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  1. Food delivery firms take up third-party liability insurance Pedestrians now better placed to claim for damages should they get into accident involving riders Pedestrians are now better placed to claim for damages should they get into an accident involving riders from food delivery services in Singapore. Deliveroo and Grab have already taken up third-party liability insurance for their riders, while a third company, Foodpanda, is looking into purchasing the insurance. Early this week, Active Mobility Advisory Panel chairman Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim said his panel is considering recommending that such insurance be made mandatory for food delivery firms. In a Facebook post on Monday, Dr Faishal said: "We are considering third-party liability insurance, to give more peace of mind to pedestrians and riders if an accident occurs." He said more details on the potential recommendation would be announced later. Dr Faishal had said last month that his panel was concerned about reports of reckless food delivery riders who rush to make deliveries, and that it was actively looking into stronger measures to ensure that the riders are covered by third-party liability insurance. Mr Steven Lim, a member of the panel and president of the Safe Cycling Task Force, said on Wednesday that while no final decision has been made on the recommendations, food delivery companies are already encouraged to take up such insurance. He said: "The food delivery riders are the ones who actually spend a lot of time on the streets, they clock higher mileage, so the chances of them getting into an accident are actually higher than other users." Both Grab and Deliveroo told The Straits Times that they had already purchased third-party liability insurance for their riders. Deliveroo said all 6,000 of its riders have been covered by insurance for free since May last year. "Accident insurance is applicable to riders on all vehicle types and their substitutes, while all cyclists and e-scooter riders also have access to third-party liability insurance," it said. Riders are covered by insurance at a value of up to US$1.5 million (S$2.03 million) in the event that they cause injury to another person while making a delivery. The insurance would also protect the rider in cases of property damage and cover any legal costs incurred. Grab, which runs GrabFood, said its riders have been covered by third-party insurance since June 14. It said the coverage aims to provide peace of mind to both pedestrians and delivery riders. It did not disclose the total number of riders insured or the monetary value of the coverage. Foodpanda's public relations team did not respond to ST's requests for comment, but ST understands that the company is also looking into buying third-party liability insurance for its riders. Ms Lee Bee Wah, MP for Nee Soon GRC, previously suggested that third-party liability insurance be made mandatory for personal mobility device users. She told ST that the developments are a good step forward. "Having mandatory insurance for (riders) could help many pedestrians feel they have at least some recourse," she said. "More importantly, food delivery companies should hold their riders accountable for any accidents, using their tracking technology if needed." https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/food-delivery-firms-take-up-third-party-liability-insurance covers pedestrians only, no mention of cars ....
  2. Sorry all can I seek your opinions on the following matter. Sometime last year, I was coming to a stop when I misjudged and hit the car in front. Because speed was so slow, there was no damage to either cars. The car in front was a grab car with a passenger. He said he cannot decide whether or not a claim was needed to be made as it was a rental. I was concerned about potential inflated claims on his and his passengers part, so I made an incident reporting with my insurance. Fast forward 1 year, the other car did not submit any claims. So all seems well. I am now renewing my insurance. However I am being made to list this as an at fault accident. Fortunately NCD is not affected. My question is.. Given this is just an incident reporting and no claim was made, is it right to assign fault to any party? Furthermore the insurance coys have no picture/video evidence of the incident.
  3. I have received a writ of summons recently. What does this mean? Is this normal in motor insurance claims? Will my insurer settle for me?
