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Found 170 results

  1. Mason016

    O level results coming out soon!

    No real O level thread so here goes. To all the MCF parents, wishing that your kids do well!
  2. https://mspoweruser.com/the-upcoming-huawei-mate-30-pro-reportedly-to-feature-revolutionary-camera-sensor/ The upcoming Huawei Mate 30 Pro reportedly to feature revolutionary camera sensor The Huawei Mate 30 Pro is Huawei’s next major flagship, and by all accounts the device will be rather revolutionary, breaking new ground with both its edge to edge waterfall screen and cameras. Now we have some more details regarding the camera which suggests the device may have 2 40 megapixel camera sensors with an additional 8-megapixel periscope zoom camera. https://twitter.com/RODENT950/status/1156545746679844864?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1156545746679844864&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fmspoweruser.com%2Fthe-upcoming-huawei-mate-30-pro-reportedly-to-feature-revolutionary-camera-sensor%2F According to @Rodent950 the device will be equipped with: 40MP 1/1.5″ sensor with f/1.6 – f/1.4 aperture, RYYB pixel layout and Cine lens feature when taking video. 40MP 1/1.7″ 120° ultrawide lens with cine lens features. 8MP tele 5X zoom The news appears to be corroborated by reliable leaker Ice Universe who posted pictures of the sensors: https://twitter.com/UniverseIce/status/1157861481767002112?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1157861481767002112&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fmspoweruser.com%2Fthe-upcoming-huawei-mate-30-pro-reportedly-to-feature-revolutionary-camera-sensor%2F The Huawei Mate 30 is clearly intended to be a specs monster, and when it arrives it is expected to be powered by the HiSilicon Kirin 985 chipset with an integrated 5G modem, 55W fast-charging support and 10W wireless reverse charging. The device is expected to hit the market sometime this fall. Will the news convince any of our readers to jump ship from Samsung? Let us know below.
  3. Lab4games

    Audi Q2 Coming Soon

    Audi's Compact SUV. Audi claims 405 litres of cargo room with the rear seats up and 1,050 litres with them folded interior Audi’s ‘virtual cockpit’ – a screen that replaces the traditional dials. This will be optionally available for higher spec models and can be configured to emphasise the sat-nav map or the dials depending on the driving conditions.
  4. StreetFight3r

    Android boxes gonna get banned soon?

    SINGAPORE - New laws will be tabled in Parliament some time this year to ban the sale of media streaming boxes with "add-on" services that help consumers access pirated content. This clarity comes on the heels of a three-year review by the Ministry of Law (MinLaw) and the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (Ipos) of copyright laws here. The legality of media streaming boxes has been a grey and contentious area as copyright holders have found it difficult to apply many of the usual legal avenues created in the DVD era against set-top box retailers that benefit from the sale of "add-on" services. "We are of the view that legislative amendments are needed to both clarify our policy position and the actions that can be taken against retailers of such set-top boxes," said MinLaw in its Copyright Review Report issued on Thursday (Jan 17). "The measures, which are absent today, will make clear that acts such as the import and sale of such devices are prohibited," said the ministry in a separate statement. The review involves two public consultations, three town hall meetings and 10 engagement sessions conducted since August 2016. Feedback from various stakeholders - including consumers, industry and trade associations, businesses, intellectual property law practitioners and academics - were sought. Close to 100 formal submissions and more than 280 online feedback forms were received by MinLaw and Ipos. The new laws will impose civil and criminal liability on people who wilfully distribute or sell a product that can be used to access pirated content if the product is designed for such access or advertised as such. It will also be illegal to sell a generic device with "add-on" services - such as supplying website links or subscription services to pirated content. The Copyright Act was enacted in 1987, with major revisions last made in 2014 to allow content owners seek a High Court order to get Internet service providers (ISPs) to block piracy websites. Before the revised law, they could not compel ISPs to block pirated content. Last November, the High Court ordered eight new piracy websites and any others related to them to be blocked, bringing the total number of such websites blocked to just over 60. However, there was no move to ban the applications in media streaming boxes, also known as Android boxes, and the boxes themselves.
  5. Seems like the new infiniti Q60 is coming soon to Singapore and it looks really sleek. https://www.infiniti-singapore.com/infiniti-now/campaign-news-events/infiniti-q60-coming-soon.html front profile: rear profile (looks a little like maserati ghibli's rear but sleeker):
  6. M'sia's new enforcement system to catch more speeding motoris http://www.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews...719-359968.html "The AES will use about 800 fixed and 500 portable cameras to monitor traffic in 831 "black spots" located along highways as well as state and federal roads." Can't speed on NSHW soon...
  7. Picnic06-Biante15

