A possible Muppets series.
  4. So I had a choice between this car movie and Midway and initially I had my misgivings about a car movie being exciting or being a big screen movie. I was wrong on both counts. This movie stars Matt Damon and Christopher Bale as Shelby and Miles the two people behind the true story of Ford racing against Ferrari in the Le Mans race. Firstly the two of them make a lovely bromance pair which fuels the tension between them and the bureaucrats running Ford, and Josh Lucas has the unenviable task of playing the chief suit who stands in their freewheeling ways. He does well as the sort of villain and the rest of the cast work well to portray the urgency, the humor and the thrill of racing. But it's about the time off the track especially the trials and tribulations of trying to put together a car worthy of challenging the mighty Enzo Ferrari that makes this more than just another racing show. The son and wife of Miles are actually my favorite characters. Their presence adds a certain subtle element that grounds the movie and fills in an important role to keep this about the human drama and elevates the whole movie to more than pit stops and engine roars. The choices of actors in this show are spot on. But petrol heads fear not, the subwoofers will be all pumping throughout the show whenever there's an ignition, acceleration or even when the engines are purring. You will not be starving for action here. But what Damon and Bale put together is a tale of friendship, a David vs Goliath, show in a way the Fast and Furious franchise miss out on.. you will still get your thrills and spills, but more than that, you get tears, laughter and heart stomping moments of victory whilst enjoying an era of danger and unbridled adrenaline rush with cars built for speed and not safety. I have a new found respect for Le Mans drivers and their teams. Highly recommended
  5. Blueray

    Movie Releases - 2019

    Captain Marvel and Abenjers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LHxvxdRnYc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA6hldpSTF8
  6. Shooting of the Fast and Furious 9 has already commenced and someone has spotted the new Toyota Supra on the set of the car action movie. Filming is currently taking place at Tbilisi, Georgia, where some action-packed stunts have taken place. Thanks a Instagram user, we can also see that a orange Supra will feature in the 9th installment of the movie, a nod to the original that was driven by the late Paul Walker. Other than that, the article on Car and Driver also reported that a black 1970 Dodge Charger was present on the set. You can bet that the car will be driven by Vin Diesel’s character, Dominic Toretto. Filming of Fast and Furious 9 will visit to a number of other countries before it wraps up, with the release date set on 10th of April 2020.
  7. kobayashiGT

    'Ford v. Ferrari' - The Movie.

    Matt Damon, Christian Bale & Jon Bernthal Star in 'Ford v. Ferrari' Trailer Retelling one of racing’s most heated rivalries. The trailer for Ford v. Ferrari has just officially launched. Starring Christian Bale, Matt Damon, Jon Bernthal and Tracy Letts, the movie retells the heated rivalry between Ford and Ferrari, and one of the greatest victories for American automotive engineering during the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans in France. Enlisted by Henry Ford II (Letts), Carroll Shelby (Damon) along with a small team must come up with a car that can outpace Ferrari’s coveted race cars, racing in one of the most gruelling endurance races that has long been dominated by the French, Germans and Italians. With a powerful Ford GT40 Mk.II ready to race, the team is missing just one crucial component, and that is a driver to match this new and unproven supercar — enter Ken Miles (Bale). This movie will tell that story of how Ford beat the odds and did what all thought was the impossible. Watch the trailer above to get a first look one of the greatest racing rivalries retold by a star-studded cast. Racing fans can expect the movie to hit theatres this coming November 15.
  8. StreetFight3r

    Android boxes gonna get banned soon?

