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Found 188 results

  1. ins1dious

    What did I do wrong when parking?

    Quick background; Have 4 kids - 3rd & 4th were twins so have a largish twin pram. Drive an Audi Q7 and the boot door needs a big space for it to swing open upwards. And also cos of the pram, I tend to park with nose in (at least when I can and definitely at home where I have more control). This way there's space to open the boot and load that big ass pram. Stay in a condo where there's plenty of available parking. Most people have two cars and still there's no complaints on number of spaces available. So choices aplenty for everyone. I'm attaching a rough layout of the parking under my block. I've marked out where I park the car 99% of the time (sometimes someone gets there before me in which case, I just find another spot). As mentioned above, I park nose 1st and within the lines marked out. So this morning, I found a note stuck to my windscreen. Note say that I should have the "courtesy" to move forward when parking if I should come early to give the guy coming behind a chance to park I'm sorry, what the heck does he mean by having a courtesy to move forward. I get that he wants me to move to the bay in front of me so that way, he won't have to go around the lift bay and park his car. But how the heck does he know what my requirements are or why I do what I do? If he had the decency to leave his number, I would have explained. But this anonymous bulls**t note saying I'm not courteous cos I'm inconveniencing him by going around the lift block is uncalled for. Or am I wrong?
  2. Sex videos of female SCDF officer leaked on porn sites and sex forums Several sex videos featuring a female Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officer were leaked online last month. The videos allegedly stolen from her hacked phone were reportedly uploaded online by a former sexual partner. The police are investigating the incident. Last month, a series of sex videos began circulating online on sex forums and different pornographic websites. The videos, most of which are longer than one minute, show a female officer in SCDF uniform, her face visible, engaging in sexual acts. SCDF details and information about the woman were also revealed online in the titles and descriptions of the videos. The woman is easily identified in some of the videos where her face is clearly seen. In the videos, the officer is allegedly featured with different men, although their identities are unknown as their faces are not visible. According The New Paper (TNP), an SCDF spokesperson said the female officer who is getting counselling support, lodged a report with the police. “SCDF is aware of several private videos of a female officer posted online, but the police are “unable to comment further” while investigations are ongoing,” said the SCDF person. At this point of time, some videos have since been removed from circulation. Different offences come into play regarding this case, as discussed by James Ow Yong of Kalco Law. First, the person who gained illegal access to the woman’s phone could face a charge of unauthorised access to computer material. According to the Computer Misuse Act, the offence is punishable by a jail term of up to two years, or a fine of up to $5,000, or both. Second, the act of sharing or circulating the videos online, which include re-posting already uploaded material, may be considered an offence under the Penal Code of transmitting an obscene video through electronic means. According to Ow Yong, each video could count as one separate charge. When convicted in court, the perpetrators could face, per charge, jail time of up to three months, or a fine, or both. Third, the act of sharing the woman’s personal details could also be considered an offence under laws covering harassment. Ow Yong said that under harassment laws, if the particulars shared were “threatening, abusive or insulting, thereby causing or likely to cause the woman harassment, alarm or distress”, offenders could face a fine of up to $5,000, or a jail sentence of up to six months, or both.
  3. 92 children in China burned by TCM treatment gone wrong https://www.asiaone.com/china/92-children-china-burned-tcm-treatment-gone-wrong A hospital in Jiangxi, China, has recently suspended a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) therapy after 92 children suffered from burns after receiving the treatment. Known as sanfutie (三伏贴), the treatment usually involves applying medicated patches on various acupuncture points on the patient's back to treat illnesses. According to Chinese media, 881 children received the treatment from July 12 to 13. With Jiangxi Provincial Hospital's reputation as a trustworthy and top-tier medical facility, the therapy was highly anticipated by parents, said a mother, Wu Meng (pseudonym), whose daughter and son received the treatment. 10 minutes after application of sanfutie, however, her daughter "could not bear it any longer and ripped off the medicinal patch," she said. Meanwhile, her son bore the brunt of the effects of the treatment which lasted for two hours. By night time, his skin started to turn red. The boy cried constantly, was unable to eat and maintained a high fever for 20 hours, Wu told Red Star News. According to investigations, the reason behind the children's adverse skin reactions to the TCM treatment was a change in the formula of the herbal paste that was used. Young ginger was replaced with old ginger and the alcohol concentration of the paste was increased from 56° to 62°. Hospital staff had believed that the new formula would be more effective. Instead, the 'improved' formula saw children suffering adverse skin reactions, ranging from redness and swelling of the skin, blisters, broken skin, to burns. Parents have appealed to the hospital to conduct an examination to prove that the treatment has no toxic side effects, and publish the components of the herbal paste, so as to reveal whether it contained any harmful ingredients. They also asked that the hospital allow affected children to stay at the hospital for treatment, as well as provide appropriate compensation. Meanwhile, the Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Provincial Health Commission has instructed the hospital to dismiss the staff responsible for the incident and also provide sufficient follow-up treatment for the affected children. Such an incident is not the first of its kind. Red Star News reporters have discovered that many hospitals in Guangdong, Shandong, Henan, and other places have promoted sanfutie treatment. Patients who underwent the treatment at said hospitals also suffered from burns. wongxuemin@asiaone.com
  4. Ask98

