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Found 1,151 results

  1. Services we provide: Aircon Repair Engine Oil Servicing & Maintenance Major Repair Timing belt Undercarriage Overhaul Engine / Gearbox Accident Claim / Insurance More Our services are professional and quality workmanship, no shortcut job, FULL delivery. We use only high quality material, no sub-standard material. With honesty! No gimmick! No Trick! All prices NETT! 100% Satisfaction else 100% cash back! SMS Edwin at 97856612 To make any order/appointment www.SgGarage.com
  2. Earlier this morning, a photo of a BlueSG driver's unfortunate situation at Tampines was posted on Facebook. Judging from the caption, it seems like the driver tried to park the vehicle but ended up over-reversing onto the cement kerb. Even the electric charger was knocked down in the process as well. Netizens' reactions After seeing this post, netizens went to comment on their opinions of the driver's haphazard parking technique: What are your thoughts on this? Is a BlueSG car really that hard to handle, especially for beginner drivers?
  3. To the owner of this black Jaguar F-PACE, someone is desperately looking for you. Earlier today, a video was posted online showing a cam car driver bumping into the back of a black Jaguar F-PACE in the KPE tunnel on 19th May. The owner of the cam car is currently reaching out on social media platforms to locate the Jaguar driver to privately settle the damages. Both vehicles were driving on Lane 2 when they noticed that the lane was closed further ahead due to another road accident. The Jaguar driver signalled right to filter to the extreme right lane but was unable to fully enter the lane. As a result, the cam car driver couldn't stop in time and ended up hitting the back of the vehicle. Due to the heavy traffic conditions at that time, the cam car driver signalled the Jaguar driver to meet further down the tunnel to settle the insurance claims for the incident. However, as he continued driving in Lane 2 and stopped further in front, he was unable to find the Jaguar driver (who was supposed to appear from his right). As such, the cam car driver had to take the Lorong Halus exit out of the KPE and continued to his destination. According to the cam car driver, he filed a police report that day and he is willing to pay the Jaguar driver for the damages that he caused. If you recognise the license plate number or know of someone who had gotten into a similar accident recently, do head on to SG Road Vigilante's Facebook page and post a response.
  4. So today we have our weirdest accident where the Honda Shuttle (David) decides to lane change into the path of a UD truck (Goliath) that weighs 20 tons. 🙄 Here's the recap. Both vehicles try to change lane at the same time. I assume that both drivers are aware of the other's presence and both must have the "same thinking". Honda Shuttle: Aiyah, I can pick up faster than the truck one. UD Truck: I am bigger and I am at the right of way. After the accident occurred, the honda owner came out of his car probably to confront the truck driver. My personal take is this. p.s. This is my personal opinion, so take it with a pinch of salt. I find that the fault lies on the Honda Shuttle driver, as he wants to avoid the left turn lane and he does not want to wait for traffic to clear before move off. The truck clearly signals his intention of filtering left since the start of the video. Just stop and let the truck driver go lah! So difficult meh? Here's the full video. So ladies and gentleman, please drive with extra prudence especially during this period, if possible stay home and stay safe. Anyway sidetrack a bit, there is a nice ban mian at ARC380 (where the accident takes place) very nice one. You guys can check it out. 😂 NOT A SPONSORED POST. Prince Noodles 王子面 380 Jalan Besar, #01-10 ARC380, Singapore 209000 Opening Hours: 9am – 3pm, 5pm – 12am (Mon – Sun)
  5. A woman shared a heartbreaking story on Wake Up Singapore's official Facebook page of how her husband, who was a FoodPanda delivery rider, had passed away due to over-exhaustion. Recounting her experience, she recounted her experience on how she had to apologise to angry customers who were demanding updates on their late delivery orders on her late husband's phone while standing in front of his body. She then expressed her feelings about how the delivery company had handled the situation, stressing that the company should have updated her husband's customers about his death and arranging for later deliveries. Instead, she had to be the one to let them know about the tragic news while she was still in shock. At the end of her story, she emphasised an important point that all Singaporeans should heed. Being a delivery rider is no easy business and delivery companies should have proper procedures in place to notify their customers if their rider has been in an accident. What had started out as a Facebook comment quickly became a source of awareness, with hundreds of Singaporeans expressing their condolences and urging popular delivery companies to integrate a better standard of procedures for riders and customers alike.
