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  1. Dear all, Planning to drive up to KL this weekend. I have never tried driving up north during the haze season. Wonder if the visibility will be bad as I heard that KL is badly hit by the haze?
  2. Sunset73

    Fiat Ownership - Good and bad?

    Are you a petrolhead? if you are, pls carry on. If not, give it a miss. But honestly, since it's a manual gearbox, the gb issue is non-existent. It should already be a relatively old car, so be prepared to spend some money on wear and tear. And not many workshops can handle Fiats. The ones i know of are in Sin Ming. Otherwise, Fiat cars are fuel efficient, and nice to drive.
  3. I can feel your fury bro. Imagine spending so much $$ on a Porsche and it turned out to be a lemon. I think you're just unlucky bro. I believe there are defects for every dont know how many number of cars that rolled out of the factory. And the thing is, SA really sucks based on what you have mentioned. But buying from PI is also not a good bet either?
  4. haha bro. Don't have i guess. But if you are loaded, i believe you can find someone to bring in the car for you with 3 pedals. However, I don't belong to the "FULL CASH" elite in MCF. I am just a peasant. Sell to the older generation. Those who are old but young at heart. I'll queue up if they bring that stick shift version here! Bro.. it's the driving experience. Somehow, automatic transmission don't really give the feeling of control. Feels like arcade simulator. New Suzuki Swift Sport (M) anyone? The price is a turnoff. Or a <1 year old Jazz 1.5M RS? Garage R selling at 8k+ depreciation. Looks quite good actually. Can consider.
  5. Sunset73

    Pump Petrol In JB - Worth it

    It's a pain to go in during daytime on weekends. Better for you to take leave go lol. Sunday can go but come back pain in the ass.
  6. I agree that many people are taking Class 3A instead of Class 3. Even lorries and buses now also come in automatic transmission. However, they should still cater some stock for people who love to drive manual. At least I will be one of them in the queue. I consider myself a driver only when i am driving a car with 3 pedals. 2 pedals just feel like......... Daytona.
  7. It just takes getting used to. It's nice to drive. So light and floats while you drive >130km/h on NSH
  8. If you want cheap and no frills transport, I present to you......... Toyota Vios Manual. Renewing that car lose minimum money because the scrap value is low anyway. And it is a workhorse. Reliable and fun to drive with the 5 speed manual gearbox.
  9. There is no chance you can undercut the dealer. Only the dealer can rip you off your hard earned monies. If you require minimum downpayment or 0 downpayment, you're at the mercy of the dealer as they deemed they you're overstretching yourself. What you just mentioned about admin fee, processing fee and 5% interest rate is the norm outside when you take in-house loan. You can nego with the dealer for lower admin/processing fee but i doubt they will agree because you have no bargaining chip. I suggest you shop around the different dealers. Some have lower admin fee ie. $300/$500 and no loan processing fee. Not advertising for Cartimes but i recently came across their 0 downpayment scheme with loan interest of 3.18% (partnership with FI) for a brand new car. You may want to find out about that.
  10. Sunset73

    Pump Petrol In JB - Worth it

    Is it the days when you drove a Kia Carens petrol? Now your Kia Carens don't even bothering going into JB for fuel. Singapore itself is cheap enough.
  11. Sunset73

    Pump Petrol In JB - Worth it

    Don't know is it coincidental or not. The few times the suspected water in petrol problem was when I filled up with petronas
  12. Yes bro. My fit currently driven by my bro as his car total loss. That's why I backside itchy buy a COE car
  13. Sunset73

    Pump Petrol In JB - Worth it

    I am a regular for JB petrol. Got a few times, after pumping, I drive for 5 mins the car suddenly feel loss of power, and vibrating badly at low rev. Was unable to rev up. A while later, it resumed back to normal. I suppose there's water in the petrol, or it could have been water seeping in because i pumped right after I washed car.