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  1. David

    Citypass experience

    Anyone use this Citypass while in US before? Care to share experience. Thank You.
  2. David

    INTERTEK (Paul)- his Grandfather petrol kiosk

    The other side of the coin could be as follows; I rode in to the pump, after noticing the car has move forward thinking that he has filled up and ready to go. Then lo and behold, he started to reverse. Without questioning his intent(of reversing) I continue to fill up my tank. Just because mine is a two-wheeler does not mean a 4-wheeler and bully me.
  3. Technically, we hv a load of 2 passenger here. Each passenger is allowed 20kg, so we have a situation of 40kg at worst. It does not mean that the check-in lugguage can exceed the limit. This restriction I believe is more to protect those handling the lugguage.
  4. David

    COMEX 2012! Anyone gg?

    I was looking at theB&W MM1 but the $800+ put me off. Anyway the MM1 is only a 2.0 only.
  5. David

    Govt announces Cabinet reshuffle

    Low Thia Khiang do what? Nothing?
  6. David

    Headlights not on n the night

    What is the hand signal to gesture headlight not switch on?
  7. Would you like to consider who needs the handicap carpark lot more - between a fully fit driver and a handicap driver?
  8. Visiting fans who do not know how to behave.
  9. David

    PM: I am disappointed Desmond Choo did not win.

    What about the voice of the 60.1%? Are you people listening?
  10. David

    SMRT Bus Service Drivers Blow the Whistle

    Probably these are the non-performers employees.
  11. David

    Japanese Hot politicians

    Where is Sylvia Lim then?
  12. kimochi...the spurt will be louder that the moan.
  13. Is there any electronics town like in Osaka's Den Den or Tokyo's Akihabara?
  14. David

    IPhone3G Help

    Had that problem while in Japan recently. Yes its a 2-year old 3GS. Did all that was discussed here did not help but upon returned the 3GS was able to work. Maybe it was on 2G.