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Found 174 results

  1. Was travelling along Lornie Road (Towards Sin Ming) and saw the massive jam on the opposite side... Saw some firemen and a fire engine parked along side and seems they have just put out a fire on a Toyota Corona... Seems like car fires are becoming quite a trend recently...
  2. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/fire-st-regis-residences-tanglin-orchard-scdf-evacuation-11267600 Last month my mum neighbour house caught fire. With the huge surge in mobile scooters, it seems that fires is more common now... Do u guys have any fire protection in house like smoke detector, fire extinguishers? Thinking of getting some...
  3. While many auto manufacturers are gearing up for the next wave of automotive revolution, to produce more electric cars (including PHV - Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle) in-lieu of gasoline / diesel powered vehicles, are buyers and local government agencies (e.g. LTA, NEA, SCDF, BCA, etc.) ready for this big wave, and I am not merely referring to the basic infrastructure concerns, such as charging and servicing facilities. As the title suggested, this thread is more for taking an in-depth view on Safety and Environmental concerns, with regards to sales, usage, servicing and disposal of electric cars (mainly with the batteries). For a start, I will just be touching on the following, while more topics will be added in due course. I would welcome all to share their thoughts, and relevant stakeholders to take a leaf out of this topic. 1. Batteries At the moment, there are 2 main type of batteries commonly used in electric / hybrid vehicles: i) Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) ii) Lithium Ion (Li-ion), which uses different cathode materials such as Cobalt Dioxide, Nickel-cobalt-manganese, Nickel-cobalt-aluminum, Manganese oxide spinel & Iron phosphate. NiMH is most widely used in automotive industries as it is relatively safe in term of raw materials use, during charging / discharging, and emit less harmful substances during a fire, BUT have a lower power density (typically about half of what Li-ion can do), meaning it will either have a shorter traveling distance, or take up much more usable space (and weigh more) if to maintain a certain mileage. Li-ion, on the other hand, while enable electric cars to cover hundreds of miles per charge (without taking too much boot or cabin space), are much more hazardous, in the way that it can have a run-away reaction (resulting in fire / explosion) when exceeded a certain operating / storage temperature (~60 °C), emit toxic gases and substance during a fire, so more awareness and precaution is needed. Due to the characteristics of these batteries, special considerations have to be taken during storage, handling and usage, such as proper ventilation (to prevent gas built up - Oxygen, Hydrogen, etc.), minimized risk of dropping / knocking (Li-ion batteries maybe be rendered unsafe if dropped or subjected to sever impact), means of safety cut-off (to prevent over heating, triggering run away reaction) and such. 2. Building Infrastructure With reference to the above, special facilities (with precise temperature monitoring and control, enhanced ventilation system, specific fire-fighting system and equipment) maybe required for storing large amount of batteries. Mixed occupancy, i.e. storage and workshop facilities under the same roof, have to be carefully evaluated, to identify incompatible activities, e.g. workshop may produce excessive heat / spark (ignition source) thereby increasing the risk of fire / explosion. Also, is the existing fire compartmentation for building (fire code, regulations) sufficient to contain battery fire? Li-ion batteries for example will continue to burn once it hit the auto-ignition temperature, and the only control is to cool the surrounding to prevent fire from spreading to neighboring premises / units. In the case of an electric vehicle fire within say a basement car park, building structure must be able to withstand the period of time when the batteries continue to burn, ventilation system to be able to effectively remove toxic gases produced, such as CO, Ni & Li vapor, and means of cooling provided to contain the fire. 3. Fire Fighting and Emergency Response Interestingly, the most commonly used dry power extinguisher is NOT going to work on Li-ion batteries. Beside using cat D extinguisher - for metal fire (which is not commonly available anywhere), the next best option is water, mainly to cool down the surrounding and lower the battery temperature (to prevent explosion). And for fireman, the protocol is to attempt fighting the fire ONLY WITH proper respiratory protection - full breathing apparatus (prevent inhalation of toxic gases / vapors). If you thing this is no big difference from other fire fighting attempts, you are wrong. Fireman will also have to adopt the proper procedure. One important step is to cut off the power supply to the vehicle. Tesla has done pretty well in detailing the steps to fight fire on it vehicles (through publishing Emergency Response Guides for vehicles in their lineup). And hopefully our fireman from SCDF, when deployed to handle such electric car fire, will be fully aware of these steps... And here is a video taken recently, when a team of firefighters in Austria was responding to a Tesla Model S on fire. Firefighters with full BA set (breathing apparatus) Firefighters accessing to power disconnection switch And the responsible shall be shared by the owner of electric car too. They have to be fully aware of what to do when their vehicle catch fire, and keeping the fireman informed of the key information, e.g. location of power cut off switch, battery packs, etc. 4. Servicing and Disposal of Batteries The onus shall be mainly on the workshop and dealer performing the job (provided the owner send their electric cars to the right place for the job). Beside safety concerns with the high voltage of the electrical system, proper charging and discharging process must be observed during replacement. For example, if the positive and negative terminals of the battery come into contact, short circuit will arise, followed by fire. On environmental front, proper supply chain has to be established, to ensure that the used batteries will be disposed in accordance to local and international standards and guidelines. And during the treatment process, again, the toxic material and gases have to be properly taken care of. T.B.C.
  4. RadX