    What wrong with MOE???

    Crazy MOE, http://www.facebook.com/pages/WE-WANT-to-S...1960353?sk=info Kindly "Like" it The Ministry of Education (MOE) has recently removed Archery from the 2012 MOE Sports Calendar just after 10 short months on the list. What will happen to us Archers? What will happen to those Archers who took up Archery as their CCA in school? Like many of the atheletes of other sports, we work hard, we train hard, we sweat, and all we want to do is to shoot. Why did MOE remove us from the sports calendar? What have we done wrong that made them kick us out? All we had done is practice hard and do our school proud, we fought for our school. Now it seems that all those efforts have gone to waste. Dear fellow Archers, if you love Archery and would not want it to be removed, please support us by liking the page. Please also help to spread this page to all the fellow Archers who are in Primary/Secondary school, JC or even tertiary levels. If the Archery Association of Singapore (AAS) does not do anything about this, let us tell the MOE. Feel Free to post on the wall of the page about how you feel about this matter. Although we are young, what about those seniors who have helped us in trying to include Archery as a main CCA? All our coaches have tried their very best to contribute to the sport they love by spending the past 16 years of their life trying to make Archery as a main CCA and be put in the Sports Calendar,. But all they have got in return is this? Is this fair to them? All the people whom have tried their very best, all their effort will be in vain. What would happen to the coaches of the many schools? To those who are non archers, although you are not an Archer but many of you might have friends or family members who love Archery and take them up as a sport. Do you want to see your loved ones give up on the things they love? Please also support us by liking the page. Our Voice needs to be heard, please help to spread this page to other people. As we need numbers to be able to convince the MOE to re-instate archery into the 2012 School Sports Calendar. Thank you
  5. Theoldjaffa

    Addy Lee Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

    Wow, people go for plastic surgery to look better. This guy ended up worse.. look like Ah Tiong
  6. Previously, Starhub had some extended service downtime, and did customer recovery by giving affected customers access over multiple channels for a particular day. Now, Singtel has this fire incident and is now doing customer recovery by giving customers speed boosts and access to multiple channels. My point is simple - they have got it all wrong. As a customer, I subscribe to channels I want and the speed I best need. When the incidents happened, I was DEPRIVED OF THE SERVICE I PAID FOR. There is no point giving me speed boosts and even access to all/multiple channels to make up. I don't need these at all! Rather, they should proportionately reduce the bill payable for that particular month, simply because I failed to get what I paid and signed a contract for. In addition, for customer recovery, they can choose to throw in some sweeteners, which can include speed boosts and free channels. What the telcos are doing now for customer recovery is simply cheapskate and completely wrong. CASE and the IDA should fight for justice for the hapless consumers who have to take whatever are thrown at them. That is the right thing to do.
  7. Eviltrap

