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Found 41 results

  1. Hi all, I would like to request of any car owners out there who had rear aircon installed for their Toyota Wish and so far how reliable it is and if it will drain off battery or shorten the compressor due to sharing between main and this additional rear unit? Thanks a lot and appreciate!
  2. Hi bros Need a recommendation for reliable distributor for a CCTV to be installed outside the house gate as my neighborhood has been experiencing housebreaking and stolen shoes and belongings outside corridors almost every week. My 2 pairs of shoes got stolen lately. When has Singapore become such an unsafe country? :angry:
  3. Eviltrap

    Wrong tyre profile installed

    Hi guys, just want to ask a question. I recently changed my tyres. Ordered and installed the wrong tyre profile. Supposed to be 225/45/R18 But installed 225/40/R18 Will there be any detrimental effects on the car, tyres, or other things?
  4. Tianmo

    The Warmest Fridge

    Will this happen here???......... Restaurant owner installs fridge outside to feed the homeless A restaurant owner who put a fridge laden with uneaten food on the street outside her business to help the needy has said she felt compelled to act. “If I kept doing nothing then nothing would have happened,” she said. Minu Pauline, owner of the Pappadavada restaurant, in Kochi, southern India, was moved to combat both food waste and hunger after seeing people scavanging waste food from bins. The fridge – nicknamed nanma maram, meaning ‘tree of goodness’ – began as a place people in need could pick up excess food from the restaurant. It has now become a community hub, with people from across town donating to it. Ms Pauline, 28, was inspired to install the fridge after seeing a woman searcing her rubbish bags for food late one night. “It was very sad,” she told The Independent. Minu Pauline, left, as the fridge is opened for use (Minu Pauline/Facebook) “Just imagine being in the situation where you should be asleep but you feel too hungry and you have to go out to find food.” At the same time, she realised how much food is wasted by society, including in her own restaurant. “Money is yours but resources belong to society,” Ms Pauline said. “If you’re wasting your money, it’s your money, but you’re wasting the society’s resources. Don’t waste the resource, don’t waste the food.” She came to a resolution to do something and hit upon the simple idea of installing a fridge and encouraging her customers to put in it whatever they didn’t eat. The fridge is left unlocked and unsupervised for 24 hours a day, and anyone who needs to can utilise it. It feeds dozens of people every night. Critics, seeing the idea of a businesswoman installing an attraction deliberately drawing the homeless to outside her source of income as crazy, initially dismissed the idea. “I know it’s risky,” she said. “But it’s for the good of the community. Nothing has happened before because no one wanted to take a risk. “Nothing has happened yet, but I’ll take it out if I need to.” “You should stand up for the change you wish to see. “I have so many smiling customers,” Ms Pauline said. “I can feel the positivity in my shop.” One of the best aspects of the project is that her example seems to be spreading. “I recently saw two kids outside the fridge,” said Ms Pauline. “After they left, I went to see what they had been doing and in the fridge was some pomegranates and candy that they had donated. “I’m so happy to see the message being spread to the next. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/restaurant-owner-installs-fridge-outside-to-feed-the-homeless-a6963861.html
  5. Hi everyone! I just installed my headlights a few hours ago and it already started misting up! The garage told me "misting up is normal, but if water gets in we'll replace it." Is this the way it's supposed to be?
  6. Hi folks, Just to check, there was a few occasion that I pass ERP gantry at CTE (towards city) and exit at Braddell exit, I noticed there were flash from the top (I think I encountered 2-3 times). Initially, I thought it was due to no credit in the cash card or faulty IU, however, I realized after passing through the gantry, my IU will show the charges and balance on the display. So looks to me the IU and cashcard no issue. Now I'm wondering whether is it due to my speed that ERP gantry flashes on me ? I'm not sure of my speed at the point of entry but it's definitely above 60Km/h. Anybody have similar encounter ? Thanks
  7. Hi to all those with cameras installed in their cars... Got stopped in Immigration Custom (from MY back SG) over the weekend over the cameras (front and back) for closed to an hour... Apparently, the officers had no idea what the cameras are for and after much explanation, they did a check with LTA but no firm reply from their side....In the end, they took photos of the cameras and car...saying they will revert back to us.... Probably can try to disconnect the cameras before entering customs as it is illegal to take photos and video in the area.... Cheers.
  8. Hi All, I was using MaxZone and MaxZone GT for 1 year and recently added a D1 Spec Voltage Stab to my ride. however, I was told by a workshop that carries that Maxzone products that I should take out either the VS or both my maxzone products as they conflict with each other. Can anyone share some insights into this? I do not want to spoilt antything. thanks for all the input
  9. Guys, I noticed my radio reception very bad after I installed the Pioneer processor for my Pioneer DVD (4150). Is it related? My installer say the processor will make those noise more audible? True?
  10. Hi gurus out there, My car is installed with a active sub underneath the driver seat & recently i juz changed my old car HU into a pioneer HU. After which, i noticed my active sub has been behaving abnormally by producing intermittent bass from the sub. While listening to a song, 1 moment i could hear bass coming from the sub & the next moment the bass vanished. This symptom goes on & off irregularly thruout & i tried adjusting the settings on the sub itself but still to no avail. Wat could be the problem im encountering? Gurus pls advise. Thx!
  11. http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-20WxbNy-1000.html I've asked LTA abour the installation of roll cages before and they replied with a huge No. Their reason showed that whoever was in charge of the issue, did not do their research. I'll not go into that... anyhow, what do you guys reckon? Does the car in the weblink have it on for real? Or just some fake tubings as cosmetics?