    Fire at MEH

    Hope not pmd Fire breaks out at Mount Elizabeth Hospital near Orchard Road http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/fire-mount-elizabeth-hospital-orchard-road-scdf-11760044 I was der haaa
  5. South Korea has fired warning shots at a Russian military jet that entered its airspace. The Ministry of National Defence in Seoul said it was the first time a Russian military aircraft had violated South Korean airspace. South Korean fighter jets were scrambled and fired warning shots in response to the intrusion. The Russian bomber reportedly entered South Korean airspace above the East Sea, near the Dokdo islands, twice this morning. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/breaking-south-korea-fires-warning-18667386
  6. StreetFight3r

    Yishun Residents saved cats from hdb fire

    There's already a thread on fire but just want to highlight this particular one. Courageous neighbours helps to put out fire in hdb flat b4 scdf arrives. Salute these men for going out of the way to help a neighbour. defo can sleep well at night if i know i have such helpful guys living nearby. https://stomp.straitstimes.com/singapore-seen/heroic-residents-suffer-scratches-after-saving-cats-from-yishun-hdb-unit-on-fire?fbclid=IwAR0TE6r2u76uIy4CECtqn5CzuRcDcSjopwhM4M1atl73iPG_tWYq4ZRAdz8 Watch the video on Stomp. and lastly five cats in hdb. as we all know cats are nt allowed in hdb flats but the unspoken rule is tat if nobody complain then you can keep ur cats. for such a case highlighted in public, wat will happen to the cats? will hdb do anything? Two brave men stepped forward to save five cats after a fire broke out in a unit at Block 257 Yishun Ring Road on Sunday morning (July 14). Stomper Francis, Kohji and Wati alerted Stomp to the incident and shared photos and videos taken at the scene. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) told Stomp that they responded to the fire at about 10.10am. The fire involved the contents of a bedroom in a unit on the third floor and was extinguished by the SCDF using two compressed-air foam (CAF) backpacks. Two people were taken to hospital due to suspected smoke inhalation, a spokesman said. Preliminary investigations indicate a personal mobility device (PMD) was being charged when the fire occurred. "Two selfless heroes managed to rescue the cats before the SCDF arrived, getting injured in the process," said Francis, who lives a few blocks away from the affected block. "Five cats were rescued and one of them was, unfortunately, slightly burnt." His photos showed long scratches on one of the men's arms. He also shared a video of the men who were joined by other Yishun residents as they tried to put out the fire with water-filled buckets and a hose.
  7. Murderer. Set fire to the building... We need to take note of fire escape plans in case of an emergency. Or at least know different exits out of buildings. Kyoto Animation fire: At least 23 dead after suspected arson attack - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-49027178
  8. I hope this move can aid in having more enforcement check, nail down violators to the Fire Safety Act and Fire Code, and indirectly saving more lives. SCDF can appoint third parties to conduct checks under proposed changes to Fire Safety Act SINGAPORE: The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) can soon appoint authorised third parties to conduct routine fire safety enforcement checks and building inspections under proposed amendments to the Fire Safety Act introduced in Parliament on Monday (Jul 8). The move will enable SCDF to better utilise its resources and allow officers to focus on "more complex" enforcement inspections, said the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) in a press release. In order to regulate their operations, these third parties will be required to don body-worn cameras during inspections. They will also be subject to routine checks by the SCDF. Under the new amendments, the SCDF will also be able to compel building owners to install critical fire safety upgrades, such as fire alarm systems and fire hose reels, if they are deemed necessary for public safety. The SCDF regularly reviews the fire code, which specifies fire safety standards for buildings. However, changes to the code only apply to new buildings, and to existing ones that undergo addition and alteration works. There are currently no measures to mandate owners of existing buildings which have not undergone any addition and alteration works to install the latest fire safety measures. "In exercising this mandate, SCDF will adopt a judicious, risk-based approach