    SINGAPORE - New laws will be tabled in Parliament some time this year to ban the sale of media streaming boxes with "add-on" services that help consumers access pirated content. This clarity comes on the heels of a three-year review by the Ministry of Law (MinLaw) and the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (Ipos) of copyright laws here. The legality of media streaming boxes has been a grey and contentious area as copyright holders have found it difficult to apply many of the usual legal avenues created in the DVD era against set-top box retailers that benefit from the sale of "add-on" services. "We are of the view that legislative amendments are needed to both clarify our policy position and the actions that can be taken against retailers of such set-top boxes," said MinLaw in its Copyright Review Report issued on Thursday (Jan 17). "The measures, which are absent today, will make clear that acts such as the import and sale of such devices are prohibited," said the ministry in a separate statement. The review involves two public consultations, three town hall meetings and 10 engagement sessions conducted since August 2016. Feedback from various stakeholders - including consumers, industry and trade associations, businesses, intellectual property law practitioners and academics - were sought. Close to 100 formal submissions and more than 280 online feedback forms were received by MinLaw and Ipos. The new laws will impose civil and criminal liability on people who wilfully distribute or sell a product that can be used to access pirated content if the product is designed for such access or advertised as such. It will also be illegal to sell a generic device with "add-on" services - such as supplying website links or subscription services to pirated content. The Copyright Act was enacted in 1987, with major revisions last made in 2014 to allow content owners seek a High Court order to get Internet service providers (ISPs) to block piracy websites. Before the revised law, they could not compel ISPs to block pirated content. Last November, the High Court ordered eight new piracy websites and any others related to them to be blocked, bringing the total number of such websites blocked to just over 60. However, there was no move to ban the applications in media streaming boxes, also known as Android boxes, and the boxes themselves.
  9. The DeLorean Motor Company did not last long but when it died, every filmmaker wanted to document the story of John DeLorean and his controversies. Promising to be different from your usual automotive flick, Framing John DeLorean talks about the life and times of John DeLorean as he rose through the ranks of General Motors before founding his own company, the DeLorean Motor Company. Most of you readers would probably know about its iconic coupe which was featured in the Back to the Future franchise. However, things went downhill from then on as the company ran into production delays and financial issues. DeLorean then found himself in trouble as he got arrested for drug trafficking. While he was acquitted after some time, the scandal had a devastating impact on him with the bankruptcy of his company not helping. For those interested watching the documentary film, Framing John DeLorean will be released in early June
  10. What's your fave? Blues Brothers? Steve McQueen? The Classic "Pork Pie"
  11. Roadrunner2029

