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Found 41 results

  1. One driver at my estate has been tailgating cars and even motorcycles out of our carpark for the past one year, close to two. This is on a daily basis. I know, because we leave around the same time every day . He parks at the white lots so if Fatimah comes they won't be able to check. Though I believe the system should only have his entry and not exit records. I've already reported to HDB fyi. Would you report or let it slide? Can still close eye if motorcyclists exit by the gap or if you wanna tailgate your friend out if you visit their house, but at least buy season parking for your own carpark la.
  2. In our fast-paced and hectic society, it is easy to get triggered when unexpected things happen to you as we can see from this video that has been posted on SG Road Vigilante. In this video that was shot in Yishun a few days back, we can see a van which is the camera vehicle, coming to the rear of a Volkswagen Scirocco. While waiting for the gantry to be lifted, the car rolled back as one pair of its wheels were on a hump. The van driver gave the car a tap of its horn, triggering the Scirocco driver to come down and confront the van driver. For those who have no experience with dual-clutch gearboxes, some, if not most, have the tendency to roll back if the car is on a slope as the car behaves very much like a manual car in start-stop situations. Hence, the Scirocco driver wasn't trying to reverse on purpose. Was the horn necessary? Was it necessary to follow so close to the Scirocco seeing that he had trouble at the gantry? And was the van driver guilty of tailgating out of the carpark? Or was it simply just a case of an ill-mannered Volkswagen driver having a bad day? What do you guys reckon? Let us know in the comment box!
  3. When there is a will, there is always a way. This sure rings very true for this particular HDB parking offender as shown in the video posted by SG Road Vigilante. Dated on the 3rd of June, the video is pretty much self-explanatory. While we don't know what prompted the Toyota Prius driver to do that, sharp eyed viewers would have noticed that all that madness was quite unnecessary as the gantry opened up towards the end of the 48 second video. As usual, the comments on the page weren't exactly constructive.. But this one was pretty funny. Watch what this guy does here! 102516826_186940102600538_4929118169282379776_n.mp4
  4. Vratenza