in identifying buildings for fire safety upgrades," said MHA. "For example, relevant considerations include the buildings’ fire risk profile, based on factors such as building age, purpose and the profile of its occupants." STRICTER REGULATIONS There will also be harsher penalties for five offences under the Fire Safety Act. These offences mainly involve the unauthorised change of use of premises which could cause the existing fire safety measures to become inadequate, as well as instances where industry professionals such as registered inspectors do not responsibly supervise and certify fire safety works. The penalty for the unauthorised change of use of premises will be raised from a maximum fine of S$10,000 to S$200,000 and/or up to two years’ jail. The penalty for the failure of an appointed Qualified Person to supervise fire safety works will also be raised from a maximum fine of S$10,000 and six months’ jail, to a maximum fine of S$200,000 and/or up to two years’ jail. In addition, SCDF’s enforcement and investigative powers will be enhanced to hold responsible those who flout fire safety rules. Currently, when dealing with fire hazards, SCDF must first issue a Fire Hazard Abatement Notice and can only take action against the errant parties if they fail to comply with the Notice. But as some fire hazards may pose "serious and significant" fire safety risks, SCDF will have the option to immediately prosecute culpable parties. Its officers will also be able to investigate suspects for fire safety violations, and take statements when there is reasonable suspicion of an offence. The Bill will also allow SCDF officers to enter any premises that may have evidence of fire safety offences. Said MHA: "While the number of fire incidents in Singapore has remained stable and our fire fatality rates are low, we must periodically review and update our fire safety regulations, so that they continue to remain robust and relevant, and we can effectively respond to new and evolving fire safety risks and challenges."
  9. Loud explosions heard, thick smoke seen as fire breaks out in Jalan Buroh in Jurong SINGAPORE - Several loud explosions were heard as a fire broke out in Jurong on Friday (June 21). In a Facebook post, the Singapore Civil Defence Force said it had been alerted to a fire at 43 Jalan Buroh and that firefighting operations were ongoing. "SGSecure mobile app users of M1, StarHub and Singtel who are within the immediate vicinity of the fire incident would have received an advisory message urging them and members of public to stay away from the affected area," the post added. Reader Linda Cheng, 29, who lives in Boon Lay Avenue, told The Straits Times that she heard the loud explosions from her home around 5.20pm. She took several videos of the area from which the sounds were heard, which showed thick smoke coming from a building in the distance. There was also a strong burning smell in the area, she said. "We thought the loud explosions were thunder, until we saw the thick smoke," Ms Cheng said. Another eyewitness,who only wanted to be known as Mr Poh, told ST that he noticed the fire around 5pm. "I heard about 10 to 20 loud explosions," he said, adding that the explosions stopped after a while. "The fire looks to be under control, but there's still a lot of black smoke," he told ST at around 5.50pm. Mr Anthony Tai, who works in the logistics line, said he was at his home on Yuan Ching Road, about 4km away, when he heard multiple loud explosions shortly after 5pm. "I could see large, dark smoke from my window on the 10th floor," said the 63-year-old. A reader, who wanted to remain anonymous, took several videos of the fire from 47 Jalan Buroh, which is located across the road. There were people running out of the warehouse building when the fire started, he said. Photos circulating online showed the smoke could be seen from as far away as Jurong East, about 7km away.
  10. StreetFight3r

    200 shops damaged at Chatuchak Market

    A fire broke out at Thailand's famous Chatuchak weekend market on Sunday (June 2) night, resulting in two injuries and damage to 200 shops. The fire, which started near Gate 1 of the market, was reported at around 9.15pm, and the blaze was brought under control by firefighters around one hour later, according to the Bangkok Post. About 20 fire trucks were deployed to the scene in Chatuchak district, The Nation reported. Witnesses said they saw flames and heard sporadic explosions. According to the market's website, Gate No. 1 is located near sections of the market that sell mostly books and collectibles, as well as food shops and cafes.
  11. Yamapi