  4. Imagine minding your own business on the road when suddenly some goondu driver knocks into you TWICE. What happened? A PHV (private hire vehicle) Honda Vezel was heading back to Singapore on the Causeway when they were knocked into by a Malaysian car. GG lah, knock one time and then they step on the gas pedal for another round. Driver went for the double tap. To make matters worse, the driver at fault apparently made the claim towards police that the camcar had suddenly braked, and so she could not stop on time. Upon watching the video, I say… Camcar was travelling at such a slow and steady pace still cannot press the brake pedal??? If anything it even looks like they accelerated a little bit! The camcar’s rental company also can't claim against the Malaysian car because it's a foreign vehicle. After the camcar driver requested a private settlement, she also went MIA,. forcing them to bear the cost of the damage. The camcar driver went on to say in the original Facebook post :“Buy insurance for what? Malaysia car hit us we cannot claim.” They hoped to “get some advice from the comments on how to settle without bearing the cost” , otherwise needing to pay $2000 in excess to their insurance company. Online chatter Unfortunately, it seems people in similar plights have found no solution to this either. Hope the camcar manages to get the situation resolved… ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  5. The process for nominating insurance beneficiaries currently involves hard-copy submissions and in-person witnessing. Source: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/mas-allow-online-nomination-insurance-beneficiaries-074628557.html SINGAPORE – The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced on Wednesday (26 July) that insurance policy owners can soon nominate their beneficiaries online. "Amendments have been made to the Insurance (Nomination of Beneficiaries) Regulations 2009 to enable insurers to provide these options from 2 January 2024," MAS said in a statement. The process for nominating beneficiaries currently involves hard-copy submissions with in-person witnessing. MAS explained that robust alternatives to physical witnessing are now possible through digital means given technological advancements and the development of national digital infrastructures. How can you nominate insurance beneficiaries online? There will be two ways an insurance policy owner can nominate beneficiaries online, and these are: Online witnessing: The witnessing of the policy owner signing the online form can be done via an audio-visual link instead of in-person. Online attestation: An attestor can make an online declaration on the policy owner's circumstances instead of witnessing the signing of the form online. MAS said that secure electronic signatures must be used for online submissions. An example of a secure electronic signature provider is Sign with Singpass, which uses signing certificates issued by Singapore's National Certificate Authority. "Both the online witness and online attestor, as the case may be, will have to declare that, to the best of his/her knowledge and belief, the policy owner is not under any undue pressure and understands the purpose and effect of making the nomination," MAS said. Dennis Tan, the president of the Life Insurance Association of Singapore, and CEO of Prudential Assurance Company Singapore, said, "Nomination of beneficiaries is important to ensure the payable benefits are paid out to the intended persons according to the wishes of our customers. We welcome this enhancement by MAS to provide customers with greater flexibility and convenience to nominate beneficiaries and will work with our members to roll out progressively."
  6. Friends I was looking at home and fire insurance for my place and I found out some things: the fire insurance that the bank makes you take when you have a loan will pay the bank first so if there’s no money left you come out empty Second is there anyone in their MCST? What does the condo insurance cover? Say there’s a fire in your home which damages the walls or some infrastructure, does the policy cover it? I've been diving into this recently - lets use an example say a homeowner is cooking and the cooker catches fire: (A) Burns only his own unit - walls are charred, tiles need to be replaced but no structural issues) (B) Burns only his own unit - fire burns through structural beam and needs looking into and repair (C) Burns his own unit, and burns through to the upstairs unit including structural issues Are all these issues covered under MCST insurance? Looking specifically at the building replacement, not renovation or contents insurance
  7. Some insurers are charging an extra premium for loss of use. Is this a necessary clause/rider to have? To my understanding, if you are claiming against another party, you can rent a car and still submit it as a claim like medical. Only when you are claiming against your own insurance is where this loss of use is needed, renting a car and trying to claim rental cost while repairs are ongoing. Is my understanding correct?