    RiP Ringo Lam

    著名動作片導演林嶺東猝逝 享壽63歲 (中央社香港29日綜合外電報導)香港媒體報導,曾以「龍虎風雲」奪得香港電影金像獎最佳導演的林嶺東(Ringo Lam),今天驚傳在香港家中猝逝,享壽63歲。 香港01網站報導,29日下午4時27分,馬鞍山西沙路一名女子報案指其林姓(63歲)丈夫倒臥床上,全無反應。救護員到場,證實男子當場死亡,毋須送院。警方接報調查,相信事件無可疑,死者死因有待解剖確認。 報導稱,據了解,死者為導演林嶺東,近兩三天他罹患感冒,但未看醫生,只臥床休息。他近年也有胃病。林嶺東今晨吃過東西後入睡,至下午4時仍未起床,妻子欲喚他起床時,發現昏迷不醒,於是報警。 曾憑「龍虎風雲」奪得香港電影金像獎最佳導演的林嶺東,1955年出生於香港,祖籍廣東潮州,1973年於聖伯多祿中學畢業,然後進入無線電視藝員培訓班,1974年擔任助理製片,後於1976年任編導。他後來移民加拿大,並於約克大學修習電影,1982年回港,踏上導演之路。 林嶺東擅長拍動作電影,眾多作品中以「風雲」三部曲,包括「龍虎風雲」、「監獄風雲」、「學校風雲」最聞名,更曾憑「龍虎風雲」奪得香港電影金像獎最佳導演。其他著名作品包括「監獄風雲2之逃犯」、「俠盜高飛」等。(編輯:林憬屏) https://tw.news.yahoo.com/%E8%91%97%E5%90%8D%E5%8B%95%E4%BD%9C%E7%89%87%E5%B0%8E%E6%BC%94%E6%9E%97%E5%B6%BA%E6%9D%B1%E7%8C%9D%E9%80%9D-%E4%BA%AB%E5%A3%BD63%E6%AD%B2-154715355.html
  12. Many would have watched films made by Golden Harvest and find this opening most familiar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkxCbcwBldw RIP Raymond Chow, founder of Golden Harvest and producer of many Bruce Lee (First of Fury, Enter the Dragon, ..), Michael Hui (半斤八兩, 賣身契, 摩登保鑣, ..), Jackie Chan (A計劃, 警察故事, 龍兄虎弟, ..), Sammo Hung (鬼打鬼, 人嚇人, 五福星, 殭屍先生, ..) films, and was one of the first to take HK action films to Hollywood (e.g. Cannonball Run series). 嘉禾創辦人鄒文懷逝世,終年91歲。《蘋果》今午致電鄒文懷女兒鄒重珩,但不獲接聽。人稱《EYT之父》的資深影視人蔡和平表示,昨已得悉鄒正處於彌留階段,其女兒亦已趕到他病床旁陪伴。 蔡稱,當年因《歡樂今宵》關係曾與鄒有數面之緣,一年前亦曾與鄒氏夫婦茶聚。他續表示,最後一次看到鄒露面,是數月前的一個派對,當時他留意到鄒步履緩慢,亦需要女兒攙扶。他坦言當時已感到鄒的精神和氣色不太好。蔡和平本身是已故武打巨星李小龍的好友,盛讚鄒文懷及嘉禾當年「將李小龍帶出世界」,更令李小龍成為香港武打演員的典範,形容他對香港電影貢獻良多,「我好Respect佢。」 特首林鄭月娥對著名製片人鄒文懷辭世表示深切哀悼。她稱鄒文懷在電影界地位卓越,於七十年代創辦嘉禾公司,開創多類型電影風格,製作了不少風靡一時的電影,亦提攜了多位國際級導演和演員,對締造香港八十年代的電影黃金期功不可沒。為表揚他推動香港電影業發展的貢獻,一九九八年獲頒金紫荊星章,「我對鄒文懷的辭世深感哀痛,謹代表香港特別行政區政府,向他的家人致以深切慰問」。商務及經濟發展局局長邱騰華亦發聲明表示哀悼。 西九文化區管理局主席、前政務司司長唐英年表示,鄒文懷對香港有莫大貢獻,是電影界泰斗,他將李小龍的電影帶到海外,令香港電影揚威國際。唐英年指,任職工商科技局局長期間及香港沙士期間,一直與鄒文懷就香港電影業的發展緊密聯繫,對其離世深切哀悼,是電影界損失。 工程師學會前會長周明權今早出殯,影星許冠文到場致哀。許離場時被問及鄒文懷逝世消息,他當時一臉愕然,稱未曾聽聞,又反問記者是否確認鄒的死訊。 資深導演張同祖表示,今天才由廣州回港,對鄒病危消息全不知情。他指雖然較少與鄒直接接觸,但形容鄒在片場內對人頗和善,「佢見到人都笑嘻嘻。」他與鄒都住在佐敦,算是半個街坊,有時外出遇見都會打招呼,但最近一年半已較少在區內看到他。張又表示,鄒絕對是一個成功的製片人,當年由嘉禾出品的《炮彈飛車》,更令香港動作片在國際上嶄露頭角。 曾任電影監製的立法會體育、演藝、文化及出版界議員馬逢國稱,鄒文懷是一名愛護後輩、願意提攜新人、熱愛電影的謙謙君子。他記得鄒文懷曾支持過他拍攝電影外,最深印象是早年他代表衛星電視洽購嘉禾片庫一事。馬憶述,當時整個洽購過程長達一年多近兩年,雙方頻密接觸,令他有機會深入地認識鄒文懷,從而在鄒的身上學到更多,他形容鄒「好識捕捉市場脈搏」,因而製出作多質素高又具市場潛力的電影。最近一次碰面,已是約半年前的事,當時一班朋友相約看電影和吃飯,鄒文懷亦有份,馬指間中都會在戲院遇到鄒,可見鄒確實是十分喜歡電影的人。 鄒文懷於1970年與著名電影製作人何冠昌及電影人梁風一同離開當時香港影壇龍頭的邵氏電影公司,另起爐灶創辦嘉禾娛樂,及後更在主板上市。嘉禾影業公司曾招攬武打巨星李小龍加盟,80年代亦捧紅成龍、洪金寶、許冠文等巨星,製作多齣精彩動作電影,其中許冠文的《鬼馬雙星》為嘉禾創下票房紀錄,影星張曼玉亦是旗下藝人。 隨着90年代後期香港電影市場萎縮,嘉禾轉型重點經營院線,但對挽救業務無甚幫助。2004年與鄒文懷份屬好友的李嘉誠斥資近3,500萬元買入嘉禾娛樂股份,成為嘉禾娛樂第二大股東,當年外界形容李嘉誠的入股為「出手打救」鄒文懷,但鄒稱是李嘉誠的經常性投資,正如自己也會投資對方項目一樣。 https://hk.news.appledaily.com/local/realtime/article/20181102/58868228
  13. Tukibird

    Fans of UNDERWORLD movie

    UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS http://www.entertheunderworld.com/ Trailer http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony_picture...iseofthelycans/
  14. therock

