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  1. So what do I have in common with Daniel Craig, Aaron Kwok, George Clooney and Clint Eastwood ? well I have recently joined the hallowed ranks of the Lao Pek group… the dads who are more than half a century old … Covid times you can weep, wallow or make lemons or babies too.. And so after many years and a very long journey I am now finally a father and MCF is a helpful place filled with folks who have the experience in matters not limited to cars but little babes too. So I hope to get some advice on taking car of and brining up my little baby gal 😊 in prepa
  2. Dear friends I have recently come into possession of some koi and large gold fish, and I am hoping to get some advice: - how do I clean the tank? - change the filter? - anyone I can hire for some professional advice or is there a bro here who is an enthusiast who does not mind coming to have a look? (will cook or provide super kopi and a big meal!) Thanks bros I have put aside some put in the balcony for this effort, this was something I did in my dad's old place and I am hoping to do something like that in future: Some advice on some solar powered lights to accompany this
  3. To follow up from bad advice, here’s good advice: 1. Wave to say thank you when being given way to 2. use hazard lights briefly to say thank you (Japan practices ) 3. When driving on nsh, high beam to inform opp road users of mata ambush(contentious) 4. ok add on
  4. Hi, there, I am going to buy a car from the direct seller from sgcarmart. any brother here can advise me the detail steps on what to do. should I buy the insurance before transfer? What other issues I need to take care?
  5. I'm driving subaru impreza 2008 1.5r 5d, gh3. Can kakimoto regu 06 fit? Previous owner tell me its LTA Compliant on GH8.
  6. Good day everyone, I'm looking to purchase my first car. Have been driving the family car on and off but now i've decided to buy my own. Been driving for around 4 years now. I'm currently looking at the BMW E89 Z4, which has a depre of roughly 11k/yr. I have no plans to have kids anytime in the near future and it's a car that i really like. The only concern i have is the road tax for the 6 cyl 23i. At the 15th yr, it amounts to an astounding 2.7k/yr. With that in mind, does it ever make sense to purchase a 2.5l COE car? Or do i just play w it for a few years then sell? I have al
  7. Dear Sir/Madams, I finally bought a new car recently after years of working and saving up. However last week I had met with a car accident and had been traumatised by the accident. The accident was totally not my fault and the other driver whom is driving a rental is claiming 3rd party damages against my insurance. I was travelling on a major road going straight and the other driver was approaching from my left with STOP wording and DOUBLE BROKEN WHITE lines on the road. I did not drive fast but the driver just abruptly drove out from the left side and his top right bonnet crashed into my
  8. Signalling is optional In Ubi driving school back in 2007, one instructor told me that "now you must signal every time, but once you pass it's up to you". My 5 years in Australia showed me what an uncultured a**hole/idiot I looked like by signaling arbitrarily. Since then I signal like a robot, 100% of the time, even when in carparks and when on empty-looking roads. Jam brake if someone tailgates you This one came from peers who were newly minted drivers during NS. I never had the balls to do it, but soon realised it was ridiculous, dangerous, and illegal. No need to s
  9. Hi Guys, This morning side mirror got hits by a Goods Truck and one of the side mirror cannot open up anymore. The mechanism inside have broken as it's causing some gear noise on one side of the mirror. How much will it cost to replace the side mirror with led side indicator and spray paint. (White) I want Original Parts ... Any place which I can call up for a quote? Thanks Guys ~
  10. Hi folks, so I just quit a company I have been working at for the past 7 years to join a new company. Before leaving I had done the usual stuff of handing over duties and created a spreadsheet of the outstanding cases with their current status and follow up. Considering I left on good terms, I sent out a thank you email to everyone I worked with before my departure so they would have known. Yesterday was my last day and today I have been getting calls from my former employer on projects that I was involved in for advice and info. I'm contemplating if I should just ignore these calls
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm going to Italy in June for two weeks. Going Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan. Any tips on things to look out for? Any things that I should or must buy? Any restaurant or food that I must try? Any places that is out of the ordinary that I should or must go? Appreciate everyone's contribution. Thank you! Rayd8or
  12. I can't sleep 'till you're next to me~ In all seriousness though, I've been having a problem with insomnia lately. I'll be dead tired from work and everything but I'll still lie in bed awake for hours. Before I know it, my alarm is going off and I don't feel like I got any sleep at all. I'm scared to take sleeping pills. Don't want to OD or anything but I'm also too scared to see a doctor. Are there any natural methods you guys can recommend?