  8. Staff69


    Singapore Insurance agent who posed as 'Lord Voldemort' jailed after demanding Bitcoin from clients SINGAPORE: An insurance agent took revenge on former and potential clients who rejected his business by sending them threatening letters signed off as "Lord Voldemort". For his actions, Myanmar national and Singapore permanent resident Ye Lin Myint, 36, was sentenced to jail for two years and five months on Tuesday (Jan 29). Advertisement The court heard that Ye sent such letters to 33 people in total, demanding they each send him one Bitcoin, which was worth between S$6,500 and S$9,900 at the time. The Prudential insurance agent, who is no longer with the company, began by mailing letters to the residential addresses of people he viewed as potential or former clients who rejected him. They were either his current clients who failed to turn up for scheduled appointments with him, clients who cancelled insurance policies they previously bought from him, or potential clients who did not get insurance policies from him. He began his preparations in July 2017, using his wife's laptop to create an email account with a Switzerland-based email service that did not require any personal information.Ye also created a Bitcoin wallet to receive the cryptocurrency and linked it to the email account he had created under the name "Lord Voldemort". After sending several letters and emails to these clients and potential clients in August 2017, the insurance agent read a news article about unlicensed moneylenders pressuring debtors by harassing their neighbours. He decided he would extend his harassment to the neighbours of his clients, and sent letters to them as well. These letters threatened harassment of the neighbours' homes if they did not "urge" his clients to pay Ye what he had asked for. One such email read: "For the past few months, I have been monitoring you and your wife and I know everything about you and your family. I know where you live, where you work. "I can make your life total humiliated and miserable [sic] in your Myanmar community. I can make you become jobless. I can even physically harm you and your wife and your parents if I want to." The Singapore Police Force, along with Nee Soon Member of Parliament Lee Bee Wah, issued online advisories to warn those who received such letters not to respond to them. None of the victims transferred Bitcoins to the accused, but all of them made police reports, Deputy Public Prosecutor Thiagesh Sukumaran said. Ye was arrested after extensive investigations by the police, which included taking multiple victim statements and using DNA evidence to trace him. SUSTAINED CAMPAIGN OF HARASSMENT Ye pleaded guilty to five charges of criminal intimidation and eight charges under the Protection from Harassment Act, with another 30 charges taken into consideration. The prosecution had asked for a jail term of three years and three months, saying that the accused had conducted "a persistent, relentless and sustained campaign of harassment". "This is by far one of the worst cases of harassment prosecuted under the Protection from Harassment Act," said the prosecutor, pointing out the multiple victims and large degree of harassment including threats of fire and vandalism. The defence said Ye had a clean record and was diagnosed with mild depression at the time of the offences. He had also faced financial problems and family issues while working as an insurance agent, a job he had held since 2011. District Judge Marvin Bay said he took note of these points, but added that Ye's messages were "malicious and even cruel", and he had resorted to threats in some cases. In one instance, Ye told a victim: "Do you really want to stay stressful not knowing whether (your daughter) will be safe or not." The judge said Ye's "fanciful use of character names such as Harry Potter's nemesis Lord Voldemort and Dr Bruce Banner, the genteel alter ego of Marvel character The Incredible Hulk" should not distract from the malign purpose of Ye's intimidating messages. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/jail-for-insurance-agent-who-posed-lord-voldermort-11179786
  9. 1. A motor insurance may be cheap, eg. DirectAsia (this is my current plan after I've switched from AAS available insurance plans since 2+ years ago). However, I have recently been told that when it comes to claims, there seems to be fineprints that void certain claims, eg. windscreen. 2. My NCD is 50% discount and I am thinking thrice now about renewing with DirectAsia - because in case I have claims, I don't want to be caught by it's fineprints. 3. This survey is to crowdsource motor insurance claim experiences from fellow forumers who have had at least 1 claim and would appreciate if you can reply by stating these information: (a) Name of Insurance company (and the motor plan if you recall, if not nevermind) (b) Give a score of between -10 to +10 (where the extreme -10 is no claim despite your situation being seemingly a valid claim, and +10 if your claim process is a smooth and quick claim with bare minimum fuss) © Optional: Which year? (if you remember) (d) Optional: You may also choose to elaborate your score, esp. if it's very negative or very positive - optional. 