    SAF Regular Found Dead At Nee Soon Camp

    R.I.P. A SAF regular died in Nee Soon Camp Yahoo news: SAF regular found dead at Nee Soon Camp A Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) regular of Military Expert 2 (ME2) rank is believed to have died at Nee Soon Camp on Friday morning. Yahoo Singapore understands the deceased, whose name has not been revealed, was a senior course instructor from the SAF’s Medical Training Institute. He is believed to have hanged himself. It is not clear if the deceased was pronounced dead at Nee Soon Camp or elsewhere. An ambulance, CID (Criminal Investigation Department) vehicle, five police cars, and military police were spotted by an eyewitness at Nee Soon Camp around the time of the incident, said to be 8.15am. If confirmed, this would be the third suicide by hanging of an SAF regular in the last three years, after a 2nd Sergeant at Changi Naval Base in 2012 and a 1st Warrant Officer at a Lentor training area in 2013. link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/saf-regular-found-dead-at-nee-soon-camp-052535123.html
  8. Lai Liao https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/teachers-schools-and-jcs-pay-parking-soon I wonder why the govt has to take away this privilege for their own staff. Schools are not public carparks where the general public can park.. like MOE HQ. Why charge then?
  9. Teachers may soon have to pay to park in schools. The Straits Times understands that the Ministry of Education (MOE) is looking into whether public schools should continue to not charge staff for parking space in school compounds. Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao had reported on Thursday that the ministry has been discussing the issue since the start of last year. Currently, all public service organisations, including the Education Ministry, charge parking fees at their offices. But parking remains free at the primary and secondary schools and the junior colleges. Only school staff are allowed to park in schools. Last year, the Auditor-General Office's (AGO) report highlighted how the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), the Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and the Temasek Polytechnic (TP) were not imposing parking charges, or charging below market rate, for the use of their car parks. The report said such practices "are tantamount to providing hidden subsidies for vehicle parking". The report pointed out that ITE did not charge users for its car park, and the estimated amount of parking fees forgone was $66,000 a month. According to the report, SP implemented paid parking only in May 2013, but parking continued to be free for motorcycles. Parking was also free for those who parked their vehicles at the staff apartment car park. Of those who were charged for parking, some users, such as the poly's staff, tenants, and contractors, paid below the market rate. At TP, which started charging for parking in June 2014, it capped its daily car park charges at $1.50 for staff, and $6.00 for other users, resulting in some users paying below market rate, the report went on. Both the polys and the ITE had to review their parking charges. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapor...ok#xtor=CS1-10
  10. Sazali

    PSLE Results coming out soon!

    I am a parent of 3 kids myself quite concerned leh..I was told by my sister one of the student who committed suicide is my niece's classmate in S..gk..g Primary..reallypityful and my deeepest condolences to the family members......... What is our education system trying to achieve? Any parent bros here wana give good tips on educating kids..please share
  11. wat you think? will it be the next Asia euro travel company to close shop.....
  12. Singapore's number of old will soon match young for first time http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/singapores-number-old-will-soon-match-young-first-time more policy changes coming up in future? in terms of more FT/FW coming in, and higher taxes to support the senior citizens...
  13. So now Shell going to divorce with 7-11, is the "select" we see their own retail mama shop? seen this "select" quite some times liao. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/shell-to-end-partnership-with-7-eleven-chain Shell to end partnership with 7-Eleven chain FACEBOOK334TWITTEREMA Oil giant Shell will end its 11-year-old partnership with convenience store chain 7-Eleven this year, as it looks to rebrand its petrol stations to be in line with its "long-term business strategy". Shell Singapore retail general manager Aarti Nagarajan said the move started with the launch of its Tampines Avenue 2 station in June, adding that a "national revamp will take place gradually in phases with the introduction of Shell Select and Deli by Shell". This will effectively end Shell's venture with 7-Eleven. In 2006, Shell engaged the 24-hour chain to run its network of petrol stations here, saying the move would allow it to focus on more profitable activities. The Straits Times understands, however, that the exercise has met with mixed results - unlike a similar arrangement between rival ExxonMobil and NTUC FairPrice. Shell currently has 57 stations, down from 68 some 10 years ago, and as many as 74 in 2003. The drop is on the back of an industry-wide shrinkage, with the total number of stations falling from 222 in 2003 to around 170 today. Several sites had been assigned by the Government for other uses when their leases expired. Others were deemed security risks as they were too near high-rise residential or commercial developments. Ms Nagarajan, meanwhile, has dismissed market talk of Shell selling or leasing some of its stations to Chinese oil giant Sinopec as just that, talk. She described comments to that effect as "speculative" and "not been verified". Shell was responding to a Sunday Times report that Sinopec was entering the petrol station business here, and had secured two sites. In it, an industry source had said: "There's no economic sense having just one or two stations. Word in the market is that Shell may release 10 to 15 stations to them. Lease or sell, we do not know." Ms Nagarajan added: "We are committed to invest and grow our retail business in Singapore, which remains a strategic country for Shell."
  14. Kar_lover

    Toyota CH-R coming soon?

