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Found 794 results

  1. Is this a Parking Idiot? Yes or No? Was the driver selfish in the way he/she parked his/her car, depriving others of a legitimate parking lot?
  2. 1st july https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/parking-ura-hdb-car-park-higher-fines-illegal-11654998 Higher fines for parking offences from July: HDB, URA image:  (Photo: Nisha Karyn) 24 Jun 2019 11:21AM (Updated: 24 Jun 2019 11:44AM) Share this content Bookmark SINGAPORE: Motorists who do not abide by parking rules will face higher fines from July, said the Housing & Development Board (HDB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). In a joint press release on Monday (Jun 24), HDB and URA said the move would ensure that “parking fines remain an effective deterrent”. “The fine revision will only affect errant motorists, and will not impact those who abide by parking rules,” they added. ADVERTISING Fines for parking offences were last reviewed in 1991. ILLEGAL PARKING OFFENCES For parking their vehicles illegally, motorists will soon face higher fines of S$35, S$70 and S$100 respectively for motorcycles, cars and heavy vehicles. Advertisement Currently, the fines are S$25, S$50 and S$80. “From 2016 to 2018, an average of about 260,800 notices were issued each year for illegal parking,” said HDB and URA. Such cases included instances where motorists parked their cars in motorcycle or heavy vehicle parking lots, as well as non-season ticket holders who had parked their vehicles at season parking lots. COUPON, DIGITAL PARKING OFFENCES Fines for coupon and digital parking offences will also be raised, said HDB and URA. Currently, drivers of cars and heavy vehicles who park without a valid parking coupon or do not activate a digital parking session would face a S$30 and S$40 fine respectively. From July, the fines will be increased to S$40 and S$50 respectively. There will be no change in the fine quantum for motorcyclists, who currently face a fine of S$8 for such offences. Those who exceed their paid parking sessions will also face stiffer penalties. The current fines for over-parking range from S$6 to $20 for cars, and S$12 to S$40 for heavy vehicles. This will be increased to a range of S$8 to S$24 for cars, and S$16 to S$48 for heavy vehicles. There will be similarly no change in the fine quantum for motorcyclists, who currently face a fine of S$4 for such offences. HDB and URA said that from 2016 to 2018, an average of about 573,000 notices were issued each year to motorists who either did not pay the parking charges or had paid an insufficient amount at coupon parking car parks. “For car parks where the Electronic Parking System (EPS) has not been implemented, motorists can either use parking coupons, the Parking.sg app or the OneService App to pay their parking charges," said the authorities in the press release. PAYMENT EVASION OFFENCES AT EPS CAR PARKS Those who evade payment of parking charges by tailgating other vehicles or bypassing car park gantries at EPS car parks will also face higher fines. Currently, motorcycles, cars and heavy vehicles face a fine of S$25, S$50 and S$80 respectively for such offences. “To further deter errant motorists, the fines will be increased to S$35, S$70 and S$100 for motorcycles, cars and heavy vehicles respectively.” About 4,400 notices have been issued by HDB and URA annually to motorists for evasion of parking charges. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/parking-ura-hdb-car-park-higher-fines-illegal-11654998
  3. If you have visited a hawker centre before. You will know that in Singapore, we have a "chope" culture. You can "reserve" your seating when you place your prized tissue paper and it will make known to the public that this seat is taken. Today we have this XMM which I am assuming is helping her boyfriend to "chope" a lot. But instead of using a parking cone to cordon the lot, she stands and reserves the lot herself. The lady driver was very polite to ask if she can take this lot. 🤣 Unfortunately, this is a very short clip. I do not know what the XMM replied. Anyway, folks I strongly do not recommend you to "chope" a parking lot. Our parking system is actually quite good. Don't take advantage of the car parks. If needed, just walk further abit. Anyway, you will need to clock 10,000 steps each day to deem you healthy. So yeah. Just walk.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/SGRVAdmin/videos/1511031529269937
  5. Anyone has lobang for season parking at Ayer Rajah Crescent blk 67,71,73,79? Willing to pay. The carpark rates are going to double due to recently opened Timbre+ Food place. Really ridiculous. Now parking is as expensive as in CBD.