4. While a few data points may not be reliable, however if we have a lot of data points (eg. 100 people claiming terrible experiences with company XXX, or excellent experiences with AAA, then we know what is more probable). 5. Here we go, this is a list of 44 motor insurance companies listed in one motoring: 1 Action Garage Pte Ltd Able Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd AB Lim & Sons Enterprises Aik Chong Insurance Agency All Solutions AMA Insurance Agency Anika Insurance Brokers & Consultants Pte Ltd Automobile Association of Singapore AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd Beng Soon Holdings Pte Ltd BMC Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd Chartis Singapore Insurance Pte Ltd Cowell Insurance Pte Ltd Daglen Insurance Agency Dickson Auto Agency Direct Asia.com Esse Insurance Agency ETS Insurance Agency Far Eastern Insurance Agency Gideon Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd GSC Auto Services Pte Ltd High Power Enterprise Insline Insurance Agency Insure2give Pte. Ltd Inspro Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd JG Motor Agency JMT Insurance Agency K & L Services Agencies LQ Insurance Agency Pte Ltd Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd NSK Insurance Agency O C W Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd Poon Poong Motors Pte Ltd Powerton Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd Pure Insurance Pte Ltd Securisks Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd Sime Insurance Brokers (S) Pte Ltd Sino Credit Pte Ltd Specialists Motor Pte Ltd Sun Hwa Insurance Agency T K H Insurance Agency Tan Bros Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd Times Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd Tong Tah Insurance Vehicle Agency source: http://www.onemotoring.com.sg/publish/onemotoring/en/autoshop/motoring_directory/motorcar_insurance.html Namaste.
  10. Whether you're a new or experienced driver, Singlife Car Insurance gives you peace of mind by offering the lowest NCD penalty in the industry. The car ownership journey in Singapore is a long one. You'll spend quite a bit of time earning your licence, and after that's done, you must still contend with high COEs that can distort car prices. Once you've gotten yourself a set of wheels, though, it's the running costs that occupy your mind. Petrol prices, parking charges and maintenance expenses start to add up. Then there's car insurance. If you're like most drivers, you probably view insurance with some dread, knowing that you need it, yet hoping that you'll never have to make a claim. Naturally, comprehensive insurance is the best way to go. Nobody wants to even think about making a claim, because this is usually the result of a mishap. And knowing that you're about to be penalised by losing your No-Claims Discount (NCD) just adds to the stress of it all. But it doesn't have to be this way. Life is unpredictable An accident is just that - an accident. Nobody intended for it to happen. Even if nobody is injured, an accident is an extremely distressing experience. From the moment it occurs, everyone involved seeks closure, and as consumers, we expect our insurance company to have our back. And they do for the most part. Yes, you pay an annual premium in return for a specified amount of coverage. But if you get into an accident and make a claim against your policy, two things will happen. First, you'll have to pay the excess amount, which is charged the moment you file a claim. Second, if it is determined that you're at fault, your NCD will be reduced the following year. Ouch. These rules may be in the contract, but it still hurts both you and your wallet. Everyone from the least experienced to the most skilled and attentive driver makes mistakes. Shouldn't you be given a chance? Singlife is different! That chance is exactly what Singlife is offering to drivers. Unlike other insurance firms that slash your NCD by a whopping 30%, Singlife reduces it by only 10%* with every claim made. With a much lower penalty, your premium is less likely to increase or be impacted when you renew the policy the following year. If you remain accident-free, it will be easier to earn back that 50% NCD to save you a bundle. How does it work? Let's say you suddenly got into an accident while you still had the maximum NCD of 50%. Other insurers would dock you the industry standard penalty of 30%, which means you will be left with only 20% NCD when you renew. With no accidents during this renewal period, you can increase your NCD back to 30%, as your NCD increases by 10% every year if no claim is made. With your Singlife insurance* though, it will be much faster to get back up to a 50% NCD. After that same accident with coverage from Singlife, the penalty will only be 10%, so you still have 40% NCD. Subsequently, with a 10% increase if you don't make any claims during the renewal period, you will be back up to the max NCD much quicker! So not only is your penalty lower, you may end up saving even more on your next renewal as your NCD is one of the factors that determines the amount of premium you pay. That's not all. If you avail of the optional NCD Protector Rider (available for policyholders with NCD claims 30% and above), your NCD will be protected for one claim during the insurance period. No deduction! Another