  6. Singaporeans spend so much time rushing here and there, living hectic lives. Sometimes, with everything that's happening, you neglect your own safety, and, in this case, you get put to sleep by a higher power. If you watched the recent Mortal Kombat movie, the way the jaywalker flew reminds me of this scene. But I digress. Let's get right into the video. It's a sunny (風和日麗) afternoon along a 2-lane road. The right lane is congested. The cam car navigates his way to the left lane (I would too to escape waiting). The cam car speeds up on the empty left lane and "Mr Ronaldo" (I'm going to call the jaywalker Mr Ronaldo) dashes out of nowhere into the path of the cam car. "Mr Ronaldo" 👇 BAM! Ouch! What an impact. It looks painful, doesn't it? The impact is so strong that it even sends him flying and flipping before crumpling to an unconscious heap on the road. The driver does not look like it's going extremely fast as he just started picking up speed not too long before Mr Ronaldo jumped in. Think of Mr Ronaldo like a tennis ball and the cam car as a tennis racket. That's rebounding at the maximum velocity right there. Here's the full video. Your-Facebook-Video-fbdown.net.mp4 While it does not look life threatening, I wish Mr Ronaldo a quick recovery and please watch out for traffic when you cross the road! Even better still, don't jaywalk!
  7. Think glass bridge is safe? The article below mentioned this is not the first case, there are other cases of glass bridges broken off. China is still not there in terms of safety, and quality. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/china-man-left-dangling-bridge-140629849.html China: Man left dangling from bridge after glass breaks A man in China was left dangling from a bridge after its glass panels were damaged in high wind. The man was visiting the 100m-high bridge (330 ft) in the Piyan Mountain, in the north-east of the country, when the incident occurred on Friday. Several pieces of the glass floor were blown away by winds that reached up to 150km/h (90mph). It is thought that China has about 2,300 glass bridges and a number of glass walkways and slides. They are designed to attract thrill-seeking tourists and capitalise on China's growing domestic tourism. An image widely shared on social media shows the man dangling in the middle of the bridge, located in a scenic area near the city of Longjing. Firefighters rushed to the scene to rescue the man. However he managed to get back to safety himself with the help of on-site staff, Xinhua news agency reports. The tourist was taken to hospital for observation and counselling, and is now said to be in a "stable emotional and physical condition". The area has been closed, according to Longjing City's Weibo page. An investigation into the incident has been launched. 'Scary' glass bridges shut in Chinese province Do you dare cross China's glass bridges? It is not the first accident of its kind in China. In 2018, Hebei province shut all of its 32 glass attractions - including bridges, walkways and viewing decks - while safety checks were carried out. Elsewhere in the country, one person died and six others were injured in 2019 after they fell off a glass slide in Guangxi province. In 2016, a tourist was injured by falling rocks while walking on a glass walkway in the city of Zhangjiajie.
  8. One step forward. Escooter to be banned in footpath. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/e-scooters-banned-footpaths-fines-jail-pcn-bicycles-12060932
  9. This is what happens when you get your license from the arcade. What went down On 10th May 2021 at 12:04pm, a Tribecar was seen crashing into a Mitsubishi Attrage as the it tried to make an exit out of the CTE tunnel. The shocking thing was not the fact that the car cut through 3 lanes to make the exit but rather, the driver simply continued driving off after the crash (like as though nothing big had happened just a few seconds ago). Additionally, the crash looked like something that you would see when two people hit each other with their bumper cars in an arcade. Do you see the resemblance or is it just me? Netizens' reactions According to Tribecar's official website, rental drivers involved in an accident are required to stop, take pictures of the incident and get eyewitnesses' statements so that the company could file for an insurance claim. However, this driver's irresponsible actions ticked off netizens as they reprimanded the Tribecar driver for driving off after causing an accident. Honestly, I believe that all of this could have been avoided if the Tribecar driver had just continued on his route and missed his exit. After all, spending a few dollars for extra rental time definitely beats spending thousands of dollars for repairs. I hope that all parties involved are fine and that the Mitsubishi driver is still able to make an insurance claim for the damages done to his vehicle. What do you guys think?
  10. SGCM_editorial

    What did the tree do to deserve that, Maserati?

