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Found 277 results

  1. Le_jeune

    15" or 16" for Toyota Vios?

    hi everyone, i read the threads in this forum with enthusiasm everytime. the comments and discussions are very informative to a new driver like me. I have a VIOS and it runs on a 14" set of rims. i am thinking of upgrading the rims but could not decide whether i shld go up 1 or 2 sizes. has anyone upgraded from a 14" and how is it? pls advise? thks.
  2. Now that is dangerous. Here's another case of a car catching fire while parked. As seen on SG Road Vigilante's page, a Toyota Vios caught fire despite not even being driven. This happened at on 2nd of Dec 2020 at blk 638 of Punggol Drive and thankfully it seemed like no one got hurt by the incident. It is unclear why the Vios lighted up on its own and we hope the taxi that was beside it when it was burning wasn't damaged. Could it be its in car-camera's back up battery? Or was it something else?
  3. While some of us who are working from home can stay in bed longer in this cool weather, others who have to go into the office had to brave the thunderstorm this morning (23 June 2020). Certain parts of Singapore experienced flash floods and there were plenty of videos and photos being shared around. For those who hasn't seen any of those, here are some of the 'highlights' from SG Road Vigilante and other sources. The Tanah Merah/Bedok area seemed to have had it especially bad. We were impressed most of the traffic still continued on their way despite the flood water at Upper Changi Rd. It is believed that it gotten deeper and a few cars ended up stranded soon after. af509655-736f-4915-b2d6-be4f95587fd7.MP4 Jurong East also had some issues with the flash flood too.
  4. A video of a Toyota Vios racer wannabe losing control on All Singapore Stuff's Facebook page has gone viral! In a short span of one hour, the video has gathered 170 likes and 61 shares! If you haven't seen the video, here you go, courtesy of All Singapore Stuff LMAO It's a short 17-second video that you can't help just playing over again and again and laughing your ass off. In the video, you'll see the Toyota Vios speeding pass the dashcam driver like an F1 race car as both cars approach a gradual bend. The keyword here is GRADUAL. Somehow, the Vios manages to spin out of control and hits the cement portion of the highway barrier… not once but twice. Ouch. Damages This incident so viral that even my father sent me pictures of the accident. Looks bad for the poor Vios. And the irony of it all The sign says “BE PATIENT I’M LOWERED”. Can you not see the irony in this? Here’s a zoomed-in view. What the people say Yeah, lucky siol. Some resourceful people managed to find the driver's IG handle. This post made me LOL again. I think he's not smiling, he crying.
  5. Another Toyota Vios has gotten into an accident similar to the white 2nd generation example that went viral few weeks back on 23 March. Thanks to an unknown vehicle's in-car camera, we can see that this black first generation Vios lost it as it crossed the metal expansion strip that joins different sections of the Anak Bukit Flyover on the PIE. As seen on SG Road Vigilante's facebook page, the car seemed like it was speeding in the drizzle when the mishap happened. Check out the lorry driver's good reaction and evasive skills in avoiding the Vios! The Vios came to a stop on lane 1 with a Prius curiously avoiding it causally. For those who were wondering was that a Police bike on lane 3, it wasn't. Watch the full video and let us know what you think in the comment box below! 1.mp4
  6. Spotted on the facebook page 'private hire sg cars/partners - grab, gojek, ryde, tada etc', someone posted a photo of a fender bender between a BMW and a Toyota and we were shocked by how much you can claim if you were involved in such a accident. This should not cost too much to repair right? Oh wait till you see the final amount submitted by the surveyor. Yup, you saw it right. The cost of repairs on the BMW E60 5 Series would amount to a staggering $88,000. To put that into perspective, you can buy yourself a similar BMW coupled with a new 10-year COE and lots of change left for petrol and parking. Others on the post agreed too that this is one really over inflated amount. That said, there were some who thought that the is not the actual amount that was asked for... Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on who's point of view, that is the discharge voucher which you could say is going to be the actual amount paid out. Of course quite a few felt that this is wrong... Let us know what you readers think of this in the comments below! UPDATE: There are some rumors that the discharge form was meant for a Lamborghini Gallardo and not the two cars as pictured above. ----------------------------------------------- Want to know if there are any more BMW 5 Series you could buy with $88,000, check out our used car pages! -----------------------------------------------
  7. May 2008 black Toyota Vios left 3 months $8123 is a good buy for renew COE? Current to renew 10yrs $39k. Car condition is good. Each year depre $4780 for 10yrs.
  8. Zxcvb