benefit that Singlife offers is that if you did not cause the mishap, you won't have to pay excess charges up front** when filing a claim. Stressing over the accident and the need for repairs is already bad enough, so one less expense is always welcome. Drive with peace of mind Car ownership can be costly, but it's also incredibly beneficial. And to truly enjoy the fruits of your labour - those hours spent learning to drive, and saving up for that down-payment - it's all worth it when you're able to drive wherever you want, whenever you want. The best way to continue enjoying your ride is to have peace of mind every time you get behind the wheel. With Singlife Car Insurance, you'll be confident knowing that if anything should happen, they've got your back. Save big on car insurance this month with Singlife! From now till 31 December 2022, enjoy up to 35% off^ your premium. Get a quote now. Also, look out for our special 12.12 promo from 8-12 Dec 2022! * Excluding the Motor Lite plan ** If you are involved in an accident with identifiable Singapore car(s). ^T&Cs apply. This policy is underwritten by Singapore Life Ltd. Sgcarmart is not an insurance agent/intermediary and cannot solicit any insurance business, give advice, recommend any product or arrange any insurance contract. Please direct all enquiries to Singapore Life Ltd. Protected up to specified limits by SDIC. Information is accurate as at 5 Dec 2022.
  11. Hi guys, After yesterday's (20 Aug) flash flood occurrence, it got me thinking. Those 13 cars that got partially submerged, how ah? This kind of situation will insurance cover?
  12. Motor insurers hit by rising costs, rivalry for business keeps higher premiums in check SINGAPORE - Rising inflation has hit the motor insurance sector but a battle for market share has helped to cushion a rise in premiums, said industry experts. Following AXA Singapore's exit from the motor insurance business earlier this year, the fight to tap this opportunity to capture new customers has intensified. ... The motor insurance sector, which recorded flat growth last year, saw a total underwriting loss of $15.4 million from April to June, down from $24.5 million in the first three months of this year. Between April and June last year, the sector recorded an underwriting profit of $18.1 million. ... Maybank Kim Eng senior economist Chua Hak Bin thinks that there are probably too many players in the motor insurance sector given Singapore's small market. Land Transport Authority statistics showed there were 992,414 vehicles in Singapore in July, up from 991,464 in June. "Higher manpower and motor vehicle costs will likely force a shake-up and some consolidation," Dr Chua said, adding that players might also be forced to exit when funding runs out. https://www.straitstimes.com/business/companies-markets/motor-insurers-hit-by-rising-costs-rivalry-for-business-keeps-higher-premiums-in-check
  13. All bros, its the time of the year again. time for renewal of car insurance. i was shopping around online and found directasia. question is................... why directasia car insurance so cheap??? got wad ahm ahm clauses anot?
  14. LOS ANGELES (AFP) - A United States woman who contracted a sexually transmitted disease from her partner during romantic encounters in his car has been awarded US$5.2 million (S$7.2 million) in damages from his vehicle insurance company. The woman in the state of Missouri successfully claimed her partner had negligently infected her with human papillomavirus (HPV), and that his policy covered her for "injuries and losses". Referred to in court documents only as M.O., the woman had requested an award of US$9.9 million, before an arbitrator determined a sum of US$5.2 million would cover her "damages and injuries". "Insured should have disclosed his diagnosis to M.O. prior to the sexual activity that occurred, but he did not," found the arbitrator. GEICO, the insurer, had rejected the woman's initial settlement offer, and last year contested the award, but it was upheld by the Missouri Court of Appeals this week. HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the US, and high-risk strains can cause cancer. There is a vaccine against it. In her initial settlement offer, the woman said she had contracted HPV during unprotected sexual encounters in her partner's vehicle in late 2017 despite him "having knowledge of his condition". The arbitrator found that her partner had "been told that his throat cancer tumour was diagnosed as HPV positive". The woman requested compensation for "past and future medical expenses", as well as "past and future mental and physical pain and suffering". Reports of the ruling quickly went viral on social media, prompting humour as well as outrage. "Crazy damages claims like this are a big part of why car insurance costs so much," tweeted Elon Musk. "It should be possible to sue law firms for pursuing insane damages claims." https://www.straitstimes.com/world/united-states/us-woman-who-contracted-std-in-car-awarded-us52m-from-vehicle-insurer I'm confused. Woman contracts a sexually transmitted disease while having sex with man in his car. Woman sues vehicle insurer successfully and is awarded more than 5 million in damages. What is the link here between the vehicle insurer and the STD?