    Wrong tyre profile installed

    Hi guys, just want to ask a question. I recently changed my tyres. Ordered and installed the wrong tyre profile. Supposed to be 225/45/R18 But installed 225/40/R18 Will there be any detrimental effects on the car, tyres, or other things?
  8. Yesterday was in a bad mood due to CO being *ahem* un-cooperative in the morning as we need to rush down to Changi by 9am. Later, I was at Tampines Mall with CO and after shopping there, she wanted to go Ikea Tampines. Being new to that area in Eastern part of Singapore, I look up Google map and memorized the direction given. Drove out Tampines Mall and supposed to drive along to avenue 9 then 12 before heading to TPE but ended up turning left somewhere and drove straight into Tampines Bus Interchange. Was finding it strange at first when I noticed people queuing up orderly and buses everywhere. Then it struck me! "Shiiit! I'm in the bus interchange! HOLY MOLY!" I yelled. Soon a couple of buses started to turn in and the first driver wad stunned like vegetable. We started looking at each other...loss for words. I waved an apologetic gesture and he waved back, pointing ahead and waved right. Took off and managed to drive out. Ehhhh . . . the question is, any bro out there did this stunt before and will I get a warning letter or what? Should have taken public transport yesterday, damn moody and not being my usual self. HAIZ! . . . . noob.
  9. The group of us shop owners have been parking our vehicles at the end of the road for the longest time. Clearly, we did not infringe any continous white line, nor are there any double yeloow lines in the area. Even when LTA enforcement officers came to book other errand drivers did not booked us, as according to them, there was nothing wrong with us parking that way ( we did asked them on several occasions). However recently some idiotic CISCO (based on the summons) started to issue summons on the vehicles, with lame reasons "parking in a manner that obstruct other road users", and "not parking in a manner parallel to the road". KNN WTF. Lim bei park neatly at the end of the road without blocking any entrances, obstruct what f%^#? I did not wait for the summon letter, and immediately wrote emails complaining the double standards and question them if these CISCO people are well versed with highway code anot. Let's see what they say.
  10. Wt_know

    Nokia's lesson to the world

    http://www.desispy.com/technology/we-didnt-do-anything-wrong-but-somehow-we-lost-nokia-ceo-steve-ballmer/551817/ Nokia has been a large and respectable company. They didn’t do anything wrong in their business, be that as it may, the world changed too fast. Their rivals were too capable. Other companies like Samsung, Sony, Intex, Lava, Micromax comes up with advanced features to attract the audience in Mobile Industry. this is a very very expensive and painful lesson even singapore is doing well today we must continue to excel and change else we will be left behind and obsolete
  11. Today morning a bit c--k up, i tear 9PM instead of 9AM. After realizing it, i fast fast fold back the 9PM and changed to 9AM. But hor, the 9PM got fold mark (i don't follow tear off the coupon) and one coupon 9PM got over tear so got one lobang at 9PM. meaning this coupon show 9AM and 9PM lobang lol. Will summon auntie hip xiong submit to LTA boh say i re-use coupon boh? wah lau i very worry now lei.......... later they say i cheat the system say i phua chao.. i good citizen never cheat the system wan....
  12. 22 DECEMBER 2015 Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2015/12/118611/woman-shifts-wrong-gear-ends-straits-johor JOHOR BARU: A 43-year-old woman had a close shave when she accidently shifted her car into the wrong gear. She was rescued by members of the public after she and her car plunged into the sea in Jalan Ibrahim Sultan, Stulang Laut here today. Heng Mee Lee was about to drive out from a parking lot located by the Straits of Johor when the incident occurred. Johor Baru Selatan deputy district police chief, Superintendent Mohd Nadzir Ghulam Kadir confirmed the incident. "The parking lot was by the sea. She was about to go home, but she entered the wrong gear and the car fell into the water," said Mohd Nadzir. Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2015/12/118611/woman-shifts-wrong-gear-ends-straits-johor
  13. RadX

    Advertising gone wrong!

    I still remmeber one condo ad said 'NO RESALE VALUE' now this booboo... My kind of ad...
  14. just ask for my bil... he is driving a wish... recently, theaircon is not functioning normally... when driving or car moving,,... aircon is cool.. normal... but when stationary, the aircon suddenly will become not coold and blow hot air sometimes....... what's wrong??... he asked a ws and that mechanics said dont know where blocked and need to strip open everything to check and that cost $700-$800 bucks.... i suspect that's bs ..if chocked, it will not be cool, right?.. and not intermittent... anyone has such similar problem before??...
  15. Antonee

    I got sala (wrong) meh?