    Didn't see any thread on this so start one. http://2017cars.news/2016-toyota-ch-r/ Seems like the arrival of this car is quite confirmed and soon (1Q17?) with Vin Car already posting info and "estimated prices" on thie FB page. This might actually be my first Toyota and would likely end Vezel's domination. Would have preferred a 1.6T option instead of QQ-like 1.2T though....
  15. From: July 2014 Monthly Analysis: MAS to revoke loan curb "Singapore's retail performance in April has been hit by yet another dive, down by nine percent compared to the same period a year ago. This is partly due to the dwindling sales performance posted by the motor vehicle segment, which plunged 36.1 percent from last year. Since the inception of loan curb rules imposed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), sales of motor vehicles have been constantly declining. The loan curb has a profound and deep impact on car buyers - especially the middle to lower income group, due to the high amount of downpayment (up to 50 percent depending on the OMV of the car) required for any car purchase. This acts as a direct blow to the overall retail performance. And in many cases, such as during last November, retail sales would have grown if car sales were excluded. There is no doubt that the weakening figures have clouded the overall retail outlook. Compared to the previous loan curb, where the loan-to-value ratio was pegged at 70 percent, current rules state a maximum loan of 50 percent. Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam has reaffirmed that although the new loan rules are 'harsher' than before, the Government is well aware that there are people who really need a car, and hence, the loan curb will only be temporal. In addition, with an influx of COE supply expected in the following months, premiums may hit a new low. Recently, we have seen various implementations by the Government to iron out fluctuations in COE prices. As such, the authorities may end up loosening loan rules to drive up demand of new cars and stabilise the market. While the previous loan curb lasted from February 1995 to January 2003 - a total of eight years - there is a possibility the current one will not last as long. " The question is when will they withdraw this loan curb and is it total withdraw or partial? I would say of all the COEs policies/changes that came out lately, this is the killer and more deadly. I would prefer this loan curb to stay for certain level like 30% out front down-payment and max 7 year loan. If you can't even come out with the 30%, you jolly well save up the money and leave some for rainy days. What do the rest of the bro and sis here think?
  16. Has anyone visited Soon Huat Tyres recently? Noticed that its website has been down for the past few weeks. Wonder if it's still in business.
  17. http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/Owner...608-283038.html after Sunday flood, looks like the motor insurance is going to increase again!!!
  18. saw the notification on ch856 that it will cease the +3hr transmission soon. This is a useful channel and hope Starhub can reconsider.
  19. Hi , My current CAR COE expiring soon in Aug 2015 . I'm considering one of 3 following options : 1. Buy a new car with High COE 2. Buy a 2-3 used car , and buy new car in 2017 . 3. Give up driving for the time being , and buy new car in 2017 Any suggestion ? or anyone selling their 7-8 years old car ? Thanks .
  20. Anyone know how do I buy a car from direct owner? My car is scrapping in 2 months time means that I have to scrap my car before buying car from another owner? If I scrap my car, I will get back a paper instead of cold hard cash right? Any kind soul can advise? How do I get a loan in this case?
  21. Lethingochan