  15. Insurance premiums for electric cars can go up to S$5,000 a year In general, the lack of claims data for EVs due to the small population, costlier components such as the battery and fewer workshops with mechanics trained in EV maintenance and repair are some challenges insurers face while formulating the appropriate level of coverage, said several insurers who were responding to queries from The Business Times. https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/transport/insurance-premiums-for-electric-cars-can-go-up-to-s5000-a-year
  16. Any bros here is on FWD insurance: My vehicle insurance is going to expire soon and I went online to check it out and FWD provided an almost unimaginable offer. My details 29 years old married driving experience more than 5 30% NCD Suzuki swift sport 09 Excess was $1500. Can reduce to $500, additional 100 on quote The quote was about 650 still have 100 CapitaLand voucher which basically the whole insurance package cost only 550 effectively. which is too good to be true
  17. Hi All, Recently I was met with this incident, Long story short: Nissan guy side swiped me as he was going straight on a RIGHT TURN only lane. I was on his left. Evidence from front and back cam submitted to my workshop and claiming third party. Both side reported accident but according to workshop he said that the other side is refusing to admit fault and insisted that I turned into him which the video clearly says it isn't. Workshop mentioned the third party insurance persuaded the driver to admit liability but he refused so now the process is stuck. Workshop told me that if the Nissan driver refuses to admit fault there is nothing we can do. But if the other party has already reported the accident and evidence is secured shouldn't the third party insurance determined whether whose fault is it and deciding liability instead of needing the driver to admit his fault? Appreciate if anyone can advise on this because a simple side swipe like this already dragged on for 2 months. Seems pretty much a way for insurance company to drag out the case until you give up in the claiming process.
  18. There are many types of fraud involved in motor insurance. The more prominent type is insurance touting, which you can read more about here: However, there are less common frauds such as this: ezgif.com-gif-maker (2).mp4 Watch the entire video here: https://www.facebook.com/BehChiaLor/videos/4537913869663747/ What Happened? The accident occurred along Nicole Drive towards Changi Coastal Road. The dashcam footage shows the cam car, a black SUV and a motorcyclist travelling together in the same direction. When they were approaching an intersection, a random Subaru Forester appeared out of nowhere - stuck in the middle of the road after performing an illegal u-turn. Despite braking for a good 5 seconds, the motorcyclist was unable to stop in time and collided with the side of the Subaru Forester's rear section. As a result, the motorcyclist lost his balance and fell to the ground, along with his motorcycle. Something Fishy Is Going On Subsequently, the passenger of the Forester came out of the SUV to "check" on the damages. After glancing at the damages, he proceeded to open the driver's side door and took over as the driver, while the initial driver of the Forester went to the back seat. The video ends when the Subaru Forester and motorcyclist stop further down the road at the roadside. @Cam car After watching the video carefully, here's what grinds my gears: It is the part where the cam car constantly flashes his high beam at the Subaru Forester as he approaches it. FYI, flashing your high beams in that manner would not prevent an accident - Look what happened to the motorcyclist. Netizens' Comments Maybe because that intersection wasn't made for u-turns to be performed there? Highly likely. But if you think about it, if the passenger was sober and possessed a valid license, why would he endanger his own life by sitting in the car? @To those of you wondering why the motorcyclist "did not brake". ======== Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  19. With what seems like more drunk driving cases, someone suggested this measure. Do you agree with it? maybe, if those lie to say not driving but caught driving, double the punishment to the driver,passengers only. EXTRACTED FROM THE NEWSPAPER.