  12. Hi all I got a set of GPS/GSM alarm system installed on my car. I frequent Malaysia often. Anyone has any advise which telco's SIM card i should get. The primary function for this SIM card is in the event if the car is stolen (most likely in Malaysia if it happens), the GSm/GPS unit will send sms alerts to my handphone. I am undecided if I should get a SGp or MY SIm card and which telco provider? Anyone? Thanks.
  13. can solar film be installed on the outer instead of inner?
  14. Wanted to go for this 7'' unit..any one here installed?
  15. Hi all, Any bro here installed Pivot AT drive? Any feedback?
  16. Hi all, Just want to check if anyone has installed these headlight booster cables before and if anyone has any feedback if it really helps brighten or boost the brightness of the headlights after installing? I have found these 2 products online and wish to know if anyone has installed it before and can offer any feedback if they work to make the car's headlight brighter and also how does these devices' technology enhance the brightness of the headlights? 1. Light Enhancer Cable - http://www.rdyautocare.com/index.php?main_...;products_id=40 2. Headlight Booster Cable - http://www.ysh.com.sg/car-acce-booster1.htm Thanks all for any feedback on these products as I am basically looking to make my headlight brighter without opting to go the HID conversion route. Moooooooooooo
  17. My alarm system had been giving me some problems lately, eg. - super short range - sometimes unlock, sometimes don't want to unlock. - sometimes alarm activated for no good reason, causing loads of noise for nothing I also had a URES (universal remote engine start) that was designed locally by a friend. This little electronic gadget attaches itself to any alarm system to allow for the remote control to be also used to start the car from a distance away. So when my alarm system finally went hay-wire, I looked around for a few shops to quote me on a simple alarm system change, ie. - able to lock/unlock the car - able to sound off as an alarm - no need for fancy shock sensors, gps, two way, blah blah blah features Most of the shops quoted me around $180 for that . This guy managed to get a set for much lower. On top of that, he re-connected my old URES to the alarm system and now I can start my car from a distance too. The URES is pretty neat too, allowing me to set the following things into it:- - engine crank time - electrical system delay after engine start, eg. switch on air-con after "x" amount of time after engine start - pit-stop function up to 20min (let's me remove the key from the car, leaving the engine running and lock the car, good when I may have passenger in the car who wants some safety while I go pay for something nearby or grab a newspaper from a shop) - turbo-timer function And to think that my URES was one of the first generation pieces that he designed too. It was previously fitted in my old Vios, but I didn't have time to do it up in my Silvia until last weekend when he changed my alarm system too. And it's very easy to self-set the various functions too, all with the use of the key turns and brake pedal only. Now my basic alarm system can do the following:- - Lock/Unlock (arm/disarm) - decent long range now - Finder mode - Autolock doors only after stepping on brakes 2nd time while driving - Side indicators blink when any door is open, even when car is off - URES : Remote Engine Start / Stop (consistent crank time) - URES : Pit-Stop (set at 15min) - URES : Delayed electronics on (set at 5 sec) Universal Remote Engine Starter (ENHANCED Version) [inline URES.JPG]
  18. I picked up a EPS booklet on my car screen window, it mentioned it can achive 20% fuel saving[dizzy] wonder how true it is? if anyone has installed it, kindly feedback here
  19. With a turbo timer, and some holes at the driver side for those meters and stuff. I wonder how it will affect the car after he removed it? Anyone thinks the ECU is programmed for that, which affects my FC?
  20. I got a shop to install the Stebel Magnum 2 horn and the guy removed the wire from the stock horn, and directly connect it to the 2 x magnum horns. He didn't use the relay provided. then on the way home, i managed to horn someone who dashed out from side road.. after 5mins of driving, i signaled to turn. when i signaled, after a few seconds, the signal light stop blinking. So i reset the signal stick and then signal again, and sometimes it just stop blinking. i tried in car park and sometimes it blinks non-stop and sometimes it stops after a while. what could be wrong? not enough power because of the horn? Any advice and then i can tell the installer to do the changes...
  21. Dear Guru, need some help,installed unichip Ver Q at chuan lee hin last week. My car now stalled occassionally when stop at traffic light. Idling seems abit low 500-600. Yesterday at a speed of 80km, accelerate, rpm up but the speed cannot go up and the car jerking. faster let go accelerator and back to normal again. Is the turner tune my car till too "rich" (Too much fuel?) thanks
  22. Thought I tried this forum to see if anyone has fitted ARQRAY(spelling correct?) exhaust on their cars. Made in Japan, stainless steel n titanium tips. Comes in single split or quads. Actually what I want to know is 3 things: 1) does it sound good yet not too loud. 2) adds some performance improvement? 3) is it "lee-girl"? (stupid Q )
  23. jus got my reverse sensors installed this morning at "Specialist Audio" in Alexandra Village. total 4 sensors along the strip. picture taken from my pda phone, sorry for the lousy picture quality. Many Thanks to skodasales aka jason.
  24. Boring

    Installed the PRS

    Newbie here. Just upgraded my rainbow SLC to the PRS. Got the mid-bass and tweeters seperately since I don't need the x-over. Set-up still pretty basic compared to some brothers here. 1. 8650 (active) 2. TS-M171PRS mid-bass 3. TS-T031PRS tweeters 4. PS Tantrum 400.4 5. Helix blue 2 6. Lightning audio 10" SVC 7. Belden speaker cables 8. Klotz with canare plugs RCA I might pop by for the next meetup if you guys want to audition. Speaker still need to break-in. Was also looking at the focal K2 before deciding on the PRS. Next target is the shallow mount pioneer subs. Need more boot space...
  25. Let the pics do the talking.. Stock Engine Open Pod done... Together with CAI..