  6. Back to the age-old question - Is it easier to park with or without cars around you? In the forum discussion above, many said that it is easier to park with cars around you. Well, I would think otherwise. Watch this clip and find out why: This incident happened at an open-air carpark, located at 877 Tampines Street 84. What happened? The Lalamove driver, who was driving a Renault SUV, was caught on cam reversing into a PARKED AND STATIONARY Perodua. Oh wells. I am guessing the Lalamove driver held onto the notion that parking with cars around you will be easier. After realising he hit the Perodua, the Lalamove driver did not bother to even alight and check on the damage to both cars. Instead, he scooted away and parked at a nearby lot. How did it happen? Honestly, I don't know how an incident like this can even happen. I mean, almost every modern car these days comes equipped with parking sensors and a reverse camera. I am assuming that the Lalamove driver: (1) was using his mobile phone while reversing, or (2) did not bother to check his side mirrors while reversing. It is almost impossible to commit a hit and run in this day and age, especially with every vehicle armed with a dashcam - You will be caught, and the police will find you. Netizens' comments Maybe HDB has to start installing poles, similar to those in driving schools. What a shame. Same. I was looking intently as he attempted to park the 2nd time. Exactly my point. Got so many types of cameras - Dashcam, HDB CCTVs, LTA CCTVs and Police surveillance cameras. How to siam all of them? Update: Both parties have privately settled this incident among themselves. --- Thinking of selling your car? sgCarMart Quotz guarantees the highest selling price for your car. We’ll even give you $100 cash if you find a better offer elsewhere! Get a free quote to find out how much your car is worth today!
  7. One driver at my estate has been tailgating cars and even motorcycles out of our carpark for the past one year, close to two. This is on a daily basis. I know, because we leave around the same time every day . He parks at the white lots so if Fatimah comes they won't be able to check. Though I believe the system should only have his entry and not exit records. I've already reported to HDB fyi. Would you report or let it slide? Can still close eye if motorcyclists exit by the gap or if you wanna tailgate your friend out if you visit their house, but at least buy season parking for your own carpark la.
  8. So I recently passed my driver's license and have been parking in empty lots whenever I can (because it's easier for me). However, my friends have told me that they think it's much easier to park with cars on either side. I don't agree with them (mainly because I am scared that I will hit a car while reversing), but I do wonder if that is the case for most drivers. Is it true that it is easier to park with cars around and if so, what are some tips in doing it properly? 😓
  9. Earlier this morning, a photo of a BlueSG driver's unfortunate situation at Tampines was posted on Facebook. Judging from the caption, it seems like the driver tried to park the vehicle but ended up over-reversing onto the cement kerb. Even the electric charger was knocked down in the process as well. Netizens' reactions After seeing this post, netizens went to comment on their opinions of the driver's haphazard parking technique: What are your thoughts on this? Is a BlueSG car really that hard to handle, especially for beginner drivers?
  10. Hi all, May I know where is the cheapest season parking near PWC building(Cross Street) .don't mind walking 10mins if it's some distance away.
  11. I was told outside vehicles cannot park at police station carpark even for making police report. Why ???
  12. The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is going to test whether parking offences can be detected in real time using cameras mounted on vehicles. S'pore using camera mounted on vehicle driven by 1 person to spot parking offences Offences targeted include parking along double yellow lines, against traffic flow, and in lanes with a single continuous white line across a bi-directional road. The six-month trial's objective is to find out if using video analytics on a moving vehicle can identify and classify various types of parking offences, a URA spokesman said on March 18. The trial will start in the second half of 2021. At least 15 roadside car parks in areas such as Tanjong Pagar and Little India will be used for the trial. If successful, its deployment can cut manpower to seek out offenders. Only one person will be needed to drive a vehicle during enforcement operations. Such offences have to be verified physically. The technology is expected to work under all weather and lighting conditions. An enforcement vehicle will have a video camera, a licence plate recognition programme, and an artificial intelligence engine that processes video footage. AI will determines if a vehicle has been parked illegally. It can then classify the offence. It should also pick up heavy vehicles parked in spaces meant for cars. Tests will be conducted on weekdays between 8.30am and 6pm, as well as between 7.30pm and 10.30pm. The Straits Times reported that it understands that enforcement action will not be part of the trial.
  13. Since this is a car forum, can members here give a list of hotels that don’t give complimentary parking to hotel guests? I don’t usually do staycation in Singapore. My road trip travels to Malaysia has ALWAYS been given free parking. Due to travel restriction during covid, I’ve staycation a couple of local hotels. Felt disgusted by the lack of complimentary parking even after paying $300/night for the room.
  14. Hi kindly add if you have know if anymore places with free parking for phase 2 CB Esplanade - Free parking is available daily from 12pm – 3pm and 6pm – 10pm, until 30 Jun 2020 https://www.esplanade.com/visitor-guide/general-advisory Plaza Singapura - Enjoy 1 hour free* parking from 20 June - 31 July 2020 https://www.capitaland.com/sg/malls/plazasingapura/en/concierge/amenities.html
  15. Hi, anyone knows a good place to park full day at Changi Business Park? Or a good place for season parking?
  16. Hi bros, would like to check with u all is there any cheap season parking at chinatown? i am going to work at people's park complex and the season parking there is $200. any other cheaper alternatives?