  20. 6 men, allegedly insurance claims specialists, appear out of nowhere along PIE after accident They allegedly show up quite quickly after an accident along the roads in Singapore. https://mothership.sg/2021/09/claims-specialists-singapore/ The video was uploaded to the SG Road Vigilante platform on Sep. 22, 2021. A video showing the aftermath of a minor vehicular accident along the Pan Island Expressway on June 6, 2021 has gotten motorists in Singapore talking. Within a day, it has been viewed more than 317,000 times. 6 men appear out of nowhere The description of the video on YouTube gave a vague account of what was shown in the short clip, in which numerous men were seen congregating by the road shoulder of PIE towards Tuas near the Kallang Bahru exit. The description also said the men appeared out of nowhere to the scene and were allegedly soliciting the motorists involved to file insurance claims. Based on what could be seen, there were six men involved -- four men exited the yellow Honda and two from the black Audi. However, the contents of the video soon became more apparent as more commenters on Facebook chimed in with their own experiences having also apparently encountered something similar previously.
  21. ComfortDelGro is offering its passengers the option to be insured against accidents or covid for $0.30 per ride Some features: - coverage for personal accidents such as accidental death and permanent total disability of up to $50,000 for 24 hours starting from the time they board the taxi - $500 cash payout for anyone who has taken the COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction test and is tested positive for COVID-19, within 14 days from the date of the ride; and is hospitalised to receive in-patient treatment for a consecutive period of at least three days after testing positive for COVID-19. 30 cents, you will pay anot? Source: https://www.sgcarmart.com/news/article.php?AID=25772
  22. The driver of this Mitsubishi Lancer must be kicking himself right now. I don't like to judge the way that other people drive their vehicles, but when it comes to drivers not exhibiting the most basic fundamentals of driving, it's hard to bite my tongue. In the video, the camcar is carefully driving down the SLE expressway along Woodlands Avenue 12 due to the wet weather. Upon reaching the expressway exit, the driver slows down after he notices the white Audi station wagon doing so as well. All of a sudden, a Mitsubishi Lancer appears out of the blue from the right at an increasingly high speed. Due to the driver's lack of foresight, the car ends up skidding on the wet road and briefly clips the camcar and the white Audi. The driver tries to stay in his lane and ends up hitting the back of a black Toyota Vezel. The force of the impact results in the Vezel hitting the back of a Toyota Altis as well. All in all, 4 vehicles were damaged by the Lancer, with the camcar and the Audi only suffering a few dents. I'm not sure how experienced he is, but I'm pretty sure the Lancer driver can kiss his No Claim Discount (NCD) goodbye after this accident. What is NCD? No Claim Discount (NCD) or No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a discount on a driver's car insurance premium based on how long he has been driving and his existing claims record. As drivers accumulate more years of driving without making a claim, they would be entitled to a discount on the yearly premiums. Given that the driver has been insured with the same company for the past 12 months and does not have any accidents reported or made any claims under his own policy, a cumulative discount will apply whenever he renews his policy with the insurance company. An example of this would be: So if a driver has been accident-free for 5 or more years, he would be entitled to a 50% discount on his yearly premiums. That's a huge discount right there! Unfortunately, the moment a driver gets into an accident, the discount is removed and the premiums for the next year will definitely rise. What if the driver was under the influence of alcohol? If the driver is found to be under the influence by the police, the insurance company will not be paying a single cent. This would mean that all of the repair costs will be paid from the driver's own pocket, which might land him in hot water if he is unable to afford it. Netizens' reactions Yep, that's right! Also, isn't it common sense to slow down around bends? This is why we listen during our theory lessons - to avoid making idiotic mistakes like this. I think our Lancer driver might have to ransack his house to pay off his high premiums! 🤣 Moral of the story: Don't be a hero and slow down around bends! -------------- Thinking of selling your car? sgCarMart Quotz guarantees the highest selling price for your car. We’ll even give you $100 cash if you find a better offer elsewhere! Get a free quote to find out how much your car is worth today!