    Gst 10% soon

    as im watching tv the more i feel the 10% is coming
  22. LoverofCar

    ASEAN to declare single market soon

    How do you guys see such a move? Free travel within ASEAN? Possibility of same currency and etc....Personally, I foresee many issue such as the nearby countries crime starts to flood Singapore. Afterall, not all the Asean countries have the same economic development level. ASEAN to declare single market but delays deeper integration: Malaysia https://sg.news.yahoo.com/asean-declare-single-market-delays-deeper-integration-malaysia-134610829.html?linkId=11937214 ASEAN will officially call itself a single market by year's end, but "big things" like seamless travel within the 10-nation bloc would only come in 2020, Malaysia's trade minister told AFP in an interview. "We're going to declare ourselves as an ASEAN Economic Community," said Mustapa Mohamed, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the Southeast Asian bloc this year. "We don't have complete integration or harmonisation yet, 2015 is laying the stage for bigger things to come," he said on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos. "We're going to get almost there by 2015 but the big things like seamless travel... would come in 2020. "What's important is that we're committed, I'm not saying that we're backtracking," added the minister. The Southeast Asian bloc, a market of about 600 million people, had set 2015 as a deadline for integrating the region's vast economies into a single European Union-style market, with tariffs abolished and free movement of skilled workers. But there is much scepticism that the targets could be met, as the bloc is made up of countries in vastly different stages of economic development. Myanmar, for instance, is just opening up its economy after decades of isolation over its outright military rule which came to an end in 2011. At the opposite end of the spectrum is Singapore, which ranks among the world's richest nations. Mustapa acknowledged that it would only be "in 2020 that you'll see more progress in ASEAN economic integration" in term of the abolishing of non-tariff barriers, and flow of skilled labour. By year's end, there will be "freer movement of goods and services but not free movement of goods and services." The business community has been pushing political leaders to move faster on integration, but Mustapa said the ASEAN model is gradual. "The business community wants ASEAN to be integrated as one entity. The fact is that there are border issues, customs, immigration, and different regulations," he said. In addition, there is little understanding among the general public on how a single market can change their lives, said the minister. "Some fear that they would be robbed of their jobs, that come December 2015, I'll be out of job because my Malaysian friend is coming over," he said. "We need to do a lot more in terms of communication." Asked if Europe's recent economic woes over heavily indebted member states like Greece had put off integration plans, Mustapa said that "from day one, we know that we're not going to adopt the EU model". A single currency or a parliament were never part of the bloc's plans, he said. ASEAN groups together Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
  23. LifePro_Tips

    Soon Hup Transportation

    Soon Hup Transportation Our experienced and reliable staffs has extensive experience with the intricacies of moving personal effects and household appliances , beloved furniture pieces etc , to your new home or office location. We Offer All Transportation & Delivery Services , Delivery , Unpacking Assembly & Positioning Of Furniture Dismantle Of Import / Export Furniture Exhibits Delivery Free Packing Of Valuables Furniture House & Office Moving Local Household Effects Removal (Door To Door) Office / Factory / Warehouse Relocation Piano & Organ Moving Professional Cargo Packing Removal Of Packing Debris Safe Box Removal Wrapping & Packing Of All Items We Charge Competitive Reasonable price That Comes With Packing Materials Carton Boxes , bubble packs , corrugated rolls , brown papers & tapes will be provided whenever needed. Our domestic mover service includes professional packing or wrapping of all items. Carton boxes , bubble packs , corrugated rolls are provided to ensure all valuables , antiques and fragile items packed and handled with care . We use well maintained covered trucks for safe transit to your new location . Upon reaching your new residential or commercial premises , all furniture items after unloading will be unpacked , assembled and positioned . And all cartons will be placed in respective rooms in consultation with you . A full unpacking service is also available upon request . All debris will be removed thereafter. Soon Hup Transportation 38 Circuit Road #04-479 Swee Hong Industrial Building, Singapore 370038 Call: 6747 7226
  24. http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/09/15/378772/us-use-of-malaysia-base-may-be-a-coup/ US use of Malaysia base may be a coup: American analyst American political analyst Scott Rickard believes that it may be a “coup” if the United States starts partnership with Malaysia in South China Sea. “It would be a bit of a coup for the Americans to begin partnering with Malaysia in South China Sea and using airbases in Malaysia to conduct surveillance,” Rickard, former Intelligence Linguist, told Press TV on Sunday. He made the remarks when asked about a report that Malaysia has offered to let the US use one of its airbases to fly military spy planes over the South China Sea. Admiral Jonathan Greenert, the US Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), has said that the Malaysian government recently asked the US to operate the P-8 Poseidon aircraft from the country’s most eastern area, giving the Americans greater proximity to the South China Sea. However, Rickard said “either bases certainly are not required, either bases, I would say would be more of a political move, the Americans can conduct all surveillance they want.” He said the US is already present in the region. “The US Navy has a great presence in southeast Asia.” “So at the end of the day, this may just be a political move and discussions and they never happen or unfortunately it also maybe that Malaysia is making a mistake and then really making ties with the American Navy that it really should not be getting into,” he opined. Analysts say the move seems likely to intensify China’s anger at American surveillance of the strategic waterway. China, under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, has increasingly contested the right of the United States to conduct surveillance flights over its territorial waters. AT/AGB