    Please help me find this movie

    Setting up this thread to help myself and others who may have caught a snippet or the whole movie somewhere, like a plane, trailer or something and would like to know what the movie title is, so they can find and watch that movie :) Some format to help others find the movie for you: - rough period in which the movie was viewed - likely year of release of the show, even if you only narrow it down to the decade, it helps - Western / Chinese / Jap / Korean etc - genre So here's my first question: It was an incidental finding on an recent flight.. What I know It's release in the recent past - 2016 onwards It's a Chinese / Korean / HKG / Jap collaboration Set in WWII, with a Jap treasure involved, and an HKG who plays a kick ass Jap general with a wonderful fight scene at the end The movie starts with an Indiana Jones / Han Solo type hero rogue who bluffs and cheats his way out of trouble, and a Korean actress who is a spy and kills her Jap army officer husband on a train to secure some map / info.. That's all I have... Thanks bros!
  15. Another Indian Movie that I like to watch . Very beautifully done though storyline not that strong. Pretty Actress, Katrina Kaif . More information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuvvraaj Some nice songs in the movie too: Mastam Mastam Manmohini Morey Tu Muskura Dil Ka Rishta Tu Meri Dost Hain Any nice Bollywood movie to recommend? Thank you very much. Regards,
  16. pChou

    Guess the Movie!

    Lai lai, guess the movie
  17. Do not read beyond this sentence if you haven't watched the movie. Thanks.
  18. Terrylmt

    Uncle Terry's Movie Reviews

    Just wanted to share my personal film reviews of shows that I have watched either on TV, Netflix or in the theatre. Hope these will help some of decide on what to watch during those wet, boring nights. Film title: Independence Day: Resurgence Film genre(s): Sci-fi, Action, Drama Rating: 2.5 out of 5 popcorns For those of you who can't get enough of Thor's real-life younger brother, Liam Hemsworth, from the Hunger Games, this is a great film with a lot more screen time of him. The story is a sequel to the 1996 blockbuster, starring Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, and Bill Pullman. Whilst most of the original cast have returned to this sequel, except Will Smith, most of them returned only to be killed off at some point in the movie. This story picks up 20 years after the first, as they approach the 20th year of Independence Day. Earth has grown united, and evolved the alien technology harvested from the first attack to build defenses that would ward off any future inter-stellar attacks. Only it doesn't. There are no clear protaganists, but the antagonists remain the same feisty armoured aliens that want to drill the Earth to drain her core. This begs to question: there are at least five other planets before you reach Earth - why are we the only ones getting targeted? The introduction of the new "alien technology" that can kill them once and for all begs yet another question - if you have the technology to kill them, and already have saved people in a refugee planet to build those planets, why are you not mounting an attack or bringing some of those weapons with you to defend yourself? The whole storyline is flimsily stitched together in a haphazard manner that one can simply say that they made it for the sake of making it without giving much thought as to how to further develop the franchise. While not totally unwatchable, one can conclude that this was made just to fleece off the popularity of the first film to earn more money for the filmmakers. Agree? Disagree? Let's talk about.
  19. Well, IMO at least..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONHHdjyyVHo...player_embedded
  20. Roadrunner2029

    Movie Themes song of The Past

    Inspired by the recent English songs thread. Thought it will be too many great movie themes to name in that thread, and they deserve a thread of its own. Regardless English, Chinese, Malay or movie scores, so much memories in them. Singaporean Singer Poon Sow Keng's all-time 50-60's classic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbxAhkv69r0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svsqEsqRDqU
  21. Aventador

    Singapore Movie - Wonder Boy

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHuDXuEofL4 New Singapore movie this weekend , story about the Dick Lee's growing up years in the 1970s looks interesting from the trailer, wonder if the movie itself is nice
  22. LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The next James Bond movie will be delayed indefinitely due to "uncertainty" from the still unfinished auction of MGM, the movie studio behind the film series, producers said on Monday. The so far untitled movie, which will be the 23rd in the series about the British spy, had been due for release in 2011 or 2012. James Bond is one of MGM's most lucrative franchises. But Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, the producers of James Bond, said in a joint statement, "Due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding the future of MGM and the failure to close a sale of the studio, we have suspended development on BOND 23 indefinitely." The two producers added that they do not know when development of the film will resume and when it will be released in theaters. A representative for MGM could not be reached for comment. MGM last year began exploring a potential sale of itself, and sources said in March the company received a $1.5 billion bid from Time Warner Inc. It was the highest bid received for MGM, but still below the $2 billion or more that the storied Hollywood studio had initially hoped to receive, and it could still file for bankruptcy, sources have said.
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  24. Leinad8919

    Nice English movie scene

    Please post your favorite English movie scene preferably with original dialogue & a simple introduction. The other thread too much rojak. Sorry. Here I start the ball rolling... Drive through shooting & suicide bomber scene in THE KINGDOM.
  25. Rayleigh

    Fast and Furious 7/8/n

    Lai lai lai, Fast and Furious 7 infor. A review of the cars used in the making of this film. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/film-news/11499770/A-guide-to-the-cars-of-Fast-and-Furious-7.html