    The Maserati GranTurismo is what I would call your "entry level supercar" or "pseudo supercar". It's not the fastest, neither does it handle the best, and its horsepower rating of 399bhp to 453bhp isn't what one would call lacking (depending whether you get an earlier or later model), it isn't up-to-par with the supercar horsepower levels of today. Off the top of my head, the least powerful supercar on sale today (I could be wrong) is the Audi R8 with 532bhp and rear wheel drive. Still, what the Maserati GranTurismo (and its convertible sibling, the GranCabrio) lack in horsepower, they more than make up for it in a sonorous exhaust note and Italian flair, as seen in this video. Also, the Maserati GranTurismo, especially the older, COE renewed units tend to be more affordable for a sports car, as seen here. Thus, with a low cost of entry (for a sports car), there are bound to be some people who would spring at the first chance of owning something that is exotic, two-seater and containing a Ferrari engine (yes, the V8 engine in the GranTurismo is from Ferrari, why else do you think it sounds so good?), and some of these drivers aren't exactly what you would say, experienced when it comes to driving a car that is rear-wheel drive and having double or more than double the horsepower of your average car in Singapore. Now now, I'm not pointing fingers here, but sometimes, the evidence speaks for itself. I don't think that's going to buff out..... Yup, definitely not going to buff out. I've heard of rear-wheel steering but that is some rear wheel angle right there. Doesn't look like that tree fared too well, either. Also, I did not know about this, but you can actually be fined for crashing into trees, starting from $2000 a tree? Wow, that's, uh, gratifying to know. I know that if you damage public property like lamposts, railing or fences in a traffic accident, you have to pay for those, but fines starting from $2000 for a tree? One can only guess what happened to cause that accident. At the time of this post being written, which is the evening of 24 March, it has been raining for the better part of the afternoon, roads are still kind of damp from the rain, and the skies still look grey, which could possibly mean more rain later tonight. And judging from the pictures, the roads were wet, so either the driver of this car was having a bad day, or was driving a little too exuberantly on wet roads and didn't have the skill to keep him or herself out of trouble, or had tyres that couldn't really handle the wet asphalt. Now remember, these are all speculations, and I do not know what caused the accident. Let us wait for news from the proper channels to come out before we make any further assumptions. For now, all I can perhaps assume is that maybe, just maybe, the driver of this GranTurismo took the words of Jeremy Clarkson a bit too literally, as seen from Clarkson's review of the Pagani Zonda R.... So if this already isn't enough of a reminder, drive carefully, people, especially in wet weather. More of it is forecasted for the coming weeks so it would be wise to play it safe. And should you need advice for how to drive safe in the rain, feel free to read these articles here, here and here, as written by my colleagues.
  11. Hi guys I face the following scenario. My friends told me it is weird and better let the workshop do the claiming. I was hit by a van from behind. I was stationary at traffic light when it is red. Sent my car to workshop for repairs and was advised that law firm of insurance company will contact me with regards to claim for doctor visits (anyway I see doc for 1 day MC only - $20+). The law firm contacted me and I furnished the receipts and MC. That was in May 2014 last year. Now, law firm calls back and says that the judge (dont know simi judge) says that in order to expedite the claims, the other party will pay 90% while I foot my own 10% (huh? SMLJ, must I die from the accident then the other party will pay 100%?). Anyway, to cut the long story short. I refused to accept the explanation of 'expediting' the claims. My question - has any bros here deal directly with the lawyers on such matters? Or will workshop settle for you? And also, if I settle with the 90/10, will this translate to me admitting that I was 10% at fault in the first place and will this affect my car repair claims also (meaning also become 90/10, then NCD kana affected)? Can any kind souls help me out here?