  13. Hi, I would like to seek advice on whether to buy a new car before or after the new VES rebate in January. Given that the A2 has an additional $5k rebate in January 2021, say the car is selling at $100k after January vs 102k for now, which is a better deal? (if not 2k difference, what is the margin for it to be still worth the earlier purchase) I was told by the sale agent that the increased rebate will only have effect if you are planning to sell it after 9-10 years. Otherwise, whether or not the arf decrease by 5k has no significance as selling car/trade-in goes by "market val
  14. Hi Appreciate if you can share your experience, recommendation or advice should you have had this similar problem I'm facing now........ Hired a 9 yrs experienced Indonesia maid - paid more hoping she can help my wife........Maid arrived & complained not happy, wanna transfer on her 3rd day. Called maid agency....... was told to hold on to her, no new Biodata available yet. Waited & waited, while bearing with her bad, 'bochap' attitude towards us despite treating her like one of our family.... makans, short tour, outings etc. Of course, gotta bear with her mistake
  15. I have a main door that is sagging such that the bottom actually touches the floor at the furthest end when closing but I fixed that by sanding with the door on. The problem seems like the highest hinge is a bit loose causing the tilt but I cannot tighten it because the door frame is steel and the holes are a bit worn. Was thinking of anchoring it with long screws but how can I grip the concrete that is behind the door frame? I cannot insert a plug or anchor through the hinge hole and the screws must be able to seat flush at the hinge. Another is a concrete top that is seeping wat
  16. Dear all, My baby girl is coming to 7 weeks old soon. Smart and healthy (according to PD...3 visits so far) but otherwise cranky little girl that cries a lot...having some heartburn and indigestion issues... We are considering the next steps after my wife's maternity leave is over....the options are... 1. Infant care. We will find a good one...at most 1:3 ratio that is near our place. I will send her to infant care in the morning and back in the evening. Problem: we are afraid that the infantcare teacher will just leave her crying and not carry her when she does...also ba
  17. 1. Anyone know what are the pros and cons of a 1 piece toilet bowl versus a 2 pieces toilet bowl? 2. Any things to look out for when choosing a toilet bowl? Thank you. Regards,
  18. I signed a sales agreement to purchase a Carens on 24th February 2018 at KIA Fulco Ubi. It was a display model and I received a generous $2000 discount for it. It was a July 2017 model, so I reckoned that it has been in the showroom for at least 8 months already. The next day, I went to KIA Alexandra to view the car. The car is full of stickers but I didn’t mind since the $2000 discount was generous. Before signing the agreement, the salesperson assured me once COE is secured they will remove the car from the showroom immediately. He claimed the registration process would be fast
  19. Hypothetical Question: If let's say you're at work and there's a new female colleague who alr has a bf, but she uses the work phone to text you everyday and tease you, what does it mean ah? Asking on behalf of a friend! Hope the gurus here can provide some insight Can't find a similar topic so starting a new thread, mods please merge if you deem it necessary
  20. My room is overcrowded and I'm moving to a new workplace soon. Looking for some storage space roughly the size of 1.5m x 2.5m area to store some of my stuff on a long term basis (at least two years). Does anyone have any experience to share? Currently on my list of consideration (not in order of merit) are: Lock and Store http://www.lockandstore.com.sg/ (Chai Chee, Tanjong Pagar) Big Orange http://www.bigorange.com.sg/ (Hougang, Bukit Batok, Woodlands) StorHub http://www.storhub.com.sg/ (Kallang, Toa Payoh, Changi South) Store-It http://www.store-it.com.sg/ (Pasir Panjang) Extra
  21. The automobile industry's focus on safety in the past two decades has completely changed the way consumers shop for vehicles. Nowadays, features such as side airbag protection and anti-lock brakes are as important to a consumer as fuel efficiency or reliability. There is one aspect of automobile safety, however, that most people give relatively little thought to, and yet is pivotal to the safety of a car - the windshield. Windshields and the importance of protecting them Many people do not realise that windshields of today are actually safety devices in themselves, designed to work
  22. ICA Advisory: Traffic flow through the land checkpoints is expected to be heavy from 6 – 15 September 2019 heck On Traffic Situation Before Embarking On Your Journey Through The Land Checkpoints This September School Holiday Traffic flow through the land checkpoints at Woodlands and Tuas is expected to be heavy during the September school holiday period from Friday, 6 September 2019 to Sunday, 15 September 2019. Travellers using the land checkpoints during this period can expect delays and are advised to adjust their travel plans where necessary. Travellers Have a Part to Pl
  23. Dear All – Hope all is well. It has been a while since I start a new thread. I need some advices on tyre change. I have sleepless nights. I am currently driving a manual Avante 1.6L car. Just this Saturday (4th May) I just changed my 2 old tyres (Kumho) installed in the front, to 2 new one (BFGoodRich Advantage T/A) My previous Kumho was changed on 11 July 2015 at a Mileage or 39800km Last Saturday 4th May 2019, I went to one workshop to request for a tyre rotation service because last November when I went to Komoco to service, they refuse to rotate for me because they told m
  24. Dear all I may be getting a Sep 2007 reg, Mit Colt Plus from a friend, i will like to know whats the best reasonable price i should offer? He will be going to check with the dealers first . Quota premium paid $17,999.00 Sep 2007 registered Thanks alot!
  25. Ok my problem, the car dont idle very smoothly when it is not warmed up or when the weather is very cooling. Went to workshop A, plug in laptop. Boss straight away say 02 sensor need to change and quote me a price. As need to order the sensor, i went off without fixing first. Next day, went to workshop B, the boss plug in a handheld device. Then say is MAF sensor dirty or faulty, he proceed to clean sensor. Fix MAF sensor back, he say faulty. Must change. Tell me dont believe, you try with the sensor unplugged. Indeed the car was more powerful and run smoother. So which sensor is the faul
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