    Toyota Vios 2017

    Create a new thread on the facelifted Vios. Already locally manufactured and available in China. https://youtu.be/hL5slxCLG68 https://youtu.be/qDwWUlmZ6BM Comes in 8 speed CVT and ESC. Not bad. More to come as Thailand launching this today.
  9. Hey guys, I am getting my new Toyota Vios in a few weeks but it did not come with a reverse camera. I like to check with Vios owner if I can just install the reverse camera and link up ti the stock dvd player or I need to buy a brand new full set? Thks.
  10. Let me introduce you, my old 2010 and black Toyota Vios with fake carbon fiber hood! The car with dashing black limited edition 15" inch TRD Wheels, with "Brembo" brake callipers. https://www.facebook.com/carreviewsncare/videos/219492925663578/ Nothing is more fun that driving your own car, where you can sit in and outside of your car without worry the dent and scratches on the car. The interior of the car is spacious and come with full hard plastics dashboard that make the car really dull, suitable for boring man but it last really long time without rattle sound... The NCP93 VVT-i Vios engine is really powerful, cute and small at the same time. Now even Perodua Myvi 2017 are using the engine! The boot space is really big, and I can put all my rubbish inside without worrying dirty my car seats! The car come with hybrid of GT Street and TRD body kit that help to improve the aerodynamics of the car that cruising at 200km/h. This is no joke, man. I love the car because it don't have cruise control, volume control, paddle shift control on steering, etc...
  11. So_nice

    Vios (NCP42) problem

    i'm driving a fl06 vios and had some problems recently. 1. there is a werid vibrating sound coming from the left of the engine bay whenever i stop at the traffic lights with D engaged. not too sure wat happened. the car is about 87,000km now.. 2. the suspension seems to be gone liao. somehow abit rocking like boat. juz wondering how much for a set of 4? thx!
  12. Any bros out there drive vios got reccomended workshop in sg? Reasonable price and service..
  13. Ronnieseah

    Used shock absorber

    hi,got a vios left 9mths only. need to change shock absorber, where can I find place that sell used car parts?
  14. Hi all Jap car user users, considering buying this car (Nissan Latio, Toyota Vios & Lancer) but need your experts input on the maintenance cost. how much do you spent on maintenance on your Latio
  15. Anyone can help shed some light on this? As of 26 May, Altis starts at $121,888 while Vios starts at $126,888. Historically, isn't Vios cheaper than Altis? https://www.borneomotors.com.sg/asp/ToyotaPriceListPassenger.aspx
  16. Tayspiderx

    Toyota Vios 2013

    http://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_...p?CarCode=11315 honestly 100k? isnt Yen at all time low since 2009 P.s. Lets focus on Vios rather than been carried off with other topics
  17. HP_Lee