  12. Typicalcarguy

    Toyota Estima gets sneak attacked by a ninja

    Who says ninjas don't exist? This black Toyota Estima was the victim of a ruthless attack by a sneaky ninja who pounced on him while he was just trying to make a U-turn (rather poorly). BAM! you can see the ninja (van) went straight for the kill while the Estima stopped just inches away from the kerb. After the swift attack, the ninja (van) makes his (not so) quick getaway... not knowing that everything was recorded by a dash cam! This isn't feudal Japan, where are you going to run to? In all seriousness though, it is important to look where you are going when driving, especially so when making a U-turn. There's always a chance that the car in front hasn't completed the turn in one swift motion, they might even have to reverse, and you wouldn't want to be right behind them when they do! At least now we know why Ninjavan's deliveries are prompt, not even an accident can stop them! 🤣
  13. Carbon82


    No spelling error as I am referring to those zombies affected by frequent usage of Zoom... Key risk factors: Zoning out while driving is a likely occurrence (driver focused on a smaller view) Cognitive distraction has also been cited in the study (frequent checking of mobile phone while driving) Deteriorating driving skills after working from home (less chance to drive and forgetting the basics) Visual fatigue with long hours behind screen (slower in detecting changes and reacting to it) In Singapore, there might be a 5th reasons: more irresponsible PAB and PMD users on the road resulted from surge in demand for food delivery services. So what's your take? “Zoom Zombies” Are the Driving Dead Video call fatigue may be a factor in surging highway fatalities If you’re one of the millions of Americans who have been working from home and spending hours a day in video meetings you might notice it can become difficult pulling your thoughts back together at the end of the day. And if you then have to climb behind the wheel that could prove deadly. A new study raises concerns about “Zoom Zombies,” motorists who can’t fully focus on the road ahead after a day of videoconferencing. This may be one of the reasons why in 2020 U.S. highway deaths posted their biggest year-over-year increase in nearly a century. “COVID-19 fundamentally changed the way we interact with our vehicles,” said David Timm, founder and CEO of Root Insurance, which raised concerns about Zoom Zombies in its annual Distracted Driving Awareness Survey. “As many abruptly shifted to a virtual environment, Americans’ reliance on technology dramatically increased along with their screen time, causing a majority of drivers to carry this distracted behavior into their vehicles.” Covid-19 and the distracted driving pandemic Distracted driving has become an increasingly serious problem as more and more motorists interact with smartphones and other technology while behind the wheel. Even before the COVID pandemic, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that more than 10% of highway fatalities involved distracted driving. Preliminary analysis suggests that has gone up since last year’s lockdowns began. The Roots study found 64% of the U.S. motorists it surveyed acknowledging they check their phones while driving. That’s up 2% from last year, and 6% from the 2019 Distracted Driving Awareness Survey. Meanwhile, 53% of the respondents said they check their phones within the first 15 minutes behind the wheel — a 9% jump from 2019 — when they should be trying to shift focus to driving. Add the fact that drivers are downplaying the risks. The study found three in 10 drivers don’t see the risk of driving while using a mobile phone. That’s up from 24% just a year ago. But the study raised another concern: even when motorists aren’t texting or chatting on their phones, they still might not be paying full attention to the job of driving. Driving skills have atrophied That’s all the worse as we emerge from the pandemic, experts told TheDetroitBureau.com. During the last 12 months, most Americans have been driving less and even as roadways begin to look more crowded, “driving skills have atrophied for many people,” warns Sam Abuelsamid, principal auto analyst with Guidehouse Insights. “It’s become harder to drive safely because you’re going to forget some of the skills you learned over time,” added Abuelsamid. “It’s not as easy as just jumping back on a bike.” While he believes Zoom fatigue is “likely a contributor to the increase in highway fatalities,” how much it contributes is uncertain. What’s clear is that highway fatalities soared in 2020, even as motorists slashed the number of miles they drove. Record surge in fatalities Preliminary data indicated as many as 42,060 Americans were killed in motor vehicle crashes last year, the National Safety Council reported last month. That was an 8% increase from 2019. That surge occurred even though Americans drove a total of 2.83 trillion miles in 2020. That was a 13.2% decrease from the year before, marking the lowest level of driving by American motorists in two decades, reported the U.S. Federal Highway Authority. So, on a per mile basis, the death rate surged by 24% in 2020, the biggest year-over-year increase since 1924. Why does “Zooming” take so much out of people? It’s not like sitting around a table for an in-person meeting. Key visual cues are absent, such as body language, while others can overwhelm, according to psychologist Sharon Parker, director of the Centre for Transformative Work Design. They tend to be sharply focused, without the normal chit-chat and other interactions that come before — sometimes during — and after in-person meetings, Parker wrote. One result: participants come away struggling to interpret what actually happened rather than transferring attention to what comes next. And that may extend beyond the work day to when you’re behind the wheel and should be focusing on the road ahead.