  17. Parking Warden Allegedly Issues Summons For Illegally Park Funeral Vehicles Singapore might be a lawful nation, but there are times when exceptions are granted for parking summons during events such as funerals or religion processions. On Tuesday (5 Jan), a Facebook user complained about how a Certis parking warden was not being sensitive and compassionate when he allegedly issued summons to drivers attending a Jurong funeral. You can read the post in full here. In response to MS News queries, Certis clarified that no issued were summoned for the illegally-parked vehicles. Certis parking warden issues summon for funeral vehicles According to the post, the Certis enforcement officer had issued summons for funeral vehicles parked near the wake. This apparently happened despite the deceased’s family explaining that the undertakers had to park there to do their job. The warden later took pictures of the funeral vehicles. Officer allegedly issues summons for other vehicles too Vehicles belonging to other funeral attendees were also not spared. Despite the owners being in their respective cars, they were allegedly handed parking tickets. The user also claims that they were “not obstructing traffic in any way”. Though the netizen understands that the warden was doing his job, he felt that the officer could’ve been more compassionate and understanding, especially in this situation when a grieving family is involved. Security company says no summons were issued Responding to MS News queries, a Certis spokesperson said that the incident happened along Senja Road on Sunday (4 Jan). Contrary to the claims made in the post, the security company clarified that no parking summons were issued for the illegally-parked vehicles. The cars were later “removed” by the respective owners. Parking wardens have a difficult job on hand Maintaining the law yet being compassionate when it comes to such sensitive situations is a difficult task that our parking wardens must work with. We hope the issue in question will be settled amicably between all parties involved. source: https://mustsharenews.com/parking-warden-funeral-summons/
  18. Failed to display Parking Coupon in Lalan Kunning @ Pelangi Area for Lunch. Found a RM$30 summon on Windscreen . Can anyone help, advice How 7 Where is convenience to pay. Internet can or not ?... Appreciate yr input !
  19. Hi there, I bought a Honda Vezel couple of months ago and I am very happy with the car. I'm pretty comfortable with driving but my wife is still getting used to it. We find the parking spot in our building a bit tight and the rear parking camera only helps to a certain extent. Parallel parking especially during rush hour can be quite cumbersome so we thought a front camera would be helpful. For experienced drivers, this might not make sense, but for newer drivers it can add a ton of peace of mind (I think). My accessories dealer suggested a 360-degree surround camera to install in the car. I couldn't find any reputed brands online but wondering if any of you have experience with these? Do they actually work effectively? I've seen ATOTO, FSK, Weivision and CarThree but they seem to have mixed reviews. I know that the camera won't be as nice as a Honda factory installed one, but I am keen to explore. See this Youtube video: Examples Of Cars With 360-Degree Camera Systems Audi: Top view camera system with Virtual 360 View BMW: Surround View With 3D View Chevrolet: Surround Vision Ford: 360-Degree Camera Hyundai: Surround View Monitor Infiniti: Around View Monitor Kia: Surround View Monitor Land Rover: 360-Degree Parking Aid; ClearView Mazda: 360-Degree View Monitor Mercedes-Benz: Surround View System Nissan: Around View Monitor Toyota: Bird's Eye View Camera Volkswagen: Overhead View Camera (Area View) Volvo: 360-Degree Surround View
  20. Hi bro/sis, Company shifting to MBC (beside PSA, HP building).. So, now I'm busy looking around for nearby parking.. The cheapest I got is $203 per month for Comtech (behind MBC) and I feel that it's a RIP-OFF! Any recommendation for nearby parking? Even if park hourly is significant cheaper, I don't mind.
  21. It must have been quite humiliating for this particular Volkswagen Passat. Spotted on ROAD.sg's facebook page over the weekend are a few photos of a BlueSG car that needed to be returned but the driver found himself blocked out of the BlueSG parking lot by an irresponsible VW Passat. We guess the driver of the BlueSG vehicle must have been in a rush and realising that he had no other choice, decided to leave his BlueSG car in front the Passat before proceeding to charge his car. While netizens are all in support of the blueSG driver serving justice to the Passat owner, we feel that two wrongs won't make one right. What would you have done? Tell us in the comments below!
  22. Have you encountered trouble at carpark entries and realised that you needed to have another go with the IU scanner but the car behind is so close that you cant even reverse a tiny bit? We sure have and know how troublesome it is get the car behind to reverse so that you can re do the IU scan. Often, the driver behind refuses to bulge leaving you in an awkward position and frustrated at the driver behind you. Something like this happened on 22nd of October 2020 at Crawford Court between a Prius Trans-Cab and an unknown camera car. However, egos and tempers got the best of them and things turned out ugly. Who was in the wrong? Watch the video as posted by SG Road Vigilante and let us know in the comments below!
  23. StreetFight3r

    To park here or not? Fair?

    Post from ROADS.sg