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    Would you trace your father's childhood days?

    U change avatar siboh... I remember people using avatar one...
  2. Cerano

    Would you trace your father's childhood days?

    busy busy lor... now market bad leh how are you? i dont really visit here much liao mah
  3. Cerano

    Would you trace your father's childhood days?

    Heard someone paging me U all always ka chiao me one la.... Haha Lau peh here Dont recall leh...
  4. I agree with you in that you should not do things at your whim and fancy. But simple acts of compassion and kindness should be universal to every single thinking adult out there. Bavarian is right, we have humans at the front line vs robots for a reason, to provide the human touch. While I can't agree to let everyone onboard for free, i dont think that exceptional cases like this will cause a slippery slope in that direction. In fact, many of us here will no doubt be happy to pay that $2 just to make someone's day be it an NSF, Elderly person or child. SBS/SMRT prides itself only service standards. This is an exact example of what service can be. Think to yourself honestly, would any public company fire you for doing something utterly commendable and the right thing to do?
  5. For sure it's something wrong if the bus driver consistently gives everyone free rides but im sure it is within his discretion for exceptional circumstances as such for the uniformed personnel defending our land. If any senior management takes it up as an issue I think they would face a barrage of public derision just like Kallang Leisure Mall. An enquiry for supporting our country's soldiers with acts of tangible kindness? Don't forget too SMRT/SBS are owned in part by the state. Is this the kind of image that they would want to portray? That's too much of a slippery slope argument just because you let one guy aboard means you let everyone aboard without paying. Likewise another example given by bro Beehive, if the driver's role is just to drive if he encounters a life or death should he also wait for senior management's approval to decide? Do the right thing and you'll never be wrong It is true that the NSF has the ability to arrange for other transport however I am taking issue with the driver's handling of the situation. Furthermore you will note that the NSF did not board with the intention of obtaining a free ride but rather he just ran out of enough money in his ezlink. Since the guy is already onboard, asking him to debus is excessive. In fact, I can't say I support timid people who follow rules blindly without considering the context
  6. I think its a matter of social interest to us as to what is really going on
  7. Clearly in that case the decision is even clearer than here Like it or not it is part of job's unwritten description. This is akin to any customer svc officer handling a situation.
  8. This isnt a life or death decision thing just letting a guy onboard or not. I dont think you need senior management to decide that
  9. I think its a different guy who submitted it on stomp. Not the Samaritan I think its good to note both aspects being part of a gracious society but also denouncing what should not be the case
  10. no la thats too much of a slippery slope
  11. Cerano

    Power Vs Authority

    This is quite normal... high rank say anything also ok... low rank no use
  12. I think the idea that they're called bus "captains" means they have a degree of discretion as to who they would like to admit onboard their vehicle. You are right in that it could be an old person or a young kid or handicapped and it wouldnt make an iota of difference. However, as anyone in a service or customer-facing line, they have the prerogative, indeed the onus falls on them to make correct decisions I think there should be a degree of common sense involved. Likewise if you have a blind or handicapped person will you force them off the bus simply because they are unable to afford the fare? Granted rules are there for a reason but this isnt a million dollar question and anyone even a passerby would have the sense to make the right call Likewise in the US if you're in uniform and check in, often you'll be upgraded for nothing as thanks for your service. Or it is not unheard of for Business Class passengers to give up their seats for servicemen. I think this level of respect has to be developed here
  13. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/get-inspired/nsf-told-to-leave-bus-after-failing-to-pay-fare-then-comes-across-a-life-saver What an embarrassment to the bus company! These soldiers protect our livelihoods and free will. What is $1-2 in respect to that??
  14. Cerano

    Kallang mall under fire over 'no entry' sign

    I would say that a different matter from respect for servicemen. While professional pride should be the case, respect for the people who defend us should be seen as a right thing too.
  15. It is true however, if given a choice i'd take my chances with something that has a chance of being positive versus something with a proven track record of being negative. If the current policies continue, there may not be a future for our children. Housing will be an issue, wages, jobs, transportation... Maybe Haha wont be overlapping with your daughter...