  14. Good morning everyone! Singapore may be small, but we are never short of exciting incidents. Let's take this battle between a Toyota Prius and a Toyota Dyna for example. Resembles a Beyblade* battle to be honest (minus the spinning). *Beyblade is a Japanese anime about spinning top toy battles If you watch the video, you'll notice that the Prius was not on the first lane initially because there were two large trucks obstructing traffic. The Prius obviously did not want to give way to the lorry and charged forward. A normal person would hit the brakes upon impact, but not this Prius. The lorry and the Prius continue scratching each other's paintwork for at least a good three to four seconds! What was the lorry doing though? Crazy driving by the Prius aside, the lorry, being a goods and commercial vehicle with a speed limit of 70km/hr should not be on the fast lane. So, what happens when it comes to insurance claims? Here's what some had to say: Here's the video
  15. This, kids, is why they kept telling us in driving school, don't abruptly cut in front of another motorist from the left, because the odds are they won't see you, and should it be a worst case scenario.... When everyone is at the lights, all seems well. The motorcycle on the left is a GrabFood rider, and he rides off straight. It is only after the GrabFood rider goes off a little in the distance, that the Malaysian motorcycle suddenly cuts in front of the Toyota Wish, who seems to not be wanting to turn but instead going straight. Now before you blame the Toyota for "why is he going straight in a turning lane", watch the video. The lane the Toyota is on can be used to turn right or go straight. Now, I am assuming the Toyota did not turn on his right signal, indicating that he didn't want to turn at the junction, he wanted to go straight. But as the light turns green, the Malaysian motorcycle just dandily cuts in from the left and right in front of the Toyota, giving the driver barely any time to react. No matter how hard you slam on your brakes, people, cars don't cut to an immediate stop like they do in cartoons. It's called physics. Now, I'm not pointing fingers at anybody, but I believe the Toyota didn't even realise that the motorcyclist was in front of him until it was too late. But really, the Malaysian motorcyclist should have known better than to cut in front of a car in such a carefree manner. Whether you're in JB or not, I don't think most drivers would expect a motorcycle to sudden appear in front of them and prepare to turn right as one is heading straight. Ultimately, let's just hope that everyone involved in the accident is all right. Rules, people. They exist for a reason.
  16. TAIPEI: A Taiwanese air force pilot was killed and another was missing on Monday (Mar 22) after their fighter jets disappeared in a suspected mid-air collision off the island's southern coast, officials said. The two F-5E jets disappeared from radar around 3pm (0700 GMT) around 2.6km off the coast of rural Pingtung county, the National Rescue Command Centre said. They were among four F-5Es that took off around 30 minutes earlier for a routine training mission, the centre said, adding helicopters and coastguard ships had joined the search. One of the pilots was found unconscious in the sea but could not be resuscitated and was pronounced dead at hospital. Rescuers were still searching for the remaining pilot. Police confirmed they found a seat with parachute attached on a local highway. The apparent collision was the third such incident in the past half year, at a time when the Beijing-claimed island's armed forced are under increasing pressure to intercept Chinese aircraft on an almost daily basis. While Taiwan's air force is well-trained and well-equipped, mostly with US-made equipment, it is dwarfed by China's. Beijing views the democratic island as its own territory and has never renounced the use of force to bring it under Chinese control. The official Central News Agency said the air force had now grounded the F-5 fleet that operates from the Chihhang air base, where the aircraft are based. The US-built F-5 fighters first entered service in Taiwan in the late 1970s and have been mostly been retired from front-line activities, though some are still used for training and as a back-up for the main fleet. Another F-5 crashed in October, killing the pilot. The following month a much more modern F-16 crashed off Taiwan's east coast, whose pilot also died. In January of last year, Taiwan's top military official was among eight people killed after a helicopter carrying them to visit soldiers crashed in a mountainous area near the capital Taipei. The incidents have raised concern about both training and maintenance, but also the pressure the air force is under to respond to repeated Chinese flights near the island. Taiwan's Defence Ministry has warned Chinese aircraft, including drones, are flying repeatedly in Taiwan's air defence identification zone, seeking to wear out Taiwan's air force.