    Carpark Gantry Cheats

    https://www.facebook.com/BehChiaLor/videos/1643962532526501/ https://www.facebook.com/BehChiaLor/videos/1697427000513387/
  5. Some of you may know, but just in case.. Recently got into some situations, when I was coming out of a car park and the barrier refuse to open. The box says "No entry record" One time I was lucky, push the intercom button and someone open the barrier. 2nd time was not, nobody answers the intercom and a frustrated queue of cars formed behind and started honking. Case 1: I was exiting the car park when I got a ping for a pickup. The pickup location was right behind me in another car park. The gantry had open, but I reverse back to go around and exit via another gantry of the same car park. Big mistake. "No enty record", cannot exit. Case 2: I enter a open air car park, and then want to get out, but the place was blocked with illegal parking. So I saw some space near the entry to the MSCP. I moved forward to reverse. Unfortunately too near the MSCP and the gate open. I didn't go in, but reverse to get out of the open space car park. Again "No entry record" Now, this is the problem. You are headed into an EPS car park, your IU is recorded. Then when you get out, your IU record is DELETED when the gantry opens. If the gantry opens and you didn't go through, but reverse back. Your record is DELETED and you can't get out again - No entry record If a MSCP is fully enclosed within a open air car park EPS, you drive into the MSCP, your open air car park record is DELETED. Only when you exit the MSCP into the open air car park, then you have an entry record. So the next time, you see an empty lot just besides the exit gantry, be careful when you're reversing into the lot. Go too far forward and you trigger the exit gantry, your entry record is deleted. Then you reverse and parked happily, until you try to get out - No entry record.
  6. Saw the sign board that Bradell to AMK Ave 1 will be closed from 12mn to 5am on14 & 15 Feb for gantry launching. ERP gantry ???
  7. This in-vehicle unit by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries informs drivers when nearing a priced zone such as LTA's proposed ERP II system. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is expected to call a tender for the installation of the next generation of electronic road pricing (ERP) system as early as the first half of next year. The Straits Times understands the satellite-based system - which can charge motorists for the distance they travel in the priced zones - could be up and running before 2020 if all goes well. The first phase, however, is likely to merely replicate what the current 15-year-old system does: charging drivers each time they drive past an ERP gantry. Although there is potential for it to go island-wide, the so-called ERP II system will initially cover the areas marked by today's network of some 70 gantries. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/erp-ii-tender-may-be-called-early-2014-20131130
  8. dear all, who to write to as this evening when i passing by ERP Gantry the ERP unit suddenly display "Err" , i think i going to get a ticket for not paying the fee. thanks in advance
  9. From February 4, motorists who pass a gantry along the Central Expressway (CTE) before Braddell Road will not have to pay Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges between 8.30am and 9am. The gantry is at the southbound portion of the CTE. Currently, motorists pay a S$1 ERP fee from 8.30am to 9am. The gantry is the only one affected by the Land Transport Authority's latest quarterly review of traffic conditions on ERP-priced roads and expressways. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1250678/1/.html
  10. either another idiot slammed on the brake becoz of cashcard not in IU or another MO there is one big van between S300 and kangoo Altis after the ERP line seemed to be workshop 'guy', just speculating..
  11. Hi folks, Just to check, there was a few occasion that I pass ERP gantry at CTE (towards city) and exit at Braddell exit, I noticed there were flash from the top (I think I encountered 2-3 times). Initially, I thought it was due to no credit in the cash card or faulty IU, however, I realized after passing through the gantry, my IU will show the charges and balance on the display. So looks to me the IU and cashcard no issue. Now I'm wondering whether is it due to my speed that ERP gantry flashes on me ? I'm not sure of my speed at the point of entry but it's definitely above 60Km/h. Anybody have similar encounter ? Thanks
  12. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Monday said it will lower Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) rates at the CTE gantry north of Braddell Road from Nov 8. From 8am to 9am, the current ERP rate of $2.00 will be lowered to $1.00. The rates for the other gantries will remain unchanged. The revised rates come after the LTA's quarterly review of traffic conditions on ERP-priced roads and expressways. The next ERP review will take place in November this year, for the December school holidays. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_729022.html
  13. Lately i notice flash light when i pass under the ERP gantry in the morning on CTE towards city just after AMK AveOne flyover..... how come? hope they dont combined speedcam with ERP sensor??
  14. Grindcore888