  23. 93K u'd think someone nearly died in this accident... Higher than the car value.. 5k maybe even excessive. Taking this as real and not fake news, how to dispute such insurance claims?
  24. To me, this is a pretty unusual and weird occurrence to experience a flying tyre on expressways in Singapore. As I have no prior knowledge and experience of this type of incident, I am curious to know what would be the possible actions that the camcar could take? And would insurance coverage be applicable in such a situation? At the speed that the tyre was flying towards the cam car, I reckon that the cost for repairs and replacements of parts would be a hefty sum. At the moment, I am still puzzled about the facts of the incident: 1. Is this the fault of the van driver? As he is responsible for: Spare tyre not being secured properly; and For playing the role of the "catalyst" in this incident, since the tyre was merely a stationary road hazard moments before the incident happened. 2. As the Subaru Forester driver caused the tyre to fly towards the cam car, is it his fault in this incident? 3. Are both the van driver and Subaru Forester at fault? 4. Or is the cam car just so damn unlucky, that he's unable to get any form of compensation for damages to his car? Hope you guys can enlighten me on these type of unusual incidents, and shed some light on the relevant procedures required. 🙂
  25. Did a search and is surprise nobody post this before https://www.todayonline.com/explainer-why-singapore-medical-association-and-private-insurers-locked-battle-over-integrated-shield-plans Explainer: Why the Singapore Medical Association and private insurers are locked in battle over Integrated Shield Plans The Singapore Medical Association (SMA) and Life Insurance Association Singapore (LIA) are at odds over the mechanics of Integrated Shield Plans SMA issued a position statement decrying that the insurers had formed “highly exclusive” medical panels and disrespected fee benchmarks SMA also complained that insurance premiums had increasingly been used for non-healthcare cost items LIA’s comeback alluded to “over-treatment” by medical providers It also criticised SMA for using misleading analysis SINGAPORE — An ongoing tussle between the medical fraternity and insurance companies is intensifying over the payouts, premiums and doctor panels of Integrated Shield Plans (IPs). Such insurance plans are made of two parts: A MediShield Life component managed by the Central Provident Fund Board, and the other is provided by private insurers. About seven in 10 residents here had bought these plans from private insurers to get added coverage on top of MediShield Life, the Government’s basic health insurance plan for all citizens and permanent residents. Last Thursday (March 25), the Singapore Medical Association (SMA) launched an offensive and spelt out in a position statement how IP insurers had been curtailing doctor choice by: This came after weeks of exchanges among insurance policyholders, doctors and the Life Insurance Association Singapore (LIA) on the topic in The Straits Times’ Forum page. SMA also said that insurance premiums collected were “excessively” spent on non-healthcare cost items, pointing out that the growth in insurers’ management expenses (56.6 per cent) and commission for insurance agents (50.4 per cent) had far outstripped that of the medical claims (35.9 per cent). “Instead of repeatedly lamenting that healthcare providers and policyholders are to blame for the losses incurred by some IP insurers through overconsumption, overservicing and overcharging, IP insurers should take the necessary steps to explore cutting their own management and commission costs to enhance the sustainability of the IP sector,” it said. LIA, representing insurers, issued a response to SMA on Monday, saying there were cases of “over-treatment” by medical providers and calling out SMA for using misleading analysis on insurers’ costs and claim costs. On its part, SMA has chosen to take matters into its own hands by introducing an initiative to rank insurers on an annual basis to show the public how appropriate each of the insurers’ fee scales are, and how difficult it is for policyholders to use non-panel doctors. SMA has also set up a complaints committee for patients and doctors to flag issues related to IPs and health insurance, including when patients are being denied insurance coverage or when doctors are not adequately reimbursed for their services.
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