  17. Now, I won't say that I am the biggest follower of traffic laws when I am cycling. Far from it, in fact. Yes, I know that as a cyclist, I also have to obey the traffic laws as laid out by the Traffic Police, but I have ran so many red lights while cycling that if it were reflected on my real driving licence, I would have exceeded the allotted 24 demerit points by.... Let's just say, by a lot. But I digress. Laws, rules and regulations are there for a reason. One of them being primarily to keep us safe. Or alive. Or both. Feel free to apply it as per necessary. But unfortunately for the star of today's post, this uncle either didn't get the memo or he just chose to tear it up completely, because he went against one of the most basic everyday rules. Based on the information in the video, the accident seems to have taken place in Sengkang. Now, I am not saying that I don't do this, and I'm pretty sure most, if not everyone reading this post has done what the uncle has done too, which is crossing the traffic junction when the red man is still on. Usually it is fine, you get to the other side without issue. But there are days when your luck just runs out and the results are... Less than pleasant. In all fairness, I can see why the uncle decided to go ahead and cross the road. Judging from the clip below, oncoming traffic seemed to be clear, with no vehicles in the immediate vicinity of the camera frame. However, my guess is that he may have missed the oncoming motorcycle due to its smaller size and just decided to cross the road. Perhaps the motorcyclist didn't expect someone to suddenly cross the road and may not have enough time to react once he/she realised what was going on, which ultimately resulted in said collision. However, it is also heartening to note that, fellow pedestrians at the junction immediately ran forward to help both injured parties after the momentary shock of having an accident happen right in front of their eyes. Judging from the style and colour of their outfits, two of the pedestrians could also be nurses/healthcare professionals, and if that should be the case, it is indeed fortunate that these nurses/healthcare professionals were at the right place at the right time to help people in need, despite the unfortunate circumstances of the accident. Perhaps, people, just a thought, listen to the rules, or just observe them. Or maybe just take a little while longer to set off from a traffic junction or when you're at a standstill. It could end up saving your life, or your wallet, or both. I mean, I should know. The last time I decided to rush for something, it ended up making a significant dent in my wallet 🙃. But that's another story for another day. Stay safe, people. Life isn't all about rushing from one place to another. Sometimes it could actually be beneficial to take your time, have a breather and smell the roses.
  18. Hi guys, Need some advice on what is mentioned in the title. I stopped at a traffic light earlier this evening and a car reversed into me for no apparent reason. The damage was mostly cosmetic (at least from what I can see) on the bumper, number plate and the tow hook. Thankfully, the entire event was captured on the dashcam. The driver said she was willing to settle privately but will decide upon knowing the costs. My car just passed the one year mark a few months back. Should I bring the car to the AD or a workshop from the list authorized insurance workshops for assessment? Should I claim against her insurance? Oh right, I should add that the AD is not part of the list of authorized workshops (that is kinda odd). First time encountering this, any advice is appreciated.
  19. Would like to check if fellow car owners ever encounter any other motor insurance company putting such clause(s) in their policy: I / We understand that if my / our vehicle is a parallel imported model, in the event of an accidental windscreen damage or damage to the vehicle / accessories and if the parts are not obtainable from our local workshops, the Insured shall be responsible for all costs including air freight and storage charges due to the delay in repair to his / her vehicle. Just saw the small print in the policy when need to declare if the ride is from authorised dealer or PI, then it lead to small prints as worded above. Any one with experience to share? What is the worse that can happen for policy owner? Common among various motor insurance companies?
  20. About Lee Sheng Auto Pte Ltd: LEE SHENG AUTO PTE LTD, formally known as LEE SHENG MOTOR WORKS, is an established workshop since 1979, totalling 29 years of honest, reliable and excellent experience in motor car repairs. We pride ourselves to be a One Stop Motoring Centre, just like any car agent workshop except that we will definitely will give you a smaller bill. About Our Staffs: Our staffs are committed to provide quality repair works and excellent customer service. All our staffs go through extensive training to keep up with today’s repair technology and even have a NITEC certificate in Automotive Technology. About Our Equipment: Our company have invested extensively in up to date equipment such as the Car-O-Liner Collisions Repair System for accident repairs, Handheld Diagnostic Tools to diagnose today’s fuel injection vehicles and an in-house oven baked spray booth facility to control the quality of spray painting. Thus you can be assured that we only employ the latest automotive technology and equipment to repair your car. Our Promise: Consistent, professional, quality service at a fair price.We will use only the best parts and state of the art handheld diagnosis tools & equipment available to perform repair to your car. Work done will carry a warranty of 9 month or 20,000km travelled for accident claims repairs For all engine repairs works except engine servicing a warranty of 3 months or 2000km travelled For all spray painting work and body work repair except insurance claim, a warranty of 6 months We have a total of 6 spacious unit located at : 1 Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #01-60 , Autobay 1, Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #01-58 , Autobay 1, Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #01-57 , Autobay 1, Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #01-36 , Autobay Do keep a lookout for our next post very soon! We are gonna share with all MCF users on our PROMOTION! Like our FACEBOOK page here for more updates!