    Crash Test Toyota Vios

    Scary crash test of a Vios. What happen if Vios crash on to a conti car? Base on this crash I believe the backseat is gone too.
  18. it was raining heavily yesterday afternoon at bukit timah area. and this vios driver was so kan jiong to provide shelter for his mother and GF waiting for him at a pickup point that he engaged a R gear instead of P. he was lucky that i was sitting inside my car at the time and i saw the vios was actually started to move and reversing without a driver. at first i was really thought someone could have taken over the wheel from the inside. the heavy rain dropping on my screen was also affecting my visual too. later, i decided to make a dash to stop the car from any damages. so guys, this is what MT is safer than AT. double check your gear position.
  19. Hi guys, wanna check is there any workshop that can install new rubber seals outside the doors' windows? today i go car wash inside kena abit wet.. i suspect is the rubber seal.. and i see some of the rubber are coming off too.. any recommended workshop to rectify the problem or i can buy the seals at stockists and go to workshop to do? what would be e price range? thanks in advance!!!
  20. 22 DECEMBER 2015 Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2015/12/118611/woman-shifts-wrong-gear-ends-straits-johor JOHOR BARU: A 43-year-old woman had a close shave when she accidently shifted her car into the wrong gear. She was rescued by members of the public after she and her car plunged into the sea in Jalan Ibrahim Sultan, Stulang Laut here today. Heng Mee Lee was about to drive out from a parking lot located by the Straits of Johor when the incident occurred. Johor Baru Selatan deputy district police chief, Superintendent Mohd Nadzir Ghulam Kadir confirmed the incident. "The parking lot was by the sea. She was about to go home, but she entered the wrong gear and the car fell into the water," said Mohd Nadzir. Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2015/12/118611/woman-shifts-wrong-gear-ends-straits-johor
  21. I am currently driving the above. Been having 3 unresolved issues up till now. Steering wheel sometimes pull to one side suddenly for no apparent reason travelling on an even/straight road. Do I need to do wheel alignment/tyre rotation and balancing? Steering wheel sometimes pull to one side during braking. Do I need to do wheel alignment/tyre rotation and balancing? Loud creaky noises from front passenger door when making full turns at low speeds (Occur whenever I drive the car out for the first time in the day). I don't know how to resolve this. Any kind souls can help? Thanks
  22. Can someone enlighten me where can I fix this onto my car? I called one of the reputable shop and the lady ask me from my car wat model and the recaro from which. When I told her she like blur. Tell me wat got this cannot mod got that cannot fit. End of the day ask me to bring down which I guess most likely will tell me cannot do and recommend me to buy their seats instead. Anyone can recommand one? Thanks
  23. Hiphiphoray

    Vios Kiss Sonata

    Hiaz.......after all the reading all the car accident in MCF. Finally its my turn. Ths day finally came. The time was 5.30pm / 05th Feb 2011. Was sending my parents-in-law home from toa payoh to jurong east. My car have already stop at the toa payoh lorong 6 filter lane....looking out for traffic going to the TPY south flyover. Was a good 2 second after i have stopped before the dotted line, until a vios ram us from the back. Pushing our car forward a good car length....right into in-coming cars!!!! Thank god the in-coming car manage to stop in time....orelse...... . i was the driver and FIL was the front passenger, MIL and wify was behind, fully belted up. MIL was ok, but Wify hit the head against the front seat and bounch backwards. Head was in pain but gradually subsided later. I think its called wipslasp ???? (somebody pls enlighten me on this). The other driver was mid thirties and look shell shocked. Keep banging his hand against his head and said sorry. Until i open my car door and showed him my crying wify...his face turn green!!! I immediately said maybe we should call ambulance???? Wify said its ok no need....so didnt call. We exchange particulars. Duno why he didnt bring his driving license, so i wrote down his ic, address, name, contact number. Our car damage dont look too serious and i took a few photos. But he didnt take any photos! Advise me to go repair and claim cash from him. Later on he called and said if claim more than 3k, go claim his insurance. Hold up traffic slightly for about 10 mins and drove off. i manage to still go jurong east and back. Even pass him at PIE towards jurong. Wah kaoz....his car can still move. And without front car plate. This is the first time I am claiming somebody's insurance, so some kind bros please advise me what to do. I MUST REPORT TO OUR OWN CAR INSURANCE FIRST RIGHT ? Car + insurance is under wify's name and im one of the name driver. Our Insurance is Tokio Marine but the hotline in the website is not in use anymore. WTF!!! Office number is not contactable. There is however a list of approved workshop, which i havent tried to call. Should i call any of them and send the car in first ? I assume it will be on monday ? What about wify's possible injury ? Should i go make a police report and bring wify go see doctor first ???? Private clinic or govt SGH or even Mt E ???? Do i do everything now within 24hrs or wait until monday ? i doubt workshops are open tomorrow being a long CNY weekend. MCF bros pls advise.
  24. What brake pad can I change to on a 05 or 06 Vios. Left two yeas left but need to change coz I tried the car recently and the stopping is terrible. Will not vbe doing braided hose as that would be too much effort. Fluid have been changed a few times. I am suspecting brake pads, I have sprayed brake cleaner with no improvement. What pads can I buy? I hope to get some better pads and brake dust or rotor wear is fine.