    Fire at Tampines Mall

    https://www.facebook.com/atoyo/videos/10157134648642368/ https://www.facebook.com/atoyo/videos/10157134686707368/
  12. Wind30

    Notre Dame burnt

    ....... How did they let the fire get so big??? Occurred in Evening time which is super crowded....
  13. StreetFight3r

    Smoke at Grand Hyatt Hotel

    Grand Hyatt incident: Singapore Civil Defence Force and Singapore Police Force on the scene after smoke was seen billowing out of the hotel.
  14. Any bros or sis know whr to download?? I find on Sogou and baidu, only a few i want.... last few days, listen and bring back the memories when i was a chiongster still. Now trying to compile all the songs and burn into a cd.
  15. Hi ppl, just wonder how many drivers will purchased a Fire extinguisher which is small/compact enough to be placed in the car's boot? As heard from my friend that his friend's car started to catch fire, yes you did not hear me wrong. I was shocked to hear this too but actual reason not sure til now as still in workshop now. We always hear such 'story' but do not 'feel' it til you are caught in it. The driver of e car (my friend's friend) was so helpless and can only see it burned. We are talking if he have a fire extinguisher, maybe the damaged will not be so bad. But I just started wonder if it safe to put e fire extinguisher in car's boot? If it safe, any one know where to purchase one handy one and if can plz advise on the price too. Thanks for reading my concern. Good Sunday ahead folk! Cheers
  16. Atrecord

    Fire at One Marina Blvd

    Heard got fire at One Marina Blvd. People evacuated and walked down the office building...
  17. do you have one? where to buy? roughly what price?
  18. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/fire-at-shells-manufacturing-site-on-pulau-bukom-injures-six Pulau Bukom always a source of concern. 3 in critical condition after Pulau Bukom fire POSTED: 21 Aug 2015 22:32 SINGAPORE: Three people are in critical condition after a fire broke out at Shell's Pulau Bukom Manufacturing Site on Friday (Aug 21). The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was alerted to the fire at 6.15pm on Friday evening. The blaze was extinguished by the Company Emergency Response Team before SCDF arrived on the scene. Six contractor workers suffered burn injuries and were sent to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH). "Contrary to speculation, there is no SCDF personnel among the casualties," the civil defence force said on Facebook. Of the six workers injured, three have been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, SGH confirmed. One is in stable condition, while the two have been discharged after receiving outpatient treatment. "We are following the progress and treatment of the other workers closely and are working with our contractors to ensure all possible support and assistance are rendered to the injured workers and their families. All other personnel are accounted for at the site," a Shell spokesperson said. Shell added that the fire was put out by the sites first emergency responders within an hour and said there is no other impact on the sites operations. The firm added that it is working with the Singapore Civil Defence Force to investigate the incident.
  19. kdash

    London Zoo fire

    latest news on the London Zoo fire which caused Misha the aardvark, one of the best-loved animals in the zoo, to perish... Aardvark dies in blaze at London Zoo, meerkats missing https://www.todayonline.com/world/more-70-firefighters-tackle-blaze-london-zoo
  20. Jman888

    Brave fireman in action

    Salute to some brave fireman in china https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1129897327097825 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1VISa6cxYA
  21. Atrecord

    Fire at RGS

    http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/fire-at-raffles-girls-school-at-anderson-road-no-injuries-reported Amanda Wong A fire broke out at Raffles Girls' School at Anderson Road on Wednesday (Oct 19) evening. Singapore Civil Defence Force said the fire started in the science laboratory. Seventeen staff were evacuated and no injuries were reported.
  22. Adrianli

    CK building burnt

    Saw my fren whatsapp photo. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/fire-at-ck-building-at-tampines-street-92
  23. RadX

    MCF Meetup Aug 12, 2016

    As mentioned, planning for next one at Spruce at Fire Station 260 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #01-01 Singapore 588190 T: 6466 5582 Suggested by some folks here. Lots parking places Seeking early headsup but closer to time can cnfm Attending: 1. Radx 2. If interested closer to time pm me u contact n I'll add in to the MCF Meetup Movement Chat Need to screen first, hor @vratenza haaaaa Gd week all
  24. Stooky

    Fire at JEM again

    Car caught fire at carpark http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singap...jem/780534.html