  21. Now, forgive me if I'm not making sense here, but isn't it common sense to go a little slower in underground car parks, where the road is a little slippery and it makes your tyres screech like a banshee at every 90 degree corner you have to make a turn at. Especially at the exits and entry lanes, where the road is narrow and there are humps every few metres to deliberately keep your speed low. So, please tell me how an accident like this could happen, as per the video below.This accident happened yesterday, and this video is actually taken by me as I witnessed the aftermath of the accident as I was leaving IKEA Alexandra around 4pm. According to a friend who left earlier than I did, this accident definitely happened before 3.35pm, and Singaporeans being Singaporeans, it obviously did cause a bit of a wait to leave the car park because everyone was slowing down to gawk at the accident and possibly to take down the licence plate numbers to... buy... 4D..... (why, people, why? That's just schadenfreude) So as you can see from the video, the Volvo somehow managed to hit both Volkswagens (2-for-1), the first car being clipped in the right rear quarter while the second car, was, well, kissed pretty hard in the front. From what can be seen of the Volvo, it doesn't look too good for it either. The front left wheel seems to be partially dislodged and who knows what's going on with what isn't visible to the camera. Fortunately for the Volvo driver, in spite of their inability to drive properly in a car park, Volvo has invested tons of money into making their cars really safe, as seen here, here, here and here. Unfortunately, I don't think Volvo has figured out a way to account for a less-than-attentive/capable driver who can't concentrate in a narrow car park and ends up causing a proper headache for everyone involved. All in, the damage to all three cars look to be pretty bad. But the only thing worst than this accident was the line of cars along Alexandra Road that couldn't enter the IKEA carpark because this accident had basically blocked off the only way to get down into the car park. I didn't get footage of that, but I don't envy the IKEA staff member who was standing in the hot sun explaining to irate drivers why they couldn't enter the car park. Here's hoping that guy didn't have it too bad, because we all know how Singaporeans can get if they aren't queuing for something they enjoy, like bubble tea or bakkwa. An ambulance was seen arriving just as I was leaving, so here's hoping that if anyone was injured, their injuries were minor, and let's all practice safe and attentive driving not only while on the roads, but in car parks as well. Especially on Sundays at IKEA, because there are waaaaaay too many people there already and the last thing we all need is for someone to lose their temper over something trivial.
  22. Happy 2021, what a way to begin the new year !! Driving at Orchard area, hit a jeep cherokee in the ass... Raining today. My car had pretty big damage, the Jeep very little,, if visible at all... Now comes the jialat part... Jeep owner says his car is ok, bo taiji... then drives off... Managed to take some photos but forgot to exchange contact or leave any black n white for private settle?? Is there any way i can sort of "improve" this situation? Any help is appreciated... If anyone knows someone Driving Black Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.4A Car plate SLT****Z please hook me up... thanks...
  23. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/acsi-boy-dies-after-incident-on-high-element-activity Poor boy and his parents Carabina not fastened? No belaying?
  24. In this footage uploaded by SG Road Vigilante, a speeding Kia Cerato lost control and collided with a Blue Toyota Prius along CTE (Before Yio Chu Kang Exit). LATEST UPDATE : According to TNP, two men were arrested for suspected drink driving. Meanwhile, the driver of the car that flipped over looked to be in a bad condition. The SCDF said the driver & his passenger were taken to Sengkang General Hospital. Both were conscious. (Source) Here's the video: Here's the unfortunate Prius, driving patiently on a relatively empty CTE: After the Cerato collided, it sent both cars crashing into the railing, and the poor Prius was flipped over. We're not sure why the Cerato lost control, because it's a relatively straight road. We're also not sure how fast the Cerato was going, but it looked like it was speeding. Here's the reaction between the passenger and driver of the cam car: Cam Car Driver: Why are they speeding, for what??? Cam Car Passenger (Man) A: Maybe drunk? *after driving off* Cam Car Passenger (Lady): Thank you so much for being alert! Cam Car Driver: I wasn't being alert - we are lucky! We are f***ing lucky man!!! The video also sparked some reactions by fellow netizens: We hope the drivers and passengers in involved in the accident are okay, and will post an update here once we receive the latest news.