    Earlier today, was walking towards traffic light where green man was flashing. Saw the timing left about 11 secs turnaround timing and i quickly make my way towards with a batch of pedestrians walking towards me. Apparently, one of the car turning right gave me a BEEP! What the heck did i do anything wrong? How did this goondu pass his licence? Didnt highway code teach driver turning right to give way to oncoming traffic where applicable? Boleh lah!
  16. Throttle2

    Something wrong with forum ?

    Just checking if anyone is facing the same issue The forum cant seem to load up properly when i use my ipad. The screen is slow in loading and the almost comes to a halt Moreover it keeps on saying that there is a problem with the webpage and keeps reloading? Perhaps its time i retire
  17. just bought a multi-function headunit from aliexpress ... told the seller the dimension of my current HU and he told me can fit. got the package yesterday and went down to fix it this morning ... but once i took the new HU and placed in in front of my current HU, can see that the new HU is about 5mm longer and can't possibly fit the current faceplate. anyone face this problem before ? tried to search online but these things cost more than to send it back to the seller for a refund and since my car is old model ... dunno have or not also. any other work around other than to spend more at a shop?
  18. Hi Guys. Firstly, thanks in advance for reading this. Something weird happened to my Liteace alarm system for the last two days. I tried to install a new 12V Cabin Dome LED and it did not work. So I placed the normal filament bulb back into the Dome Chassis and no light has come on ever since. Note that I'm quite sure I din short any part of the circuit. Now, the digital clock is gone as well (seems like no electricity) and cabin light cant be turned on. Additionally, my alarm system seems to went bonkers. I made sure all doors are closed yet alarm will go off (like as if doors are not closed properly). Ironically, I am still able to use the remote to lock the whole car but whenever I do so, my mileage meter will reset and my radio's recorded channel wil be gone. I have looked into the fuse box and found all fuse to be intact and in good condition. As such, I am suspecting that its the fault of my alarm system. Anybody faces the same problem? Just want to make sure as I dun wanna change a new system and this problem persist. Thanks again!
  19. Hi guys, i brought the wrong NGK Iridium spark plug model for my Honda civic EK SiR B-series model. Will i damage the engine or cause any problems to it? After i had changed, i kinda smell some sort of buring smell inside my car. I'm quite worried is it the cause of wrong model of spark plug i brought? I brought ZFR6FIX-11 instead of BKR6E-N-11..
  20. Super7

    Predictions before the next GE

    Make your predictions and comeback later to see how they turn out:- Pls list the predictions below in the order of highest chances of happening as you see them. Before next GE, - COE prices will drop below 50k - Property prices will return to 2010 level - Minimum number of attacks on oppositions in MSM:- 5 - 6 prior months of breakdown-free of MRT train services - No passing away of a certain promiment political figure - Passing away of the same figure - More tweakings of FT/FW import policies to curb the in-flows - Adjustments of ministers' salaries (downward) - Good forecast of economy / GDP growth for next 6 months - Good records of economy / GDP relative performance for immediate past 6 months - Pay rise of civil servants - Others (please feel free to add)
  21. I can hear a high pitch screeching sound when i start the engine sometime. once the engine start, the sound will disappear. It start several months back but it is comes every now and then. Anyone can advice what might be wrong? Am driving a 7.5yo Toyota Wish.
  22. <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/ltiHpfZIugY?feature=player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> From HWZ ...... apparently the driver was dropping off someone on a wheelchair ... I will never do it .... Right or wrong ????
  23. I was inside my car after parking it in a proper lot. Off the engine and opened the door while I gathered my things. And out of no where, a lady said "how can he open the doors like that this is a walkway". I turned back and looked, she was walking to the next space looking frustrated and kept staring at me like I did something wrong to her. All these while I was sitting in the drivers seat. She looked 30+ with a 6+ year old girl. And then I thought to myself, this is a walkway? I got out and look, ok, it was a walkway behind my car. I just continued gathering my things, closed the door and went on my way. Look at the pics, I don't know what u guys will think. But to me, no big deal to just cross at the next car right? And I also did not know there is a walkway behind. So in your opinion, do u think I've done something wrong?
  24. Just changed to Amaron battery but battery indicator still lights up. Does that mean car alternator is faulty or fuse blown? How to check?
  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRltAyiwfcc tok kong~! if i were the lorry driver, i would stop and wait for the fella to reverse instead~! KNN... so impatient~!