    Before Gantry ACCIDENT 05April2011

    forgot insert CashCard ? jammed brake, bang ! bang !
  15. Saw the other thread where Pierre Png did a dangerous stunt to stop on the PIE to confront another driver, so just relating an incident this morning. Anyone here witnessed a "champion" auntie who stop right in front of the ERP gantry after Kallang Bahru towards Tuas this morning on the 2nd lane of the PIE to insert her cashcard, and I meant stop as in 0km/h not slow down. Luckily I was on the first lane approaching the gantry when a whole row of cars on the 2nd lane came to a stop. Drove pass the car and saw an auntie stretching to insert her cashcard. Think that is a damn dangerous act especially on the expressway. Wonder if the ERP gantry have any camera to capture the incident.
  16. Any brudder knows what kind of technology is used in the ERP gantry system? Just imagine the strength of the scanners, maybe some advanced kind of radio wave so powerful that it can suck $$$ from your cashcard. Will your brain juice get sucked dry as well? Are we being exposed to dangerous levels of "sucker rays", the one that aliens use to zap people up into their space ships/flying saucers? Is that why the authorities are thinking of switching to GPS tracking? I mean what if these radio waves wipe out the car owning population and in the end they have nothing left to suck, then HOW? What is there left for them to suck? Hur?? Share your thoughts here . . . . good night, I'm off to bed.
  17. Hi all As those who drive along Lornie Road knows, it is jammed from 730-930am daily despite the addition of another lane, these few days, my IU has been beeping at the same spot along Lornie Road (cashcard less than $5. The beeping is similar as when you pass through an ERP gantry and indicates low value cashcard.. Thus, I'm suspecting LTA is installing an ERP along Lornie Road soon, please insert a low value cashcard and try driving pass Lornie Road, it is always the same spot where my IU will beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppp.. Osiris EDIT. Add Suspected to the title. You are not announcing a confirm new gantry. It's speculation on your part
  18. LTA first implemented the Electronic Road Pricing system back in September of 1998 as a means of curbing increasing traffic in the city area. Ok, if I pretended to be a little naive, I could almost believe that they were genuinely implementing the system to aid in traffic flow. The revenue generating aspect of the system was just a fringe benefit. That was 12 years ago. Some how I get the feeling that the ERP has slowly shifted into its primary purpose over the years. These days, it's more of a revenue generating instrument for the government than a traffic regulating system. Why do I say that? Well, while I was on my way home last night from Suntec, I took the Northbound CTE towards Ang Mo Kio to get home. At the time when I spotted the ERP gantry (the one between PIE and Braddell exit), it was already 9:30pm. It was quite ridiculous to me that the gantry's 'In Operation' sign was still on and it was stated that it'll be on till 10pm. What I don't get is, after a whole day of charging people for going into the city area, is it really necessary to charge them a second time on the way out as well? No matter what LTA says, they're just fattening up their coffers. Even if the intention was to regulate traffic leaving town, is it necessary to keep the ERP on till 10pm? Seriously? That's not the only example. On 7 April 2008, LTA began operating their shiny new gantry at the entrance to the Toa Payoh residential estate. It is located right smack at the entrance with no escape for anyone coming off Braddell Road. Now, why would you need to put a gantry at the entrance to a residential area? To 'regulate' traffic? I don't think so. Why else would they plant one of those gantries at a residential area then? Well, I'll leave that to your imagination. What's next? Place a gantry at the lift lobby of every HDB? Have you ever wondered why the ERP was so easily implemented upon the local people? When Hong Kong tried to implement the same system, the territory's inhabitants vehemently opposed it. The government had no choice but to back down and were forced to shelve the plans. Unfortunately, unlike the people in the territory, the docility of our population is unmatched anywhere else. When the government introduces a policy that the population doesn't agree with, we'll just grumble. Like MM Lee once said in an interview, "Singaporeans are champion grumblers". But that's about all we do. Due to that, the ERP system will only grow more numerous with time. Until there's a cohesive effort to object the placement of more gantries, all we can do is grumble. Lest the government invokes the Internal Security Act. Sigh... Here's a glimpse into the future that awaits us...a future that isn't too far from reality at all... PRESENT The FUTURE This picture here takes the cake...hahaha
  19. Anyone can share or think about what is the point of shifting the ERP by 150m at upper bukit timah? really got effect or due politcal reason? So what s the cost shifting the gantry ..who pay ? pls share your view? Relocation of ERP Gantry along Upper Bukit Timah Road Map of relocation
  20. Jackfoo

    ERP Gantry offence

    may i know where to check whether we commit any ERP gantry offence?how long then the LTA will mail us the letter? this morning after passing by CTE gantry toward city then notice my cash card holder cover will in "open" position ...& the cash card is not fully inserted into the IU unit...after i send my car to service center before hand..
  21. As above, my cashcard got damaged while passing thru the Bencoolen Rd gantry. The amount was deducted successfully but secs later, my cashcard reader came beeping away. At first i tot its due to low cash value. Only to find out that it got an error reading the cash card.. The cash card is officially "dead"... Luckily I have another spare one if not I wun be able to park my car unless I go for a coupon one..
  22. Today i went to SMU for my matriculation, drive my OPC there... park for 5 hrs plus and the parking charges was $12.82... then proceed home.. took CTE during peak hours and the last gantry, got a 50cent toll charge but my card left 48cents.. Is there anyway to avoid the $10 adminstrative charge? I heard that if we go pay on the spot it ok alr.. but where is the place? ERP is crazy man... i think i kanna $3-$4 in town area... not gonna drive to school anymore.. suck my $20 cashcard dry in a day!!
  23. I went past an ERP gantry just around the time it was supposed to start operation. I saw the display was off and I was very happy. Unfortunately, the toll was still deducted from my cashcard. Is this supposed to happen?
  24. For those drivers who stay beyond Bedok and often ply PIE toward city regularly, you would have probably obvious one grey metal pillars being built on the edge of the expressway and another pillar in the middle of the expressway just outside the Bedok slip road. It doesn't look too good to me thou[sweatdrop] Is this the sign of Every Road Pay era?